Solvent printer Konica Heads by drr10525


									Price List - Large Format Inkjet Solvent Printer with KONICA head

Product Name                         Solvent Printer (Solvent Plotter)
Technology                           Piezo electric Inkjet Print Head, Double Side Printing
PrintHead                            Konica-Minolta KM-256
Printing Resolution                  720dpi X 1440dpi
Ink Type                             Solvent Ink
Media Types                          Advertising media, PVC, banner and mesh, Self-adhesive Vinyl, etc.
Power Supply                         Single phase AC220V/3000W
Media Transmission                   Roll to Roll
Software                             Photoprint 5.0
Interface                            USB2.0
Temperature                            o      o
                                     20 C - 28 C
Humidity                             40% - 60%
Dimension                            5050X730X1365mm

      Model         Printing Width     Printing Speed      Number of Heads        Ink Colors           CIF PRICE BY SEA
                                       4 pass 20m /h
HQ3304KM-4C             3.2M           6 pass 14m2/h            4 heads       K,C,M,Y                     contact us
                                       8 pass 10m2/h
                                       4 pass 20m2/h
HQ3306KM-6C             3.2M           6 pass 14m2/h            6 heads       K,C,M,Y,Lm,Lc               contact us
                                       8 pass 10m2/h
                                       4 pass 40m2/h
HQ3308KM-4C             3.2M           6 pass 28m2/h            8 heads       K,C,M,Y                     contact us
                                       8 pass 20m2/h
                                       4 pass 40m2/h
HQ3312KM-6C             3.2M           6 pass 28m2/h           12 heads       K,C,M,Y,Lm,Lc               contact us
                                       8 pass 20m2/h

Double side printing
High Resolution up to 1440dpi
Wall-plate structure ensures stable during printing
Arc-shaped printing keep the media not pleat or scrape printheads or slant during printing
Inclined installation of print heads ensures the heads restore rapidly after ink press for 2 seconds
Self-pressure requlation of print heads avoid ink shot supply trouble due to environment temperature change

Above Information Subject to Change Without Notice.

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