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Hot Yoga, also known as hot yoga yoga or heat. Is 38 ℃ -40 ℃ high temperature environment to do yoga. It consists of 26 kinds of stretching movements, belonging to flexibility exercise, can improve spinal flexibility, suitable for office owners. Meanwhile, extending it by a number of reverse bending static action, directly stimulate the nerve and muscle systems, you can lose weight.

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403                    68    12
                                                                                      Dance Studio A
                        Mon (08/23)                 Tue (08/24)              Wed (08/25)     Thu (08/26)                         Fri (08/27)           Sat (08/28)                Sun (08/29)
0915-1015                                               Sculpt              Bollywood Dance             Dance Stretch               Hi-Low             BODYJAM™                         Step
                                                         Fish                    Praveen                   Rose                     A May                Angus                          Bear

1030-1130                   Indian Folk                  Jazz               BODYCOMBAT™              Flamenco Passion             Street Jazz           Street Jazz               BODYCOMBAT™
                              Praveen                   A May                  Rita Wu                    Anna                        Gold                 Angus                       Angus
                                                                                                                                  Salsa-Shine             1300-1400                   1300-1400
1230-1330              Flamenco Passion             Latino Aerobic         Flamenco Passion              Belly Dance                                 Bollywood Dance               Indian Fusion
                            Anna                         Eva                    Anna                         Nina                    Jenna                Praveen                     Praveen
                                                                                                                                                          1430-1530                   1430-1530
1500-1600              Bollywood Dance              Dance Stretch                Hi-Low                                          Indian Fusion           [vncb!
                            Praveen                    Rose                        Bear                                             Praveen              Tiffany                        Fish
                                   (B)                                      Britney's Hip Hop          Maintenance Time                                  1600-1700                     1600-1700
1700-1800                Street Dance                   Hi-Low                  Cha Cha I                                           Sculpt              MV Dance
                                                        Kuma                      Jesse                                              Fish                Tiffany                        Nina
                                                                                                                                                         1730-1830                     1730-1830
1815-1915                Indian Fusion                HI-HOP(B)                     Step                Modern Ballet          Bollywood Dance       BODYCOMBAT™                            MV
                            Praveen                     Crazy                       Rose                   Abbie                    Praveen                Bear                        Crazy
                                                                                                                                                         1845-1945                    1845-1945
1930-2030               Latino Aerobic                   Jazz                  Street Jazz                   Step                 Belly Dance         Indian Fusion              Bollywood Dance
                             Abbie                      A May                     Gold                       Bear                     Nina               Praveen                      Praveen
                         Salsa-Shine                                             2055-2155
2045-2145                                           Girls Hip-Hop         !!!!!!!                     BODYCOMBAT™                Lady's Night
                              Jenna                                                 Rose                  Kuma                      Kitty
                                                                                             Dance Studio B
                        Mon (08/23)                 Tue (08/24)              Wed (08/25)                Thu (08/26)              Fri (08/26)           Sat (08/27)                Sun (08/28)
0830-0930                     Hi-Low                     Step                 Modern Ballet           BODYCOMBAT™              Bollywood Dance
                               Bear                      Bear                    Abbie                    Angus                     Praveen

1730-1830                                                                      Indian Folk            Bollywood Dance
                                                                                 Praveen                   Praveen
                                                   SexyLady JAZZ                                        Salsa-Styling
1845-1945                   MV Dance                                           Belly Dance                                       BODYJAM™
                                                        Min                        Nina                     Jenna                  Tiffany
                                                                               Sexy Rumba
2000-2100                BODYJAM™                     Hi-Low(M)                                         Indian Fusion            Indian Fusion
                           Angus                         Bear                     Jesse                    Praveen                  Praveen
2115-2215                                                                     Indian Fusion
                                                                               Hot Yoga - Studio C
                        Mon (08/23)                 Tue (08/24)              Wed (08/25)     Thu (08/26)                         Fri (08/27)           Sat (08/28)                Sun (08/29)
0815-0915                     Jade                    Katherine                   Fish                     Maggie                     Jade             0900-1000 Fish
1045-1145                     Fish                                              Katherine                  Minesh                     Vita                Ashish                 Hot Flow-Minesh
1245-1345                    Maggie                   Katherine                   Nikki                    Emily                     Emily         Hot Yoga Therapy-Minesh             Jade
1400-1500                     Jade                      Vita                     Emily                                                Fish                 Vita                     Katherine
1800-1900                   Katherine           Hot Yoga Therapy-Minesh Hot Yoga Therapy/Ashish              Fish               Hot Flow-Ashish        1630-1730 Nikki          1630-1730 Katherine
1915-2015                    Minesh                     Ashish                  Katherine           Hot Yoga Therapy/Ashish           Ling               Katherine
2030-2130          Hot Yoga Therapy/Ashish              Emily             Hot Yoga Therapy-Minesh            Fish                   Maggie                 Jade
2145-2245                                                Jade                       Jade                                              Nikki
                                                                                      Yoga Studio D
                        Mon (08/23)                 Tue (08/24)              Wed (08/25)     Thu (08/26)                         Fri (08/27)           Sat (08/28)                Sun (08/29)
                                                                                                                                                          0930-1030                   1100-1200
0645-0745                Yoga Stretch                Gentle Yoga               Hatha Yoga               Iyengar Yoga               Vinyasa               Kids Yoga                   Yogalates
                            Jade                      Katherine                  Maggie                     Emily                  Maggie                  Emily                       Fish

