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					       M UA CA M P US, PO BOX 7 01, CH A RLE STOW N, NE V I S, S T. K I TTS - NE V I S, W I
                 PH ONE + 1869 -469- 9177 • E -M A I L S. SA NY A L@ M UA . E DU

                                SANJOY SANYAL

     Marital status: Married
     Nationality: Indian
     Age: 50

     Twenty three years consolidated experience
     More than twelve years‟ medical / clinical teaching/training experience
     Eight years‟ medical / education organizational management experience
     Seven years‟ health / medical informatics experience
     More than fifteen years‟ research experience (medical/health, informatics and Web)
     Nearly thirty five scientific (medical / health / educational / informatics) publications
     Ten papers presented in international conferences (Rwanda, Edinburgh, Dubai, Seychelles)
     Eleven years‟ international experience (worked in 8 countries)

Core competencies: Written, verbal healthcare e-Communications; Digital medical imaging
informatics creation; e-Learning delivery techniques, Interactive medical computing

[April 2004 to June 2007] Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh / University of Bath,   United Kingdom

Master of Science (MSc) Healthcare Informatics, High B Grade; 68%; Top 5% of cohort

[Apr 1983 to Mar 1986] Jawaharlal Inst. PG Med. Ed. & Res. (JIPMER), Univ. of Madras, Pondicherry, India
Master of Surgery (MS) , A Grade

[Sept 1976 to Feb 1983] Jawaharlal Inst. PG Med. Ed. & Res. (JIPMER), Univ. of Madras, Pondicherry, India
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) , High 2nd Class; 69%

[Oct 2001 to June 2002]     Institute of Healthcare Administration (IHCA),               Chennai, India
Advanced Diploma in Public Health Administration (ADPHA) , 1s t Class; 68%

                      Institute of Healthcare Administration (IHCA),
[Oct 2001 to June 2002]                                                             Chennai, India
Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Development (ADHRD) , 1          s t Class; 68%

[Jan 1974 to Dec 1975]          Loyola School, University of Cambridge                   Jamshedpur, India
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISCE ), 1s t Division; 75%
Copies of degrees at URL:
(See APPENDIX-2 for List of Subjects under each degree)


    Name of Institution                            Period                    Subject
 University of Seychelles American               Aug 2005 – Aug        Anatomy, Neurosciences,
 Institute of Medicine, Seychelles               2008                  Radiology, Surgery
 Victoria Hospital, Mont Fleuri, Mahe,           July 2004 – Aug       Surgery and basic medical
 Seychelles                                      2005                  sciences
 Faculty of Health Sciences, Indira Gandhi       March 2002 –          Surgery, Anatomy, Osteology,
 Memorial Hospital, Male, Maldives               September 2003        Chest Medicine, Clinical
 Al Batnan Medical Centre, Ministry of           September 2000        Surgery and basic medical
 Health, Libya                                   – Sept 2001           sciences
 Tathleeth General Hospital, Ministry of         August 1999 –         Surgery and basic medical
 Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                 July 2000             sciences
 National University of Rwanda, Butare,          January 1999 –        Surgery and Surgical super
 and CHK Hospital, Ministry of                   August 1999           specialties, Surgical Anatomy
 Education, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa
 Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi, India           April 1987 –          Surgery and Surgical super
                                                 April 1989            specialties, Surgical Anatomy
 JIPMER, Pondicherry, India                      April 1986 –          Surgery and Surgical super
                                                 March 1987            specialties, Surgical Anatomy

[May 2009 – Till date]            Medical University of the Americas (           Nevis,
St Kitts-Nevis (WI)
Associate Professor (c ourse director & primary professor of Neurosciences)

[Sept 2008 – Till date]     Medical International Forum (Web-based)               Haridwar, India
Healthcare Consultant-Ad Hoc (
[Aug 2004 – Aug 2008]                 Ministry of Health, Seychelles; Univ. of Seychelles American
Institute of Medicine (                                    Victoria, Seychelles
Consultant Surgeon and Associate Professor
[Dec 2001 – Sept 2003]                  Ministry of Health, Maldives           Malé & Islands, Maldives
Consultant Surgeon

