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									                             2006-8 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
                                Quarterly Report Narrative
                    County of San Diego (County)/SDGE Energy Initiative

  Program Name: County of San Diego(County)/SDGE Energy Initiative
Program Number:
        Quarter: Second Quarter 2008 (April 2008 through June, 2008)

     1.   Program Description
           Facilitate energy project and demand response implementation at County facilities
             and public housing units
           Coordinate an on-bill financing pilot project
           Provide peer-to-peer education to other local governments
           Promote County facilities energy efficiency to County staff along with County-
            wide energy efficiency promotion for public and private entities.
           Participate in the Tax-Exempt Customer Incentive Program (TEC) that provides
            audits and incentives for implementing energy efficiency projects at County

     2.   Administrative Activities

             The County hired a new Administrative Analyst and student worker in May
              2008 that assist with the Energy Management Program.
             Several Partnership initiatives that were placed on hold or scaled back are being
              revived over this quarter into 3rd Quarter 2008. These include on-bill financing,
              energy education and outreach and demand response.
             A meeting between SDGE and the County energy management team to discuss
              Partnership status and outstanding issues was held in April 16, 2008.
             An updated Abstract for continuation of the Partnership for the 2009-2011 cycle
              was prepared and submitted to SDGE in April 2008.

     3.   Marketing Activities

             The County energy manager participated in outreach to County of San Diego
              employees at the County Administration Center on June 13, 2008. An energy
              booth/display was set up by the County where more than 200 County employees
              received energy efficiency information.
             The County’s Parks and Recreation Department partnered with SDG&E to
              organize and implement the “Be Green on the Green” event on June 28, 2008.
              This event allowed residents to swap up to five incandescent lamps for compact
              fluorescent lamps while attending a movie night at County parks.

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        The County is working on building an energy webpage as part of the
         Partnership outreach activities in conjunction with the redesign of the County
         and General Services Department websites. The County plans to continue work
         on the energy website during the second quarter of 2008. The webpage will
         feature our Strategic Energy Plan (in development), energy projects,
         sustainability initiatives and program partners.

4.   Direct Implementation Activities

        The County continues to work on constructing its first two LEED Certified
         buildings. The Medical Examiner Building (Basic LEED Certification) expects
         structural steel to begin in July 2008 and the San Elijo Lagoon Visitor’s Center
         completed this summer. The County is in the design phase for eight buildings at
         the new County Operations Center Campus that are seeking LEED Silver
         certification. SDG&E is heavily involved in the projects through the Savings
         By Design for the Medical Examiner Building and Sustainable Communities
         Programs for the County Operations Center.
        The CEC loan that was received on January 17, 2007 is funding the
         implementation of energy efficiency project recommendations identified from
         assessments performed at County facilities during the first and second quarters
         of 2006 by the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE). The County
         will receive incentives provided by the Energy Savings Bid Program.
        The County released a Request for Proposal to establish a service contract with
         a contractor to monitor the performance of, identify needed corrections to and
         train facilities technicians for the central plants at larger County facilities. The
         County expects to have this service initiated by September 2008.
        The County is participating in the SDG&E Retro-Commissioning Program
         administered by PECI, Inc. PECI has identified, through benchmarking, those
         facilities most likely to benefit from the program. On-site screening activities
         began at five facilities during April 2008 (East County Regional Center, Health
         Services Complex, Central Jail, East Mesa Detention Facility and Crime Lab).

5.   Program Performance/Program Status

         Program is on target
         Program is exceeding expectations
          Program is falling short of expectations

6.   Program Achievements (non-resource programs only)

        Installation of 1 MW of photovoltaics at the East Mesa Detention Facility is
         pending approval of the Environmental Impact Report and the Board of

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7.   Changes in program emphasis, if any, from previous quarter (new program
     elements, less or more emphasis on a particular delivery strategy, program
     elements discontinued, measure discontinued, budget changes, etc.).

        The energy manager continues to actively participate on the Environment
         Working Group regarding climate change/global warming that includes all
         County Groups. Greenhouse gas emissions will have greater emphasis in the
         Partnership. The energy manager will work with GOA staff to implement a
         County-wide goal energy reduction targets as part of the Quality First Goal.
        The County is exploring the use of Parks and Recreation Department personnel
         to provide expertise in Partnership marketing and outreach efforts to residents
         and outside organizations.
        The County is using student workers and consultants to provide consistent green
         building standards and specifications for use in County facilities and permitting
         of projects at the Department of Planning and Land Use.
        Work has creating a CFL disposal program administered by the Department of
         Environmental Health that disposes of CFL bulbs in an environmentally
         friendly way.
        The County has initiated quarterly meeting between SDG&E and County
         department representatives (Public Works, Environmental Health, Parks and
         Recreation, General Services, Land Use, Housing and Community
         Development) that participate in components of the Partnership.
        Facilities Operations will participate in the Certified Building Operator
         Certification Program this fall for facilities technicians offered by SDGE.
        The County is participating in the Metropolitan Water District Pub lic Sector
         Program to reduce water usage at County facility by upgrading plumbing
         fixtures, cooling tower controllers and irrigation systems.
        The County of San Diego will have a draft Strategic Energy Plan (updated from
         2004) completed in September 2008.
        The County is analyzing information provided by Energy Waves and
         kWickview to reduce energy usage at large facilities.

8.   Discussion of near-term plans for program over the coming months (e.g.,
     marketing and outreach efforts that are expected to significantly increase
     program participation, etc.)

        The County of San Diego will revive working with CCSE and SDG&E to help
         the County install energy efficiency measures at smaller facilities to take
         advantage of the SDG&E On-Bill Financing Program and the CCSE TEC
        The County and SDG&E will revive working with the County Housing and
         Community Development to perform outreach for some sectors of the hard-to-
         reach low-income housing residents.

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        The County has revived participation in SDGE Demand Response programs.
         Technical Assistance auditing is expected to start again in Q3.
        The County will bring online an informative Internet energy webpage for
         citizens as part of the Partnership outreach activities in September 2008.
        The County will work to provide an improved Intranet energy reporting
         webpage for internal customers.
        The County will revive participation in the demand response SDGE Technical
         Assistance Program and evaluate the recommendations of the technical
         assessments for implementation. The energy manager attended a meeting with
         TEC staff and participating organizations on May 27, 2008.
        The County will continue participation in the PECI Retro-Commissioning
        The County will develop consistent green building standards and specifications
         for use by County project managers, consultants and the public.
        The Partnership will provide an energy efficiency awareness campaign to
         provide County employee with education for use at work and home.
        The Partnership will emphasis identification of projects that reduce natural gas
        The County will update the energy efficiency project list leveraging off the
         Facilities Condition Assessments recently completed by Facilities Operations.
        The County met with SDGE to discuss possible participation in the Turnkey
         Energy Projects Program.
        The County met to discuss the Sustainable Communities Program Clean Energy
         Systems regarding roof leasing for photovoltaics at the new County Operations
         Center under design.

9. Changes to staffing and staff responsibilities, if any

        Peter Livingston, P.E., Energy & Sustainability Manager, has completed the
         transition into the point of contact for the Partnership.
    Pat Zeitounian is completed the transition out as the County of San Diego point
     of contact for the Partnership.
10. Changes to contractors and contractor responsibilities, if any

         None

11. Number of customer complaints received

         None noted

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12. Revision to program theory and logic model, if any

      The County will recognize and document the benefits of impact on the
       environment from Partnership components such as diversion of toxic metals
       from the landfill due to CFL recycling.


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