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					PAGE 8C - SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2009                                                                                                                                                               DAILY NEWS, BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY

  in search of
  the ultimate                                                                                                                health & wellness
  exercise -
  we found
  when you’re Hot...

           you’re really
 spl to the Daily News
 Bowling Green, (KY)
                                             classes, monthly unlimited packages
   When asked “What is the hottest           and class card discounts along with
place in Bowling Green?”, nine times         some of the lowest rates in the
out of ten the responder will answer         country for full time students, and
“HOT YOGA!” And for good reason:             yearly packages. This creates much
The Bowling Green-based studio has           flexibility for their clients, who may not
exploded over the past two years into        necessarily want to sign with any
one of the most popular venues of            facility for a year or more. “Of course
any kind - exercise or otherwise - in        the full year unlimited is still the best
the region.                                  buy”, said Bishop. “With frequency,
   Hot Yoga Bowling Green is quickly         our clients get healthier than they
becoming the destination of fitness          have ever been and end up getting a
and wellness choice for everyone             better value and lower bottom line
from early teens, to soccer moms,
college and grad students, to senior
                                             rate than with traditional gyms or
                                             other facilities.”
                                                                                                                  “Hot Yoga” may have it all                                                           photo by Libby Isenhower
citizens. Their eldest participant is
                                                Anice       Bishop      continued    by
currently an energetic 87 years
                                             showcasing the Hot Yoga advantages:
                                             “We are a Christian-owned business
                                             who share our love for God with our
                                             students, in a non-judgmental and
                                             welcoming atmosphere. Our various
                                             series of yoga practice offers
                                             something for everyone of every walk
                                             of life, with the addition of clean heat
                                             and humidity to take every class to
                                             another level.”
                                                Our research revealed that most
                                             hot yoga studios are actually in larger
Morgan Foster and Alyssa Bishop              cities with a half million or more
photo by Matt Fields-Johnson                 population, but Tony Bishop says that
                                             he felt Bowling Green was exactly at
young. High school students can’t go         the point of growth for their studio to
up the hallway at school without             flourish. They are receiving new
hearing or engaging in a conversation        participants everyday, and adding to
about Hot Yoga. A growing number of          their services as they progress. “We
doctors are involved in their own Hot        are here to grow with Bowling Green
Yoga practice while recommending it          and       southern        Kentucky.    We
to their own patients.                       appreciate that we have been
   So what is the secret to this not-so-     welcomed with open arms.” Bishop
secret place of high energy sweat            said. Aside from strength and
production? We found a surprising            flexibility, the ultra heated yoga room
answer: It’s not only because of the         with humidity creates a sweat beyond
sweating. It’s a balanced (no pun
intended) blend of everything. “Hot
                                                 ...”Hot Yoga is like a healthy
Yoga doesn’t concentrate on one area
of the body”, said studio director Tony          version of ‘Cheers’ - where
Bishop. “It works, tones, energizes              everybody knows your
and heals every part of the body from            name.”
the inside out. Unlike traditional
weights and apparatus workouts, you                         -Ashley Reynolds
work everything in every class without                    Hot Yoga participant
injuring the muscles. This is why we
can do Hot Yoga every day and still
remain       healthy.     You      aren’t                                                                Hot Yoga regulars (l to r) Cassie Martin, Warren Guyer, Ashley Reynolds, and Ashley White in one of their favorite
compromising your joints, ligaments                                                                      “asanas” - Standing Bow.
and muscle fibers - thus eliminating                                                                     photo by Neil Holt
the need for recovery. You can sculpt
your body into an amazing thing of
beauty and still be healthy internally
as well. It really is the perfect fitness
regimen. That’s why it has been
around for almost 5,000 years.”
   Instructor Tyler Franz loves the
emphasis on breathing and breath
development. Known as “pranayama”,                                                                                                                                                             Studio director and instructor
the deep breathing associated with
Hot Yoga cannot be over-emphasized                                                                                                                                                             Tony Bishop leads the “Hot
according to Franz. “You control your                                                                                                                                                          Power Hour” class through
mind, you control your breath, you                                                                                                                                                             advanced “Side Dog”.
control your breath, you control your                                                                                                                                                          photo by Libby Isenhower