[Aug 1999 – Sept 2001]                 Ministry of Health, GCC                   KSA & Libya (Tobruk)
Specialist Surgeon
[Jan 1999 – Aug 1999]                      Université Nationale du Rwanda           Kigali, Rwanda
Senior Lecturer
[April 1989 – Dec 1998]                    Shri Balaji Hospital              New Delhi, India
Medical-Surgical Specialist (includes part-time Medical Advisor-Asst Editor in Passi Publications
( from Jan 1998 – Dec 1998 )

[April 1986 – April 1989]              Ministry of Health, India          New Delhi, Pondicherry, India
Senior Resident Surgery

Course director & primary professor of Neurosciences
Developing Neuroscience syllabus (theory, lab and practical)
Directing students‟ lab dissections of formalinized specimens
Student advising and consultation
Supervising (senior student) Teaching Assistants (TA) and teacher tutors
Leading student review sessions
Chair of Promotions committee
Presenting oral paper and poster on MUA Research Day conference
Member of Faculty Senate
Providing accreditation letters to outgoing students
Writing articles for university newsletters
Task force to implement student clicker (iRespond) system, in conjunction with IT department
Faculty examiner of Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) test
Faculty advisor of MUA Student‟s Surgical Association (SSA)

1. Co-moderator of Health Informatics Forum (URL:
2. Web-based medical content development: 23 PPT presentations published on the Web till date; see
3. e-Learning tool creation in healthcare management and medical education
4. Online healthcare consultancies (A-V malformations; Vagotomy etc); the group within Medical
    International Forum, „Dr Sanjoy Sanyal‟s Medical Zone‟ currently has 25 active members (URL:
5. Career advise to past students through Web 2.0 resources
6. Healthcare communications
7. Health informatics and medical presentations
Please see under „Academic / Informatics Projects‟ below. Also view the following URLs:
 Medical International Forum; URL:
 Box net shared files folder; URL:

Key administrative skills (including but not limited to): Decision-making; Problem-solving; Effective
communication; Working to tight deadlines; Multi-tasking; Research and analysis; Organisation; Team-
working; Motivating people; Leadership and Management
 Prepared course material (handouts etc); delivery of effective lectures
 Conducted theory / practical classes employing latest electronic / digital aids
 Prepared nearly 200 PowerPoint lecture presentations in Anatomy and Neurosciences (120 can be
   viewed at URL:
 Conducted clinical classes for residents and nursing students (Sample Thyroidectomy PPT at URL:
 Prepared, administered, evaluated examinations to assess development of student accomplishments
   (OMR digital scanner for marking, MS Excel tabulation)
 Supervised educational activities under actual / simulated situations (clinical scenarios etc)
 Instrumental in setting up, maintaining Anatomy and Neuroscience lab, posters and specimens etc
 Conducted postmortem dissection sessions with students in affiliated Victoria Hospital (See pictures
   at URL:
 Involved in conducting beta-testing of online exam systems
 Served on faculty committees and conferred with advisory groups
       o Actively participated in professional activities to improve teaching, subject competence
       o Member of Senate of university
       o Member of Curriculum Development Committee
       o Developed new instructional materials and teaching techniques with participation in on-
          going reviews and revision of curriculum planning
        o Served in Examination Board of University as master examiner and member
        o Served in committee for formulating hospital guidelines for clinical rotation of students
        o Coordinated beta testing of online examination system
        o Reviewed medical books for selection as prescribed and reference textbooks for university
        o Formulated preclinical 1 and 2 Clinical Anatomy and Neuroscience syllabus for university
        o Prepared instructional plans and career analyses to reflect current changes in the field
        o Participated in other activities as assigned by executive dean
   Research work and other publications (URL:
   Presented several papers in national level conferences (see below)
   Guided students‟ Community Based Research projects
   Coordinated numerous student and staff seminars
   Delivered 5 staff seminar presentations on Learning Styles, Problem-based learning, EMR,
    Cognition in Learning, RSI, Ergonomics of computer usage etc
   Instruction on workstation setup for prevention of eyestrain, repetitive strain injuries, and backpain
   Lead the teams for Journal club activities of university
   Wrote 3 articles for local „Nation‟ newspaper about activities / progress / evolution of university
   Served as student health and extracurricular activity advisor (several semesters)
   Scored 95% and 97% respectively in students‟ evaluation of instructors

