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Equine Hoof Anatomy


									Equine Hoof Anatomy
Equine Hoof Anatomy Equine Science
Equine Anatomy External Science External Anatomy Features Features

The outer layer of a horse’s hoof is similar to what in a human?
Answer: The finger nail

What is the hoof largely composed of?
Answer: Keratin

Is the hoof alive?
Answer: Yes, the hoof grows at a rate of .2 inches per month on the average.

The Hoof

1. Digital Flexor Tendon
2. Sesamoidean ligament 3. Digital extensor tendon 4. Long pastern bone 5. Short pastern bone 6. Coronary corium

7. Pedal bone
8. Laminar corium 9. Wall

10. White Line
11. Sole

12. Plantar cushion 13. Navicular bone

The Hoof From the Bottom
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Bulb of Heel Bar(s) Sole Wall Toe White Line

7. Frog A. Central groove B. Ridge C. Lateral groove D. Apex

Insensitive/ Sensitive Laminae

1. Insensitive laminae

2. Sensitive laminae
3. Laminar corium

Hoof Care
• Hoof needs to be trimmed because it is growing • Hoof needs to be treated for any unhealthy problems • Hoof needs to stay healthy to support the horse’s weight and movement

Do horses wear Nike’s?


Answer: Yes!

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