                                            Instructor Mary Eubank demonstrates an advancement
mind,” he said, referring to the            of “Pigeon”. Eubank said she is thankful for such a
outstanding connection of mental
                                            facility as Hot Yoga to teach and practice, as the studio
relaxation and physical benefits that
goes far beyond those of traditional        is so welcoming with great members and teachers, and
“exercise”. It is the breathing that        the various heated series help everyone discover
really jumpstarts the body’s ability to     yourself in a whole new way.
heal itself, as echoed by several Hot       photo by Matt Fields-Johnson
Yoga participants with which we
   And even more compelling than the
obvious      calorie     burning      and
detoxification of the body, 26 year old
yogini Ashley Reynolds relishes in the
friendships and sharing of everyday
life that she has discovered at Hot
Yoga. Reynolds spoke of the studio as
a place “...like Cheers, where
everybody knows your name.” She
goes on to say that she has met folks
here that she otherwise would have
never met, with such a diverse group
including every age, fitness level and
both genders. “A great place, with
great music and great friends,”
Reynolds continued, noting the clever
use of many styles of motivational
music as opposed to the stereotypical
slow and mundane offerings at some
studios.     Like    Reynolds,      many
participants talk about Hot Yoga as if it
were their favorite coffee house
‘hangout’. They enjoy that you don’t
have to be an athlete here.
   Hot Yoga offers a variety of classes
from as many as eight instructors with
class length from 45 to 90 minutes.
And from a standpoint of weight loss,
enthusiast Lisa Chapman touts this
yoga as “...the hardest workout I’ve        Hot Yoga instructors step into “Warrior II” before advancing to “Triangle” - one of the most powerful postures in Hatha yoga. This pose works every fiber of the body,
ever done. I was an aerobics                with no impact movement. Left to right are: Anice Bishop (studio general manager/instructor), Brandy Mills, Tyler Franz, and Lindsey Sheckles. Absent from photo is
instructor during college, but this         Michelle Darnall.
burns more calories than anything           photo by Neil Holt
else and I get the bonus of being            normal perspiration that detoxifies the                    comprehensive       health     practice
totally relaxed at the end of the class.”    body through the skin and respiratory                      ever...? It’s old, but it’s new. Even
To date, Chapman has lost more than                                                                     during the extreme heat of summer,
                                             system. The various yoga postures
80 pounds and gained to what she                                                                        this yoga even helps you tolerate
                                             (“asanas”) are also key to squeezing,
refers as tremendous flexibility and                                                                    temperatures easily beyond the norm.
                                             stretching and tightening the anatomy
strength. Several regulars track their                                                                  They offer your first full week
caloric burn with monitors, and have         - including many internal organs and
                                             the lymphatic system - for a vitality                      unlimited for $25. ($20 for a student -
reported up to a staggering 1,000                                                                       high school or college) so give
calories expended in a single class.         that may never be experienced in
                                                                                                        yourself a gift that we think you will
Not bad for an activity that is              normal exercise. The studio yoga
                                                                                                        love. The one and only “ultimate
completely non impact.                       room is heated to a balmy 102 to 105
                                                                                                        fitness experience” as the phrase
   Hot Yoga Bowling Green is located         degrees with a humidity level of 40%                       says. Hot Yoga. No sweat. (yes, pun
in an easy-access area, directly             to 48% for maximum results. The                            intended)
behind the Medical Center, with the          facility is also equipped with a super
Fairview Building in a custom                efficient air filtration system, which                     Hot Yoga Bowling Green is a full-
designed and constructed facility. “We       assists in keeping the place sparkling                     service studio with showers, lockers
are only slightly more than 2 blocks         clean and fresh.                                           and changing rooms located at 730
from the new ballpark, and right on             So what are your wellness goals?                        Fairview Avenue. They can also be
Fairview, so we couldn’t be happier          Lower cholesterol - losing weight -                        reached by phone at 270-793-0011 or
with our location”, said Anice Bishop,       reducing stress - building lean muscle                     visit     their      website      at
instructor     and     studio    general     - and staying in shape all summer                          www.hotyogabowlinggreen.com.              Meredith Kerrick follows instructor Tony Bishop in “Dolphin”, a pose that Bishop
manager. They offer single walk-in           long? Hot Yoga Bowling Green offers                                                                  refers to as “down dog with attitude!”
                                             all that and more in maybe the most                                                                  photo by Libby Isenhower                                                  advertisement

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Description: Hot Yoga, also known as hot yoga yoga or heat. Is 38 ℃ -40 ℃ high temperature environment to do yoga. It consists of 26 kinds of stretching movements, belonging to flexibility exercise, can improve spinal flexibility, suitable for office owners. Meanwhile, extending it by a number of reverse bending static action, directly stimulate the nerve and muscle systems, you can lose weight.