                                                                               Yogalates                                          Hatha Yoga
1220-1320                                                                         Fish                                               Nikki
                                                                                1500-1600                                                                 1615-1715                    1615-1715
1745-1845                                            Gentle Yoga             Ashtanga Yoga            Pilates Mat Work                               Ashtanga Vinyasa          Mysore style back bending
                                                       Ashish                   Ashish                      Eason                                          Jade                       Jade
1900-2000               Hatha Yoga(M)              Hatha Yoga(M)              Hatha Vinyasa               Yogalates               Flow Yoga              Yin Yoga               Ashtanga Vinyasa
                           Ashish                    Katherine                   Minesh                    Eason                    Maggie                Prema                       Jade
2015-2115                   Yogalates               Yoga Stretch              Yoga Therapy               Hatha Yoga              Power Yoga(I)
                              Fish                    Minesh                     Ashish                     Nikki                   Jade
2130-2230                Gentle Yoga                                         BodyBalance™
                           Maggie                                                Kuma
                                                                                       Yoga Studio E
                        Mon (08/23)                 Tue (08/24)              Wed (08/25)     Thu (08/26)                         Fri (08/27)           Sat (08/28)                Sun (08/29)
                                                       0830-0930                                           0830-0930                                       0900-1030
0930-1030                   Hatha Yoga            Ashtanga Vinyasa         Asana & Pranayama              Yogalates              Gentle Yoga       Internal Cleaning(Laghoo)        Hatha Yoga
                              Maggie                    Jade                    Minesh                      Fish                    Vita                   Ashish                    Katherine

1100-1200               Yoga Therapy                 Hatha Yoga              Ashtanga Yoga               Hatha Yoga             BodyBalance™           Yoga Therapy
                          Minesh                       Minesh                   Minesh                     Prema                    Kuma                 Minesh
                                                                                1215-1345                  1215-1345
1215-1315                Yoga Stretch             Pilates Mat Work             Yin Yoga                 Yoga Therapy             Yoga Therapy         Hatha Vinyasa               BodyBalance™
                           Minesh                       Rose                     Prema                     Minesh                   Ashish              Katherine                      Bear
                                 )C*                                                                                                                      1500-1600                   1500-1600
1430-1530               Hatha Yoga(B)              Yin Yang Yoga              Yoga Stretch
                                                                                                      Maintenance Time
                                                                                                                                 Iyengar Yoga         Yin Yang Yoga               Yin Yang Yoga
                           Ashish                      Prema                     Jade                                                Emily                Prema                       Prema
                                                                                                                                                          1645-1815                   1645-1745
1600-1700                Gentle Yoga               Ashtanga Yoga               Gentle Yoga               Hatha Yoga               Hatha Yoga           Hatha Yoga                   Sivananda
                           Minesh                     Ashish                    Katherine                  Ashish                    Ling                 Minesh                      Minesh
1830-1930              Pilates Mat Work              Hatha Yoga               Iyengar Yoga                Yogalates             Yin Yang Yoga          Yoga Therapy               Yoga Therapy
                             Rose                      Maggie                     Emily                     Nikki                   Prema                 Ashish                      Minesh
                                                            (B)                                                 (B)
1945-2045               Hatha Vinyasa                 Yin Yoga              Pilates Mat Work              Yin Yoga               Ashtanga Yoga
                          Katherine                    Prema                      Rose                     Minesh                   Ashish
                                                 Tratak & Yoganidra                                                                 2100-2230
2100-2200                                                                      Gentle Yoga               Gentle Yoga          Pranayama & Dhyana
                                                        Ashish                  Katherine                  Ashish                    Prema
                                                                                              YogaStudio F
                             1400-1500                 1900-2000                                           1300-1400                1300-1400
      F                 Pre-natal Yoga         Pre-natal Yoga                                          Pre-natal Yoga           Pre-natal Yoga
                            Abbie                  Abbie                                                   Abbie                    Abbie
 B: Beginner                     M: Multi-level             I: Intermediate                          A: Advanced

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                                                   Movie Name : Shankardada Zindabad /Song :Bhdgolamanth
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