Task Force Report on Collective Subscription of Korean Studies by rej20269


									     Task Force Report
 Collective Subscription of
Korean Studies E-Resources

                              March 24, 2010

    Task Force on Korean Studies E-Resources

   Overview of Korean Studies E-Resources

   Korea Foundation Support

   Negotiation Process

   Feedback and Suggestion
       Task Force Report
   Collective Subscription of
  Korean Studies E-Resources

 Overview   of Korean Studies E-Resources

                                 Mikyung Kang
                             Harvard University
Task Force members

Appointed by recommendations:

 Mikyung Kang, Harvard University
 Miree Ku, Duke University
 Sun-Yoon Lee, University of Southern
 Yunah Sung, University of Michigan
Existing Korean Online DBs
DB package              DB Company                 Database
EKS          Korean Studies Information   KISS
             Korean Studies Information   KSI e-book
             Korea Contents Lab           Kdatabase
             Korea Contents Lab           KPjournal
             Dongbang Media               KoreaA2Z
             Dongbang Media               Digital Culture Art Course
             Zininzin                     Korean History & Culture
             Zininzin                     History Culture Series
             LawnB                        Legal Information Service
Nurimedia    Nurimedia                    DBpia
             Nurimedia                    KRpia
Existing Korean Online DBs

   Other Existing Korean Online DBs except two
    DB packages (EKS & Nurimedia)

             DB Company                     Database
     Korea Media                    KPM (조선언론기지)
     Korean Studies Information     Chosun ilbo archive
     Korea Education and Research   RISS International
     Information Service

     KOSSDA (한국사회과학자료원) KOSSDA
Newly introduced DBs

DB Company                   Database

Korean Studies Information   Donga ilbo archive & Donga inmul
Kyobo (교보)                   Scholar

Haksul Chǒngbowǒn            E-article
Hakchisa (학지사)               New nonmun (뉴논문)

CNC                          Pukhan Haksul Database (북한학술정보)
Starting points
   EKS Options
EKS Option   Description

EKS 1        DBs from EKS 2009 except Nuri’s

EKS 2        New 3 DBs including Kyobo Scholar, E-article, and New
EKS 2010     15% increase from the 2009 price and replace DBpia/KRpia
             with new EKS 2 DBs

   Nurimedia’s DBpia/KRpia:
       Became independent as of Oct. 23, 2009
Ending points
 Three years (Mar. 2010~Feb. 2013)
 3% annual increase
 Simplified library groups

Group                               Description

        Member Institutions of the Korean Collections Consortium of
        North America (KCCNA)
        Institution with a Korean studies librarian, but not a member of
        the KCCNA
        Institution without a Korean studies librarian, or with a part time
        Korean studies librarian who manages Korean materials
  EKS negotiation process
  Starting Price                   Finalized Price

Library   2009       Proposed       Library
                                                Finalized Price
Group     Price        Price        Group
  A       $14,500      $16,675         A             $11,400
  B       $ 8,700      $10,005         B             $ 6,840
  C       $ 5,800     $ 6,670          C             $ 4,560

 *15% increase
 *2009 Price: former group B, D,   *DBpia/KRpia excluded due to
 E Price                           Nuri’s decision not to participate
 *DBpia/KRpia included in the      in EKS
Nuri negotiation process
Starting Price               Finalized Price
* Became independent as of
  Oct. 23, 2009

   Library    Proposed        Library
                                        Finalized Price
   Group        Price         Group
     NL           $ 21,600      NL         $ 8,826
     A            $ 16,650       A         $ 6,771
     B            $ 13,050       B         $ 5,307
     C            $ 9,450        C         $ 3,820
DBs for consideration
   Scholar by Kyobo

   E-article by Haksul Chǒngbowǒn

   New nonmun by Hakchisa

   Pukhan Haksul Database by CNC
     Task Force Report
 Collective Subscription of
Korean Studies E-Resources

    Korea   Foundation Support

                               Sun-Yoon K. Lee
               University of Southern California
Program Objectives
   Growing significance of online resources for
    education and research purposes

