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MC auf der Intersolar PR _de_en_.indd


INTERSOLAR is Europe's largest solar trade fair professional exhibition organizer for the European Photovoltaic Industry Union (ESTIF), German Solar Industry Association (BSW) and the International Solar Union (ISES) and other professional institutions. German international solar energy technology and product development since its inception in 1991, growing, has become Europe's largest solar energy technologies and products trade show. INTERSOLAR exhibition focused on three main areas of solar energy: photovoltaic technology (solar power), solar energy systems (hot water, heating, industrial heating, solar air-conditioning) and solar architecture.

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									Advanced Contact Technology                                            Multi-Contact

                                   Press release
                                    CH-Allschwil, 4 June 2010

+ + + + + + + + + Multi-Contact at the Intersolar 2010 + + + + + + + + +

Multi-Contact again exhibits at the Intersolar Europe, taking place from 9 - 11 June 2010 at the
Neue Messe München.

Stand: C4.582

This year, we are pleased to present you a number of new products from our PV product line,

- the new generation of PV connectors
- new junction boxes for crystalline and thin-film panels

Further, we are happy to inform you about the manyfold possibilities of customized solutions,
based on the unique MC Multilam Technology.

As leading manufacturer of photovoltaic connector systems who pioneered in this field,
Multi-Contact had again the opportunity to participate in a PV study by the German CleanTech
Institute DCTI, receiving the official CleanTech certificate.

The complete press kit is available at our stand A2.405 or from the following contacts:

German media:                                     International media:
Eva Burkhardt                                     Margit Schmidtke
Marketing Deutschland                             Global Communications
Multi-Contact Deutschland GmbH                    Multi-Contact AG
Hegenheimer Strasse 19                            Stockbrunnenrain 8
D-79576 Weil am Rhein                             CH-4123 Allschwil
Tel: +49 7621 667 0                               Tel: +41 61 306 55 55
Fax: +49 7621 667 100                             Fax: +41 61 306 55 56
Mail: weil@multi-contact.com                      Mail: basel@multi-contact.com

Multi-Contact AG                                                      Phone: +41 61 306 55 55
Stockbrunnenrain 8                                                    Telefax: +41 61 306 55 56
CH-4123 Allschwil                                                     E-Mail: basel@multi-contact.com
Switzerland                                                           Internet: www.multi-contact.com

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