PSPRS Retirement Estimate by jcf58551


									                                              PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL RETIREMENT SYSTEM
                                                NORMAL RETIREMENT and/or DROP WORKSHEET - ESTIMATE
             Estimates should not be relied upon until verification is obtained from your Local Board.
ARS 38-842
“Normal retirement date" means the first day of the calendar month immediately following an employee's completion of twenty years of service or
the employee's sixty-second birthday and the employee's completion of fifteen years of service at the time of termination.
                       TODAY'S DATE:           8/29/2010
               MEMBER'S BIRTH DATE:                           (enter all dates in the following format--numbers only: mm/dd/yy)
               PRIOR SERVICE (years):                         (include fractional years as a decimal)
       Leaves Without Pay (Pay Periods):                         Prior - LWOP: 0.000
              SERVICE DATES - FROM:                                     THRU:                         <- Estimated Retirement/DROP Date
       YEARS OF CREDITED SERVICE:                0.003              APPLIED:           0.003
          ACTUAL RETIREMENT DATE:                               >25 BONUS:                0
       EFFECTIVE RETIREMENT DATE:                                      2         0
        AGE AT RETIREMENT - YEARS:                                  MONTHS:

NOTE: If you are in need of salary information, please contact your employer.
The Administrative Office of PSPRS does not handle those inquiries.
COMPENSATION - Best 3 consecutive                                                                    Retirement date (month/day) to end of year-three years ago
years in the last 20 years (normally, this                                                           Full calendar year-two years ago
would be your final 3 years - if not, mentally                                                       Full calendar year-last year
adjust dates listed):                                                                                Earnings this year to retirement
AVERAGE MONTHLY SALARY                                 $0.00 ESTIMATED

ESTIMATED BENEFITS:                            MONTHLY           ANNUAL
   MEMBER'S                                         $0.00            $0.00 BOTH ESTIMATED
   SPOUSAL BENEFITS (80%):                          $0.00            $0.00 BOTH ESTIMATED
   CHILD'S BENEFITS (10% per child):                $0.00            $0.00 BOTH ESTIMATED

 ESTIMATED MONTHLY BENEFIT:                     $0.00                            <-- Enter estimate here (leave blank to use estimate from above)           Estimated Totals
 DROP PERIOD (Months-Max 60):                0                       0                    0                 0                 0                 0                  0           $18.00
 *ASSUMED EARNINGS RATE:                                                                                                                                                        $6.00
 ESTIMATED DROP LUMP SUM:                       $0.00                    $0.00               $0.00             $0.00            $0.00               $0.00         $0.00
                     Difference between interest rates:                  $0.00               $0.00             $0.00            $0.00               $0.00         $0.00
*NOTE: The interest rate on DROP accounts is the assumed earnings rate set by the Fund Managers each year. The current rate is 8.5% however the rate will go to
8.25% July 1, 2010.

updated on 4-28-2010

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