1. e-Learning Neuroscience videos (February 2009 – March 2009): URLs:
    Digital Neuroscience Project_0001:
    Digital Neuroscience Project_2039:
2. Statistical validation study (January 2009 – February 2009):
   Statistical exercise; “Statistical Validation of Moore‟s Law”; to prove validity of Intel® technological
   entity known as Moore‟s Law (and its variants); URL:
3. Beta-testing online examination system (May 2008 – August 2008): PI and initiator of project
   in Seychelles medical college; staff orientation through PPT presentation, formation of action
   committees, leading 2 rounds of beta-testing of InQsit® online exam system, preparing 19-item
   Computer System Usability Questionnaire (CSUQ), administering them to end-users (students)
   through Easy Test Creator (ETC v1.1) software, getting feedbacks and generating reports.
4. Interactive computerized medical tools (January 2008 – March 2008): Decision-making aids
   for breast cancer staging and cardiovascular risk assessment: URLs:
    Breast cancer:
    CVS risk:
5. Digital virtual class programs (July 2007 – December 2007): On Head, Brain, Cerebellum and
   Diencephalon. URLs:
    Interactive Cerebellum_Functional Histology:
    Interactive Hypothalamus-Diencephalon:
    Animated Interactive Cerebellar connections:
6. Computerized program for quiz answer marking (September – October 2005):
   Semi-automated spreadsheet tool; “Excel-Generated Protocol for Automatic Quiz-Answer Validation and
   Score Calculation” (URL:
7. Web-based projects on Internet technologies (2002): Extensive Web-based research during
   “Internet Technologies” course from Monash University, Australia.
8. Clinical computer programming project (1988) / publications (1998)
    Original medical computing research project during COBOL programming course (see
       “Accreditations”); the computer program (using COBOL programming language) was a user-
       friendly decision-support system for enhancing clinicians‟ decision-making ability.
    Two clinical informatics articles based on this research project were published in „SURGERY‟
        journal (Please see „List of Publications‟ under APPENDIX-1)

1. Medical University of Americas Research Day presentation (November 2009): Determining
   Medical Students‟ Online Compatibility and Predictive Model of Online Preferential Parameters – Preliminary
   Study of a New Web-based Survey System: Oral presentation and poster on November 28, 2009 in MUA,
   Nevis, St. Kitts-Nevis, West Indies
2. Web-based survey of medical students’ online learning capabilities (January 2008 – May
   2008): Conducted in Seychelles medical college; “Web-based Survey and Regression Analysis to Determine
   USAIM Students‟ Online Compatibility – A Pilot Study”; Generated a unique online questionnaire,
   feedback and scoring system for this purpose (URL:
3. Research on medical students’ cognition and learning styles (October 2006 – June 2007):
   Conducted in Seychelles medical college for MSc Healthcare Informatics thesis (University of Bath
   and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh); “Survey, Analysis and Correlation of Medical Students‟
   Thinking, Learning and Type Preferences and Stress Levels – Relevance to Learning”
4. Multi-modal research methodology proposal (September 2006 – October 2006): Submitted to
   University of Bath as preliminary to thesis; “Medical Students‟ Cognitive and Learning Styles Assessment –
   A Multi-modal Survey Methodology”
5. Educational informatics e-Learning browser research (April 2006 – June 2006): Conducted at
   Seychelles medical college: “Comparative Usability Analysis of Two e-Learning Browser Interfaces: A Multi-
   tiered Methodology”