   To advance Korean Studies education and
    research worldwide
   To support to eligible universities to offset the
    subscription fees for the benefit of Korea-
    related scholars and graduate students
   To serve to complement the existing materials
    distribution program
Eligible Applicants
   Four-year universities that maintain
      Korean Studies department
      Korean Studies programs
      Korean language programs
      East Asian programs with a Korean component
   Need to make relevant e-resources available for
    faculty members and graduate students majoring in
    Korean Studies
   Expand the availability in 2010 (US, Canada, and
    Australia only in 2009)
Scope to Support
 Cost-sharing
 Up to 50% of the subscription fees
 Limited to $5,000 per year
 E-resources include online databases,
  e-journals, e-books and other online
  resources offered by public institutions
  or private parties, such as EKS, DBpia,
  KRpia, RISS International.
Recipient Institutions
   41 universities
                           Countries        No. of Institutions
   8 countries            U.S.A.                 30

   $300 - 4,500 / inst.   Canada                  3

   $137,600 in total      U.K.                    2

                           France                  1

   One year support       Germany                 1

                           Russia                  1
   Renewal of program
                           Czech Republic          1
    is possible, based
                           Australia               2
    on overall demand
    and evaluation         Total                  41

     Task Force Report
 Collective Subscription of
Korean Studies E-Resources

      Negotiation   Process

                                 Miree Ku
                           Duke University
Timeline (2009)
Date             Negotiation Process

Oct 1            Announcement of Task Force members

Oct 5            Google group open for discussions

Oct 5 ~ Nov 30   Negotiation with DB vendors

Dec 7 ~ Dec 11   Meetings in Seoul

Dec 8            First meeting with EKS & Nurimedia

Dec 9            Meetings with the Korea Foundation & other e-
Dec 10           Second meeting with EKS & other e-resources

Dec 11           Final meeting with EKS & Nurimedia
Timeline (2010)
Date     Negotiation Process

Jan 10   EKS & Nurimedia proposal final review
         KF Grant program final review
Jan 18   Announcement of the finalized agreement to the
         current e-resource users, Eastlib and KS mailing
Feb 12   Subscription order deadline
         Trial request deadline
         KF application deadline
Feb 28   Notification by KF

Mar 31   Submit acceptance letter to KF
Google group: kseresource
                Discuss all related
                Archive all documents
                 and information
                Manage negotiation
                 process effectively
                http://groups.google.co
   Total 1,607 discussions among Task Force
    members in kseresource google group
       Oct (353), Nov (429), Dec (160), Jan (451), Feb (160) and
        Mar (54) as of March 13, 2010
   About 45 Q & As on Collective subscription of Korean e-
    resources from Feb 13 until now
                       Subject                  Numbers
                      DB service                   11
                KF funding/commitment              9
                    DB group price                 6
                     DB packages                   4
                    New database                   4
                  Deadline extension               3
                    Contract period                3
                  Group classification             3
                  License agreement                2
                    Negotiation trip               1
   2010 Korean E-Resources Price ($)

     Library                                      KF fund    Library
                  EKS        NURI       Total
     Group                                        (Max)*      fund
       NL        11,400       8,826     20,226

    Group A      11,400       6,771     18,171      4,500     13,670

    Group B       6,840       5,307     12,147      4,500      7,647

*   Group C       4,560       3,820      8,380      3,771      4,609

* Up to 45% of the total subscription fees, but not to exceed $4,500 per
    2010 Korean E-Resources      Korea Foundation Support

    Group   EKS    NURI
                                             2009       2010
    Group                      University     29         41
            11      11
    Group                       Country        3          8
             3      3
    Group                       Total
            18      10                      $117,160   $137,600
      C                        Support
    Total   32      24
Negotiation based on…
   Trust
      building trust among the parties
   Productive Communication
      establishing productive communicating among
       parties, aiming for a successful outcome
   Clear Interest
      recognizing clear interests of the parties
   Win-Win Thinking
      finding a solution that is acceptable to all
       concerned parties
     Task Force Report
 Collective Subscription of
Korean Studies E-Resources

      Feedback and Suggestion

                               Yunah Sung
                     University of Michigan
Issues in Collective Subscription

 Roles of the Task Force
 Selection of DBs and Vendors
 Participants and Group Classification
 Negotiation process and strategy
 Grant support
 Institutional supports on time, extra
  work, travel for a TF member
Feedback & Suggestions
 New Vendors & DBs
 New Participants
 Continuing funding support from Korea
 Long-term/stable model for Group deal
 Next term Task Force
 Subcommittee on Korean E-Resources
  under the CKM
Thank you for your support!
       Questions & Answers



   E-Resource                 Korea
   Vendors                  Foundation

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