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   How and in what areas UNCTAD
    can support DTIS Action Matrix

                             Masoumeh Sahami
              EIF Regional Asian Workshop
         21 – 23 June 2010; Kathmandu, Nepal
         UNCTAD’s Main Goals
   To promote economic development and poverty
    reduction in developing countries, and
    particularly, the LDCs;

   To contribute to the progressive and beneficial
    integration in the global economy,
               … Particularly through …
    National policies and international support
    measures complemented with capacity building
    technical assistance which build productive

 Research &        Capacity         Inter-
Policy Analysis     Building
LDC Report,                      Consensus
Africa Report                     building
    Trade Related Technical Assistance


    Enhance the endogenous capacity of beneficiary
       countries to set and implement their own
    development strategies, as well as to emphasize
     the development of their human, institutional,
           productive and export capacities ;
                    UNCTAD’s TRTA
                                       Main forms of
The Focus:
                                      -Policy and advisory
   Capacity building for policy
    ownership – LDC policy analysis         services
    & research dissemination
                                       -Training courses,
   International trade in goods      seminars, workshops
    and services and commodities;
   Investment and Enterprise          -Computer-based
    Development;                      technical Products
   Trade Logistics and Technology    -Supply of trade and
      Capacity building for policy

   Poverty is severe and all-pervasive in most LDCs, LDC Report 2002
   Trade liberalization alone is insufficient - What is needed is an
    inclusive form of growth that requires not simply exports expansion
    but also an economy-wide expansion of income earning opportunities.
    LDC Report 2004
   the basic cause of persistent mass poverty in the LDCs is widespread
    unemployment, underemployment and low labour productivity – LDC
    Report 2006
   to escape the current trap of poverty, underdevelopment and
    marginalization, need to narrow the LDCs' technology gap with the
    rest of the world and increase the knowledge intensity of their
    economies. LDC Report 2007
   to build economic resilience, need to improve agricultural productivity
    and diversify 6 to create non-agricultural employment opportunities.
    LDC Report 2008
       International trade in goods, services
                 and commodities

                                         •Help formulate
      Trade Analysis Capacities &       policies;
       Information Systems
                                         •Develop human,
      Capacity Building on Trade
       Negotiations and Commercial       institutional,
       Diplomacy                         regulatory capacities
      Competition Policy and Consumer   and know-how to
       Protection                        negotiate,
      Trade, Environment and
       Development                       • produce, trade and
                                         compete locally and
                Investment and Enterprise

1)       Investment policies and
         investment promotions                           UNCTAD's objective is
                                                               to assist all
     -      International Investment Agreements
                                                         developing countries
     -      Investment Policy Reviews
     -      Investment Facilitation
                                                            in designing and
     -      Capacity building in FDI statistics          implementing active
     -      i-portals plus including investment guides     policies to boost
                                                         productive capacities
2) Enterprise Development                                  and international
        EMPRETEC programme: promotes                     Particular attention
         entrepreneurial skills and helps promising
         entrepreneurs in putting their ideas into         is given to LDCs.
         action and fostering businesses.

        E-tourism: Currently benefits 5 LDCs: Benin,
         Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali and Mauritania
           Trade Logistics and Technology
Trade logistics:
-   Training on transport and trade facilitation
     -   To improve the performance of transport operators   -In 2009: almost 90
         and auxiliary services                              operational projects
     -   To set up the necessary institutional and
         operational environment for the introduction of      The ASYCUDA
         multimodal transport                                programme remains
                                                             the largest
-   Advance Cargo Information System (ACIS)                  technical
     -   To increase transparency and efficiency in the      cooperation
         transport sector by providing operational
         information to stakeholders                         programme within
-   Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA)              encompassing over
     -   To facilitate trade by speeding up the clearance    80 countries and 4
         process through the use of information technology   regional projects
         and the reduction and simplification of customs
         documentation and procedures
                    Trade Logistics and Technology

Trainings:                                                           Beneficiaries of the
 Training Trainers: TrainForTrade Programme
    Local ownership of training activities, generation of
    local knowledge, human and institution building
                                                                   - Benin
   Trainings programmes                                           - Djibouti
    - The Virtual Institute Target: Academics & Policy Makers
                                                                   - Lao’s PDR
    - The Training Course on Key Issues on the International
    Economic Agenda – Policy makers                                - Madagascar
                                                                   - Maldives
Science and Technology                                             - Mauritania
    To enhance the scientific and technological                    - Senegal
    capabilities of developing countries and to facilitate
    their access to new technologies                               - Sierra Leone
     -   Network of Centres of Excellence – a website platform     - Sudan
     -   Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) review
                                                                   - Chad
      From Actions Matrix to Projects

     Diagnostic Trade                   Old IF UNCTAD TRTASs
    Integration Study
                                - ASYCUDA: Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African
                               Republic, Djibouti, Gunea, Lao, Maldives, Senegal,
     TRTAs: Priorities             sierra Leone, Sudan, Chad, Yemen, Zambia
                                -TrainForTrade: Benin, Djibouti, Lao, Madagascar,
                               Maldives, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan,
Identify relevant Partners:
UNCTAD, ITC,UNIDO, WB…        -Commodities: Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Lao, Sao
                                               tomé, Tanzania
                               -Trade Facilitation: Zambia, Tanzania, Sao Tomé,
   Submit request for
     Submit request           Maldives, Malawi, Madagascar, Guinea, Lesotho, Lao,
       assistance                    Gambia, Ethiopa, Burkina Faso, Benin
                              -Investment: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopa, Gambia,
      Tier 2 project          Guinea, Lao, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives,
      development                    Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Chad, Yemen
                              -Commercial Diplomay & trade negotiations : Sudan,
                                Chad, Zambia, Uganda, Guinea, Djibouti, Central
 Funding: EIF TF; Other                        African Republic
                                - Tourism : Chad, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nepal,
                                 Uganda, Mauritania, Maldives, Madagascar, Lao,
     Implementation            Guinea, Gambia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Central African
Concrete application of TrainForTrade in the EIF

   Tier 1: “Capacity Building Programme for EIF
    NIUs »

   Tier 2: capacity development in the field of
    sustainable tourism:
   Benin (Being implemented)
   Mali (request from EIF NIU)
   Djibouti (request from Tourism Authorities and EIF NIU)
                     Examples within the IF
   Benin:
        Objective: promotion of sustainable and community-based tourism for
        Request from the Ministry of Trade
        UNCTAD prepared a proposal which was funded by IF Window II
        The project included 3 components:
          1.   Interagency study on sustainable tourism
          2.   Coordination activities with 35 sustainable tourism stakeholders
               from the selected communities of Abomey, Ganvié, Ouidah
               organized in March 2009
          3.   Training to be organized in September 2009

   Lao PDR:
        Objective: development of trade-related training capacities of Lao PDR and
        Requested by Ministry of Trade and Industry
        Specifically mentioned in the Action Matrix and funded by the Government
         of France
        Over 300 trade operators trained and 17 trainers able to deliver UNCTAD
         courses in local language
Thank you for your
   attention !
For further information contact:
     EIF Coordinator, UNCTAD
     Tel: 0041-22-917 5537

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