1. W.H.O.-sponsored grant for National Clinical Guidelines (2001 – 2002): WHO-sponsored
   project for Ministry of Health, Maldives; involved extensive literature search / Web-based research
    Prepared National Clinical Guidelines for 5 diseases (Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, Hypertension,
       Coronary / Ischemic Heart Disease and Rheumatic Heart Diseases)
    Secured a grant of US $ 1000 from W.H.O. for this project
2. Medical case study and research (April 1986 – March 1987) / publication (1997): In JIPMER;
   fully referenced paper, “Isolated Small Intestinal Melanoma: A Diagnostic Conundrum”, published in
   „Surgery‟ journal in October 1997 (Please see „List of Publications‟ under APPENDIX-1).
3. Surgical research (April 1984 – March 1986):
    Clinical research, 99 prospective-retrospective studies, data collection, quantitative analysis
    Master of Surgery dissertation from JIPMER: “An Evaluation Study of Recurrent Inguinal Hernia”.
    View PPT URL:
4. Clinical interview / publication (1978): Visits to research sites, personal in-depth interview, data
   collection, recording and transcribing data, analysis; resulting publication, “Transplantation of Ovaries”
   published in JIPMER magazine

1. Peer-reviewer of several scientific publications in former International Journal of Remote Offshore
   Medics (IntJournROM) (May 2004 – October 2005). [“Compartment Syndrome of the Upper Arm” (Oct
   2005), “Wound Management” (Apr / May / June 2005)]
2. Contributor to MHISIG (Mental Health Informatics Special Interest Group) Connect, UK.
3. Assistant Editor of „SURGERY‟ and „GASTROENTEROLOGY UPDATE‟ journals (1998), in
   Passi Publications, New Delhi, India (see “Professional Experience”). Published > 25 review articles,
   editorials and latest health / medical news reviews (listed below).
4. Writing public interest articles in Seychelles newspaper „The Nation‟; Sep. 2005, Sep. 2006 (“USAIM
   Comes of Age in the ICT Arena”), Feb. 2008 (The Scintillating Transition of USAIM – Then and Now”)
5. Editor of „JIPMER Magazine‟ (1979- 1980
6. First publication (“Transplantation of Ovaries”) in JIPMER Magazine (1978)
More than 30 publications in journals; see Appendix 1 for full list of publications

1. 10 th National Medical Dental Conference presentation, Seychelles; “Principles of Virtual Reality in
   Surgical Training and Practice”; February 2007. URL:
2. 9 th National Medical Dental Conference presentation, Seychelles; “Advances in Telesurgery and Surgical
   Robotics”; February 2006. URL:
3. Middle East Conference in Healthcare Informatics (MECHCI 2005), Dubai (URL:; original paper presentation; “Some Thoughts on the
   Psychology of Integration of Informatics in Healthcare; and a Suggestion”; 10th April 2005. URL:
4. 2 nd Annual Conference of College of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda,
   Africa; “Surgical aspects of pleuro-pulmonary tuberculosis”; 5 th–6 th May 1999.
5. Invited speaker and resource person during training workshop on, “Human Rights and Medicine – A
   Health Professional‟s Responsibility”, by HURUMA (Human Rights Union for Medical Action in
   Africa)-Rwanda Chapter; Kicukiro Training Centre, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa; (Interviewed by Rwanda
   TV on same occasion); 7-9 th May 1999. URL:

6. Seminars presented in Seychelles medical college from 2006 – 2008
         a. February 2008; “Overview of Electronic Medical Records”: URL:
         b. September 2007; “Ergonomics of Computer Usage”: URL:
         c. July 2007; “Teleradiology – Overview Systems and Applications”: URL:
         d. September 2006: “Cognitive Constraints in Students‟ Performance – Analysis and Tentative Solution”:
7. Talks delivered in Victoria Hospital, Seychelles over 2004 – 2005:
         a. Renal Tumour – Bizarre Presentation (July 2005):
             URL: (big)
         b. Cirrhosis complications surgical management (April 2005):
         c. Gunshot Injury – Unique Presentation (2004):
8. Presentation to interview board, Bournemouth University, UK; “Outline of Current Issues, which
    Influence Health and Social Care Research Curricula”; 29 th May 2003.
9. Special lecture– National University of Rwanda annual conference, Butare, Rwanda, Africa; “Small
    Intestinal Melanoma”; 30 th–31 st July 1999. URL:
    small-intestinal-melanoma (In French)
10. 2 nd prize-winning panel discussion on Portal Hypertension in “Continuing Medical Education in
    Surgery”, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, 6 th–12 th October 1985.
All PPT presentations in URL:
Pictures in URL:

