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					Telecommunications Industry Success Stories:
                         Metrics & Reporting
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                                               Metrics & Reporting
                                               Relevant Client Details:
                                               With more than $71 billion in annual revenues, Verizon Communications Inc.
                                               (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services.
                                               Verizon has a diverse work force of more than 214,000 in four business units:
                                               Domestic Telecom provides customers based in 28 states with wireline and other
                                               telecommunications services, including broadband. Verizon Wireless owns and
                                               operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 47.4 million voice and
                                               data customers across the United States. Information Services operates directory
                                               publishing businesses and provides electronic commerce services. International
                                               includes wireline and wireless operations and investments, primarily in the
                                               Americas and Europe. For more information, visit
Telecommunications Industry Success Stories:
                        Metrics & Reporting

                                               Program: Domestic Telecom - Fiber to the Premises Program (2004-2005)

                                               Overview of the Engagement:
                                               In 2004 Verizon embarked on multi-year, multi-billion dollar strategic program to roll

                                               out the Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) and launch voice, data and video over a very
                                               high bandwidth, this fiber infrastructure would be shared by the three services.
                                               BusinessOne was engaged by Verizon in January 2004, on the Fiber To The
                                               Premise (FTTP) program. As the deployment of the fiber infrastructure progressed,
                                               Verizon wanted to put in place a reporting structure that would enable them to
                                               manage the businesses. BusinessOne was invited to lead the development of
                                               Video Operational Metrics.

                                               Value Delivered:

                                               BusinessOne assembled a cross-functional team consisting of staff from Marketing,
                                               I.T., Video Subscriber & Network Operations, Network Services-Performance
                                               Management, and Video Franchise Operations . BusinessOne kicked off a “Video
                                               Metrics Summit” , established the boundaries and the linkages to the voice and
                                               data aspects of the program. BusinessOne’s framework assisted the team to
                                               develop the following:

                                                   - Define Relevant Operational metrics
                                                   - Define business rules for the metrics (exclusion, inclusion, formulae, filtering
                                                     and summarization)
                                                   - Identify sources of data
                                                   - Identify targets
                                                   - Identify owners for each of the metrics

                                               The effort culminated in a Requirements Document which was transitioned to
                                               Verizon staff BusinessOne’s expertise was a key factor in defining metrics for video
                                               services. The metrics requirements have since been automated by Verizon I.T.


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                                               Metrics & Reporting
                                               Program: Verizon Global Network Solutions (VGNS) (2003)

                                               Overview of the Engagement:

                                               VGNS wanted a mechanism to track the success of their strategies. While the key
                                               strategies had been articulated and were being executed there was no reliable
                                               feedback mechanism in place to track the success and progress of the strategies.
                                               In the words of one of the executives, “we are flying blind”. While there was a lot of
                                               reporting done at the various levels, it only provided a dis-jointed view of the
                                               business, resulting in the management loosing faith in those reports.
                        Metrics & Reporting
Telecommunications Industry Success Stories:

                                               BusinessOne consultant was engaged to help define a Business Performance
                                               Dashboard that is aligned with the strategy and provides a clear picture of how the
                                               strategy is working. The requirement was for to identify the key measures, define
                                               the targets and ensure that there is complete understanding of who is accountable

                                               for the accomplishing the targets. The Dashboard was required to cover all aspects
                                               of the business and be internally consistent, and provide the information in a simple
                                               and concise manner.

                                               Value Delivered:

                                               The analysis conducted by BusinessOne indicated the following:

                                                          The metrics had no linkages to business strategy and as a result it is
                                                          difficult to understand how the unit was performing on the strategic
                                                          business objectives
                                                          Performance was being reported in organizational silos. There were
                                                          blind spots and overlaps in what was being reported.
                                                          The metrics that were being reported do not lend themselves for roll-up
                                                          or drill-down analysis. As a result it become hard to defend the metrics
                                                          that were being reported.
                                                          It was not clear to the leadership team as to who was accountable for a
                                                          given metric. The person responsible for the strategy and the metric was
                                                          most often not involved in the execution.
                                                          The metrics and reports were being generated with myriad tools: Crystal
                                                          reports, data extracted from on-line transaction processing systems then
                                                          stored on either MS-Access database or in MS-Excel spreadsheet,
                                                          which were then manipulated. The metrics team was creating over 200
                                                          reports a month, with over 6000 instances of these reports, every month.
                                                          And this did not include the ad-hoc reports created using MS-Access
                                                          database or MS-Excel spreadsheets
                                                          Creating the reports every month costed the company over $1 Million a
                                                          year to maintain and generate these reports every year.


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                                               Metrics & Reporting
                                               BusinessOne’s “Strategy Focused Approach” resonated well with what the
                                               leadership team wanted to accomplish. BusinessOne’s insight and approach helped
                                               the leadership team, clearly define key objectives for the various strategies. The

                                               definition of the strategies was followed by the definition of business performance
                                               measures that tracked the execution of the strategies i.e. “Metrics that Matter”.

                                               BusinessOne worked with an extended team of empowered client staff to define
                                               and delineate strategic and tactical metrics. In addition to setting targets and
                                               defining the formula for calculating the metric, BusinessOne also helped establish
                                               accountability. The end result of all of the analysis was powerful business
                                               performance management tool, boiled down to a page and a half of metrics, which
                                               encapsulated all aspects of business performance. These metrics were captured in
                        Metrics & Reporting
Telecommunications Industry Success Stories:

                                               a Executive Dashboard tool.

                                               The leadership team has been using the this dashboard as the vehicle to track
                                               business performance. The client was able to better execute on their strategies and
                                               save considerable amount of time, effort and resources.

                                               Program: Domestic Telecom – FTTP Program (2004)

                                               Overview of the Engagement:

                                               A major telecommunications service provider, was embarking on a multi-year, multi
                                               billion dollar program that would effectively transform the industry. Our client
                                               wanted to develop and implement a Executive Dashboard that would track the
                                               progress of the network roll-out on a monthly basis. BusinessOne was engaged to
                                               help define the Executive Dashboard for the FTTP program and publish the
                                               dashboard to the senior leadership team. BusinessOne reviewed the business
                                               case for FTTP Program, translated the assumptions and objectives specified in the
                                               business case and built a dashboard that provided targets and actual performance
                                               of the financials and the network build on a monthly basis.

                                               Value Delivered:

                                               The dashboard built by BusinessOne was used to communicate the program status
                                               to all the senior level executives at Verizon on a monthly basis.

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                                               Metrics & Reporting

                                               About BusinessOne:
                                               Business One Consulting (BusinessOne) provides strategy execution services to
                                               clients in the telecommunications industry and to government agencies.
                        Metrics & Reporting
Telecommunications Industry Success Stories:

                                               BusinessOne brings expertise in translating broad strategy statements into
                                               actionable plans and measurable results, and helping to drive the adoption of the
                                               strategy into all levels of the organization.

                                               To learn more please contact: Tel: 703-786-6476 or
                                                                                  General Voice Mailbox: 877-818-6970

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