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					             Checklist                          Important Phone
If you are going to leave, try to
take as many of these things with you
as possible:
❏ Change of clothes
❏ ID/Drivers license
❏ Family passports
❏ Green cards or visas
❏ Family birth certificates
❏ Money/credit cards
❏ Bank books
❏ House and car keys
❏ Medications
❏ Address book
❏ Photographs
❏ Medical and immunization records
❏ Social Security Card
❏ Welfare ID
❏ School records
❏ Marriage certificates
❏ Child’s toys
❏ Letters addressed to you and your
   spouse                                This publication was adapted from publications by the
                                        Dallas County District Attorney's Office. It was produced
                                          by IRCO with funds provided by Multnomah County
❏ Other: ____________                        Department of Community and Family Services
                                                          in Portland, Oregon.                          English Rev. 4/01
You can choose to leave or to                        Preparing to leave                       Safety at home and work
stay with an abusive person. It
is your choice, and your choice alone.      •   Plan where you will go if you leave      •   Change the locks on your doors.
Here are some suggestions to help you,          home, including a safe place you             Secure all windows.
whatever decision you make.                     can go to in an emergency.               •   Discuss a safety plan with your
                                            •   Have a bag ready with clothes,               children.
                Incident                        money, and important papers. Keep        •   Tell your child’s school, day care,
                                                it in a secret place ready if you need       etc. who has permission to pick up
•    If there is a fight, try to be in a        to leave quickly.                            your child.
     room with an exit and not in the       •   Think of ways to increase your           •   Tell neighbors and your landlord that
     bathroom, kitchen, or near                 independence (learn English, get a           your partner no longer lives with you
     weapons.                                   job, open a bank account in your             and they should call the police if they
•    Practice how to get out of your            name).                                       see him near your home.
                                            •   Keep phone numbers and some              •   Think of ways to stay safe if the
     home safely. Which doors,
                                                money with you for emergencies.              police do not come right away.
     windows, elevator, or stairs would
                                            •   Plan leaving very carefully.             •   Think of a safety plan for when you
     be best?
                                                Leaving your batterer is the most            go to work or go shopping. What
•    Tell a neighbor to watch for signs
                                                dangerous time.                              would you do if you saw your
     of violence and ask them to call the
                                                                                             batterer when you were out?
                                                  Children’s Safety Plan                 •   Consider getting a Restraining Order.
•    Have a code word to use with your
                                                                                             A Restraining Order is a piece of
     children, family, and friends to let   Teach your children:                             paper from the court telling the
     them know you need the police.                                                          person abusing you to stop or to have
                                            ✔ that the violence is not their fault           no contact with you, and telling the
          Emotional Health                  ✔ how to stay out of the fight                   police to arrest the person if they
                                            ✔ how to call the police                         violate the Restraining Order.
•    Find someone you can talk to freely    ✔ where to hide safely in the house          •   Keep your Restraining Order with
     and openly to give you the support       (for example under the bed or in the           you all the time. Call the police if
     you need.                                closet)                                        your partner breaks the Restraining
•    Find someone to talk to who knows      ✔ how to get out of your home safely             Order.
     about domestic violence resources.     ✔ which neighbor or relative to go to        •   If you have to talk to your partner,
                                              for help                                       think of the safest way to do this.
    Remember: you don’t deserve             ✔ that they have a right to be safe          •   If you are thinking of going back to
      to be hit or threatened.                                                               your partner, talk to someone about
                                                                                             your options.

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