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					Email Marketing Strategies and Viral Campaigns
How would you like to:

      Increase your website traffic
      Make your messages global
      Increase and build your brand awareness
      Strengthen your online visibility
      Reach new audiences
      Encourage repeat purchases
      Up sell to your clients

                                     Who, in their right mind, would say "NO"? Every point
                                     is a vital element resulting in the expansion of your
                                     bottom line. Every marketer knows the more people who
                                     receive your email, the greater the chance they will click
                                     on the link that takes them to your website, where they
                                     can see your product information and special offers.

                                      One of the fastest ways of generating traffic is the use of
                                      viral email marketing. Viral email marketing takes email
marketing to the next level. By integrating social media into your campaigns, you give your
recipients a fast and simple way to automatically upload your campaign to their social media
sites, send your campaign to their friends, family, and colleagues, all accomplished within
seconds. This assures you that your marketing message will be in front of as many people as
possible within the shortest amount of time.

Viral email marketing is a great way to promote and market your products and services.
Creating email marketing campaigns offering discounts, specials, and coupons, can easily
reach thousands of recipients through viral marketing. Does it get any better than this?

Viral Marketing Etiquette

There are several points to cover when creating a viral marketing campaign:

      Forwarding your email campaigns. Remind your users to forward your email
       campaigns discreetly. If you are offering rewards and incentives to those who
       forward your email to interested recipients, you don't want those results to have
       negative consequences. Forwarding too many emails, that are not wanted, constitutes
      Make sure your call to action is clear and your recipients understand what they are to
       do and what they will receive upon completion.
      Do not exaggerate your offers or rewards. Make sure it's clear and easy for recipients
       of your viral email marketing campaign to meet your campaign goals. Stand behind
       your promises.
      Be consistent. Keep your logo and brand parallel to the website they will be visiting
       once they hit that call to action. You don't want them to think it is an affiliate
       marketing campaign pushing them to buy or sign up at a different company website.
      Include a text version of all your email campaigns where HTML formats may be
       disabled. Pretty graphics will not shine in a text version showing large blank spaces
       where your graphics should be.
      Measure all your viral activity. As with any marketing campaign, you need to track
       the results while optimizing performance. This is necessary. Savvy email marketers
       know the importance when evaluating their data. Metrics are important to any future
       successful campaign when analyzing, click-through, and conversion rates. Metrics
       alert a marketer to which offers and customers drive the highest ROI.
      Never consider a referral to be a new opt-in. When a customer refers a friend,
       colleague or family, they are not an opt-in. Be careful. A name and email address
       given to you by someone else should not be used unless the individual in question,
       requests future correspondence directly.

As successful as email marketing is, with it comes a great deal of responsibility and integrity.
The Internet has made it very easy to reach thousands of people. So, with that in mind, a
marketer's job is to ensure, that their email campaign is sent to a receptive - NOT captive

Email marketing campaigns must avoid being considered unsolicited email. Email
Marketers, who are using viral marketing tactics, need to be careful. They must avoid
negative reactions while still reaching a ROI, as they endeavor to increase the reach of their
marketing message to a targeted group – far beyond their originally intended audience.

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