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                Hot                       Renowned for its Hot Yoga classes,
                                        ABSOLUTE YOGA offers a wide variety
                                          of classes to refresh your body and
                                                             renew your mind.
    Text by Priya Sundrakas

    W       ith numerous Yoga studios sprouting
           around the island and many raving
    about the benefits of this ancient practice, I
                                                      qualified international instructors. There is
                                                      even a hot yoga class taught in Japanese.

    was curious to discover more about it. So, I      Throughout the studio, the colours of orange,
    made my way down to ABSOLUTE YOGA                 red and brown pervade the entire deco, giving
    at Valley Point Shopping Centre to talk
    to Karen Foo, Sales and Marketing

    Founded in 2002 by Jeanne Chung and
    Benjaporn Karoonkornsakul (both
    certified Bikram Yoga instructors),
    ABSOLUTE YOGA was the first yoga
    studio to bring Hot Yoga to Thailand and
    the first to establish Hot Yoga classes in                                       Reception Area
    Singapore in 2004. Subsequently,
    ABSOLUTE YOGA SINGAPORE is part of                it a rustic look and yet metaphorically inducing
    the ABSOLUTE YOGA GROUP which                     an image of the sun, likening it to the
    operates 10 yoga centres around Asia.             company’s brand and motto.

    As I met with Karen, she brought me on a          As I look around, the River Valley studio
    small ‘tour’ of the whole boutique while          features two specially-designed yoga rooms
    explaining more about the studio’s services.      with custom-made heating systems, locker
    ABSOLUTE YOGA specialises in the classic          rooms, and shower facilities for men and
    practice of Bikram Hot Yoga and all the           women (16 showers and over 200 lockers in
    centre’s instructors are certified to teach Hot   total). Moreover, at this centre, the larger yoga
    Yoga. In addition to Hot Yoga, there are a        room can fit 50 students while the smaller
    variety of classes taught by their highly         room can fit 25. Currently, there are more
                                                      than 40 classes per week conducted here.

Absolute Yoga                      23                                     7/3/08, 4:15 PM
                                                                abdominal strengthening, to keep classes
                                               Yoga Room

                                                                Hot C (The ABSOLUTE Calorie Burn
                                                                The studio’s latest class consists of a series of
                                                                40 postures in the same amount of time. As
                                                                there is less rest, more calories can be burned
                                                                during this workout. It also has more
                                                                abdominal workout, some upper body
           Types of Yoga                                        strengthening and more postures focused on
           ABSOLUTE YOGA focuses on hatha yoga                  hip flexibility.
           which is the yoga of effort. This effort takes
           the forms of postures or ‘asanas’ which is to        Hot Flow Series
           help you understand your body so that you            A fusion of Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, the
           could ultimately better understand your mind.        Hot Flow series builds on the foundation of
                                                                Hot Yoga postures to create a more dynamic
           There are many benefits to this form of yoga.        flow throughout class. It is a great class to take
           It can help you lose weight, detoxify the body,      your yoga practice to the next level.
           make you more flexible and even help reduce
           physical and mental stress levels. Also, with        Vinyasa Yoga
           regular practice, you could start to heal injuries   Vinyasa Yoga consists of more vigorous and
           such as low back pain, tight hips, knee              dynamic flow of postures that link breath with
           problems as well as chronic conditions such          movement. It is also is a more athletic style of
           as high blood pressure and poor digestion.           yoga which is suitable for intermediate level
           Hot Yoga
           Hot B (The Bikram Series)                            Yin Yoga
           The most popular yoga class worldwide, the           This is a yoga practice
           Bikram Hot Yoga consists of a series of 26 yoga      based on the Yin/Yang
           postures with two breathing exercises done in        principle. The Yin
           38 °C heated room. As every posture is done          style of Yoga is more
           twice, it works your entire body. As such, it        passive      as   the
           is a great way to detoxify, de-stress, build         postures are held for
           stamina and increase flexibility. Albeit             longer periods
           designed for beginners, it still is a challenging    without much
           class for students of all levels.                    physical effort.
                                                                However, the Yin
           Hot A (The ABSOLUTE Basic Series)                    Yoga has longer holds to
           Absolute Yoga’s in-house style of Hot Yoga           allow for much deeper
           comprises 29 postures and two breathing              releasing in the connective
           exercises. Developed by the senior instructors,      tissues of the body. It is also
           it gives the same challenges and benefits of Hot     a great way to work your
           Yoga but with some variations, such as

                                                                     Jeanne Chung’s bow pose

Absolute Yoga                           24                                       7/3/08, 4:15 PM

      Warrior pose                                                 Locker Room

    stiff muscles and joints after sitting at the office
    computer all day.                                       ABSOLUTE YOGA FACTS

    Telok Ayer Studio                                       · ABSOLUTE YOGA established the
    ABSOLUTE YOGA’s original Singapore                      first Hot Yoga studio in Bangkok in 2002
    studio is situated at Chinatown/CBD area. A
    beautifully restored shophouse, it offers a full        · ABSOLUTE YOGA brought the first
    range of amenities such as custom-designed              Hot Yoga studio to Singapore in 2004
    heating systems, locker rooms, and showers.
    This centre has one yoga room which can fit             · ABSOLUTE YOGA specialises in Hot
    35 students. Currently, there are 34 classes per        Yoga but offers other styles as well in a
    week being conducted here.                              total of more than 70 classes a week

    Hot Yoga Teacher Training                               · ABSOLUTE YOGA currently owns
                                                            and operates 7 centres in Thailand, a total
    ABSOLUTE YOGA also offers in-residence                  space of 45,000 sq ft and with over 30,000
    yoga teacher training course in Koh Samui at            members
    their new boutique resort ABSOLUTE
    SANCTUARY for students who have                        For information about ABSOLUTE YOGA’s
    interests in teaching Hot Yoga classes. It             membership please refer to the website at
    consists of four weeks of intensive yoga               www.absoluteyogasingapore.com H
    practice and learning. The course structure
    encompasses in-depth yoga techniques,                                 Absolute Yoga
    learning of the basic human anatomy, learning            491 River Valley Road #02-01 Valley Point
    yoga philosophy and history, teaching                                Tel: +65 6732 6007
    methodologies as well as information on life                       157A Telok Ayer Street
    as a yoga teacher. Trainees would also have an                       Tel: +65 6223 8254
    opportunity to teach a class prior to finishing           Email: info@absoluteyogasingapore.com
    their course. At the end of the course, trainees
    will receive a 200-Hour Hot Yoga Teaching

Absolute Yoga                         25                                     7/3/08, 4:15 PM

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