1. Medscape CME activities: Jan 2008 – Dec 2008 (URL:
2. Conference participations (reverse chronological order):
 Middle East Conference in Healthcare Informatics (MECHCI2005), 9-10 th April 2005; presented a
    paper; awarded 13.5 credit hours. (URL:
 "Colonic Pathology Study", Armed Forces Hospital, Khamis Mushayat, Saudi Arabia, 30th March 2000.
 International update on "Recent Advances in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment"; at Dharamshila Cancer
    Foundation and Research Centre, New Delhi, India; 22 nd November 1998.
 Workshop on "Advanced Hepato-biliary Surgery"; Department of GI Surgery and Liver
    Transplantation, All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India; 14 th -15th February 1998.
 "Annual Conference Workshop Programme" (of Delhi Medical Association); National Science Centre,
    New Delhi, India; 30 th January – 1 st February 1998.
 Workshop on "Scope of Vascular Surgery in Prevention of Amputations and Strokes"; Sir Ganga Ram
    Hospital, New Delhi, India; 24th January 1998.
 "Therapeutic Endoscopy Workshop"; Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India; 12 th March 1995.
 "Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop" Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Sama Nursing Home, New Delhi, 1994.
 "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy Workshop"; at G. B. Pant Hospital (under auspices of Indian
    Academy of Medical Specialties), New Delhi, India; 1990.
 "ASICON-88" (under Association of Surgeons of India); New Delhi; 27 th – 30th December 1988.
 "Surgery Update: Current Status in Surgical Practice" (under auspices of University Grants Commission);
    JIPMER, Pondicherry, India; 27 th – 31 st August 1986.
 "Continuing Medical Education in Surgery", Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, 6 th–12 th Oct 1985.
View documents at URL:

Certificate : Basic Life Support (BLS)
Subjects (Modules) : 4
Marks: 95%
Awarding body : The American Heart Association (in Medical University of Americas)
Date of award: 17th October 2009

Certificate : The American Heart Association Core Instructor‟s Completion Certificate
Subjects (Modules) : Eight
Marks: Not applicable
Awarding body : The American Heart Association (in Medical University of Americas)
Date of award: 12th October 2009

Certificate : International Computer Driving Licence), Syllabus v. 3.0– Skill Card # LK0000000117
Subjects (Modules) : Seven
Marks: 92% overall
Awarding body : ECDL Foundation, 107 The Windmill, Sir John Rogerson‟s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland
Date of award: 27th June 2003

Certificates : Evaluation Methodologies and Internet Technologies
Subjects: Modules of „Contemporary Issues in Health Informatics‟:
      Evaluation Methodologies
      Internet Technologies (Included Web-based research). 7 modules:
Recommendation: Commendation letter (equivalent to high distinction) from Monash University
course director (Wendy McPhee)
Awarding Institution: Centre of Medical Informatics, Faculty of Medicine, Monash Institute of Health
Sciences Research, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Date of award: December 2002
Certificate : COBOL Programming
Subject: COBOL Programming Language (Engaged in original medical computing research project
during this course, and wrote two papers (see under “Academic/Informatics Projects”))
Grade : A-Grade
Awarding body : Informatics Computer Systems, New Delhi, India
Date of award: May 1988

Certificate : Operating System (DOS) and IBM-PC Applications
Subjects: Operating System; IBM-PC Applications: (a) WordStar, (b) Lotus 1-2-3, (c) DBase III
Grade : Excellent grade
Awarding body : Computer Point, New Delhi, India
Date of award: February 1988
View copies of documents at URL: and URL:

