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Sample Opening Remarks

Hello everyone, my name is YOUR NAME, and I am the UNIVERSITY
coordinator for Americans for Informed Democracy. It is my great honor to
welcome you to today’s event.

I want to begin by telling you a little about the student organization hosting
today’s event, which is called Americans for Informed Democracy or A.I.D. Very
basically, our mission is to bring the world home by hosting mini-conferences,
international videoconference dialogues, documentary screenings, discussions and
more—all to get Americans talking about our country’s role in our increasingly
interconnected world. We believe that the United States is at a historic moment in
its role in the world. Climate change, global poverty and health, nuclear
proliferation and relations with the Islamic world, and other global issues cross
borders and require global solutions. We are a group of young leaders who want
to ensure that the U.S. uses this historic moment in its role in the world to work
collaboratively with other countries to address these compelling and urgent issues.
By raising awareness of these pressing issues, we hope to give students the tools
to take action to create positive change on their campuses and in their larger

The students who founded Americans for Informed Democracy in 2002 after
studying abroad following the attacks of September 11th, were seeking ways to
metaphorically “bring the world home” to Americans and to showcase the
opportunities for the U.S. to play a more collaborative role in the world from
ending global poverty to acting as stewards of our earth. They began hosting
mini-conferences to bring new questions to the U.S. public. They also hosted
international videoconferences that allowed Americans to talk face-to-face with
peers from around the world. Based on their own experiences abroad, they
believed that if Americans had new ways to connect with the rest of the world,
they would see new opportunities for the U.S. to work with other countries to
solve global problems. These students did not seek to advocate a specific position
or partisan ideology. Instead, they believed that if Americans just had a chance to
be exposed to new issues and new perspectives, and to see the world in terms of
both threats and opportunities, they would become more likely to support a
collaborative U.S. foreign policy. In other words, they sought to inspire a more
informed democracy.
We at Americans for Informed Democracy are still committed to that mission of
an informed democracy today. As a leader of the organization here at INSERT
UNIVERSITY, I am proud to be part of a vast and growing network of over
20,000 students on more than 1,000 university campuses. Through events like
today’s, we are empowering a passionate, young generation that can help America
find a principled, collaborative foreign policy that is appropriate for our
interconnected world.

Today’s event is entitled TITLE. The event will address TOPIC. We’re here
today to start the discussion and to begin to think about how we—as individuals,
as residents of this TOWN community, as citizens of the United States and as
members of an interconnected world—can be involved in ensuring that the United
States plays a leading role in the addressing this pressing global issue.

Now, I am pleased to introduce the distinguished speaker(s) for our event.

The speakers are:


I want to ask the speaker(s) to keep their remarks to TIME LIMIT so that we can
have a question and answer session with the audience for at least twenty-five
minutes. Thank you! And now let’s welcome SPEAKER to the podium.

Sample Closing Remarks

Thank you all so much for coming to today’s event. In closing, I just want to say
that I hope that you’ll join Americans for Informed Democracy and our
movement to promote global consciousness.

I got involved with the organization because WHY YOU GOT INVOLVED.
Please put your name on our sign-in sheet to get involved or speak to me after the
event to talk about what’s next on campus.

Please be sure to sign-in so we can notify you of future events on campus. If
you’re interested in joining our campus AID chapter, we meet ENTER WEEKLY

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