1. Created many interactive e-Learning sites and Excel-generated interactive decision-making tools in
   Neurosciences, Anatomy, Surgery and Medicine
2. Strong working knowledge of desktop publishing (Aldus PageMaker), statistics software (SPSS),
   qualitative analysis package (ATLAS.ti), Google sketchpad applications and other software
3. Extensively employed SPSS and System Architect. Performed complex calculations including Power
   Analysis, Factor Rotation using SPSS. Created Class, Sequence and UML diagrams using SA.
4. Advanced level of skill and proficiency in creating interactive, digital medical images using several
   imaging software.
5. High level of competency in all 7 modules of ICDL with overall score of 92%. (“Accreditations”)
    Skilled in working with all MS Office applications.
    Comfortable with working in any Windows-based application
6. Conversant with educational role of CMC (Computer-Mediated Communications). Also familiar
   with on-line multimedia (digital imaging, video streaming files, etc)
7. Familiar with HTML and XML; proficient with Web applications and the various aspects of the
   Internet; introductory knowledge of communications technology, networking infrastructure and
   hardware; theoretical knowledge of Internet2.
8. Basic knowledge of theory of Artificial Intelligence and its medical applications, especially its
   incorporation in health care appliances

Ten years of international experience; worked in India, Africa (Rwanda), Saudi Arabia, Libya, Maldives,
Barbados, Seychelles
 Worked and given presentations in 8 countries and visited numerous other countries in Asia,
   Europe (UK), Middle East, West Indies (Barbados, St Kitts-Nevis) and Africa.
 Possess expertise in interaction with professionals in all fields, from various countries, socio-cultural
   diversities and multi-cultural societies.

 1 st prize (cash award of ₤250 + Certificate letter – URL:
   in poster presentation in Health Care Informatics (HCI) Symposium in Royal College of Surgeons
   of Edinburgh, UK, on 28 th June 2005 (URL:
 1 st prize in Web-based essay competition in University of Bath, UK sponsored by Dr Maged NK
   Boulos on September 2005.
 Merit Certificate from United Arab Emirates University, Dubai for presenting paper at MECHCI
   2005 conference on 9 th-10th April 2005
   2 nd position merit certificate in Surgery CME on Portal Hypertension (6 th-12th Oct 1985), Kasturba
    Medical College, Manipal, India
   Numerous awards in Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
    (JIPMER), Pondicherry, India during MBBS course (1976 – 1981). (Reverse chronological order)
         o Honour certificate in Ophthalmology (1980-1981)
         o 1 st rank honour certificate in Pharmacology (1979-1980)
         o Endowment prize in Pharmacology (1979-1980)
         o Dr. K. Subrahmanyan's 1 st prize in Biochemistry (1977-1978)
         o 2 nd rank honour certificate in Biochemistry (1977-1978)
         o 1 st rank certificate in English (1976-1977)
         o Prize in English (1976-1977)
         o 1 st prize in Biology (1976-1977)

 Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) Merit Scholarship during tenure of MBBS (1976-1981) for
   performance in University of Cambridge ISCE.
 Merit Scholarship for best out-going student in 1 st MBBS (1976-1977), JIPMER, India
 Book Scholarship for performance in Pharmacology (1979-1980), JIPMER, India
View copies of awards at URL:

  UKCHIP (United Kingdom Council of Health Informatics Professionals): Level 2 registration
   (Registration # 000349) (URL:
 Gerson Lehrman Group's Council of Healthcare Advisors, New York, USA (URL:
 Former member of United Kingdom Health Informatics Society (UKHIS, former BMIS) – May
   2003, membership # 602 & SANYAL
 Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Madras – Indian Medical Council Act 1956, Medical Registration
   Certificate #: 37354 in Medical Register 1983 (11th April 1983)
 Maldives Medical Council; Registration # TMR 420 (6th January 2003)
 Seychelles Medical and Dental Council (SMDC) (August 2004)
 Barbados Medical Council, Medical Registration Act, Cap 371; Registration # 1109 (22 nd June 2004)
 Life member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)-DLH/2890/11/9/34309/93-94/L.
 Former member of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) – FA5839.
 Former member of Indian Academy of Medical Specialties -A/M/89-90/DLH/2-1989 – 1990.
 Founder member of Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG) – 1988.
View registration documents at URL:

   English: Excellent in all respects.
   South Asian Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Tamil – quite proficient.
   French: Reading and understanding slightly.
   Middle East Language (Arabic): Speaking and understanding moderately.

; URL:
   LinkedIn; URL:
   Plaxo; URL:
   Online PPT slideshows; URL: (23 PPT files
    published on the Web till date)
   Medical International Forum; URL:
   „Dr Sanjoy Sanyal‟s Medical Zone‟; URL: (currently has nearly 30 active
    members )
   Health Informatics Forum; URL:
   Box net file sharing; URL:
   Extra/Co-curricular public photo albums:
   Web blog; The N-th Dimension; URL:

1. Dr Maged N. K. Boulos, Senior Lecturer Health Informatics, Faculty of Health & Social Work
Centre Court, 73 Exeter Street, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
United Kingdom
Tel:+44 1752 586530
Fax: +44 1752 233258

2. Robin Beaumont, Tutor in Health Informatics
C/o The Faculty of Health Informatics, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Nicolson Street,
Edinburgh EH8 9DW, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 131 527 3403

3. Dr R. B. Mehta, Emeritus Professor (Retd)
International College of Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Kasturba Medical
College, Manipal, India
[Former Professor and Head of Department of Surgery, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate
Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry 605006, India]
GF-4, Southwest Apartment
Nanjunda Puram Road,
Coimbatore 641036, India
Tel: +91 422 2320360 (Res.), +91 9843830305

4. Dr Vaskar Saha, CRUK Professor of Paediatric Oncology
Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology Unit, Paterson Institute of Cancer Research, Christie Hospital
NHS Trust, Manchester M20 4BX
United Kingdom
Tel (office): +44 161 446 3092; Tel (lab): +44 161 446 3235; Fax: +44 161 446 3094

Original Research Publications in Health / Medical and Education Informatics
1. Original research paper, “Web-based Survey and Regression Analysis to Determine USAIM Students‟ Online
Compatibility – A Pilot Study” (May 2008) [URL: (1.3 MB
file)]: Original work in Seychelles medical college, Jan-May 2008 (URL:; Publication item # 15 in the list).

2. Original research paper, “Survey, Analysis and Correlation of Medical Students‟ Thinking, Learning and Type
Preferences and Stress Levels – Relevance to Learning” (June 2007) [URL: (3.75 MB file)]: Original work in Seychelles medical college,
Oct. 2006 – June 2007 (URL:; Publication item
# 10 in list); submitted to Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh / Bath University as MSc dissertation.

3. Research proposal, “Medical Students‟ Cognitive and Learning Styles Assessment – A Multi-modal Survey
Methodology” (October 2006): Preliminary submission to Bath University. URL: (1.05 MB file)

4. Original research paper, “Comparative Usability Analysis of Two e-Learning Browser Interfaces: A Multi-tiered
Methodology” (June 2006) [URL: (1.77 MB file)]: Original
work in Seychelles medical college, Apr-June 2006 (Publication item # 11 in list in URL:;); submitted to RCSEd /Bath University.

5. Original 1 st prize-winning poster, “Web services Integration Middleware – Interoperability in Healthcare”
[URL: (259 KB file)]; presented in Health Care Informatics
Symposium, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK, 28 th June 2005 (URL:

6. Original paper, “Some Thoughts on the Psychology of Integration of Informatics in Healthcare; and a Suggestion”
[URL: (175 KB file)]; proceedings of Middle East
Conference in Healthcare Informatics, 9-10 th April 2005, Dubai [URL:].

7. Featured scientific article, “Effects of cyberworld on the human psych”; published in MHISIG (Mental
Health Informatics Special Interest Group, UK) Connect # 17, December 2005; p6-9. [URL:

8. Original 1 st prize-winning Web-based essay; “Current and Expected Future of Consumer Health Informatics
in the Era of IE 7”; University of Bath UK, sponsored by Dr Maged NK Boulos, Sept. 2005. [URL:]

9. “Automated technology in surgical practice: An overview”; (SURGERY Vol.3, No.5 Feb 1998 p48-54);

10. “Automatic physiological assessment in surgery: A computer program”; (SURGERY Vol.3, No.6 Mar 1998
p25-37); URL:
[Last 2 are original clinical informatics articles published in „SURGERY‟ journal, based on COBOL programming
research project in Informatics Computer Systems, New Delhi in May 1988.]

Surgical review papers / scientific articles (In „SURGERY‟ journal, unless otherwise stated)
1. "Isolated Small Intestinal Melanoma: A Diagnostic Conundrum": Vol.3 No.1 Oct 1997 p46-49
2. "Illustrated surgical GI endoscopy": Vol.3 No.7 April 1998 p33-43.
3. "Iodine as surgical microbicide": Vol.3 No.7 April 1998 p53-56.*
4. "GI endoscopic illustrations: Part II": Vol.3 No.8 May 1998 p38-44.
5. "Biliary and ileo-caecal endoscopy: Part III": Vol.3 No.9 June 1998 p27-35.
6. "Surgical wounds: Biological and management principles": Vol.3 No.9 June 1998 p40-44.
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Planning / Management / Healthcare / Educational Publications (Bath Unive rsity / RCS
1. “Planning-Document – BIDMC-Disaster-Plan”:
2. “EHR-EPR in Healthcare – Critical Review”:
3. “Internet Healthcare Information Searching”:
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MSc Health Informatics subjects 10 Units (modules): Unit-1_Health-Informatics_Overview; Unit-
2_Research-Evaluation-Information_Techniques; Unit-3_Knowledge Information Data; Unit-
4_Effective Human Communication; Unit-5_Remote Healthcare; Unit-6_Clinical Systems; Unit-
7_Audit Governance and Organizational Change; Unit-8_Patient Informatics; Unit-9_Human-
Computer Interaction; Unit-10_Applied Research Methods

MS surgery subjects (8): General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Genito-Urinary Surgery, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Casualty and Emergency Services

MBBS subjects (19): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English (1 st MBBS); Anatomy, Physiology,
Biochemistry (2nd MBBS); Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology (3 rd MBBS); Otolaryngology,
Ophthalmology, Forensic Medicine, Preventive and Social Medicine (4 th MBBS); Internal Medicine,
General Surgery, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology and Obstetrics (5 th MBBS)

ADPHA subjects (14): Public Health Administration, Community Health and Development, Primary
Health Care, Management Principles, Behavioural Science, Health Services Management, Health
Education, Health Psychology, Social Psychology, Public Health in India, Public Health Strategies,
Environmental Health and Hygiene, Evaluation of Health Services, Health Practices

ADHRD subjects (16): Human Resource Development, Behavioural Science, Personnel
Management, Industrial Relations Employee Welfare and Trade Unions, Counselling, Training
Methods, Training and Development, Advanced General / Educational / Social Psychology, Child
Development, Self Development, Training and Learning, Evaluation of Training, Personality
Development, Principles of Leadership

Monash University subjects: Modules of „Contemporary Issues in Health Informatics‟:
Evaluation Methodologies: Qualitative Research; Quantitative Evaluation; Formative Evaluation
Internet Technologies: History and development; Major themes; Relevance to healthcare systems
(Middleware); Current status; Likely futures; Societal framework; Continuing education

ECDL modules: Module 1 – Basic Concepts of Information Technology (IT); Module 2 – Using the
Computer and Managing Files (Windows 2000); Module 3 – Word Processing (Microsoft Word 2000);
Module 4 – Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2000); Module 5 – Database (Microsoft Access 2000);
Module 6 – Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint 2000); Module 7 – Information and Communication
(Outlook Express and Internet Explorer)

ISCE subjects (8): English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi,
Advanced Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics