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“Specified Hours of Cover record could not be located in Table”
Specified hours of cover would imply that a cover band that was set up and referred to in
a service level has been removed. The service level could be applied to the contract or
the an inventory item (MSA only). The most likely times the message will appear is
going into contracts, trying to manipulate contracts or opening inventory. The best
course of action is to start from the hours of cover, check whats there, review the service
levels to amend any that don't point to one of the current hours of cover set up, and then
all should be well from there.

Pervasive SQL Status Codes
A complete listing of the Pervasive SQL2000 Status Codes (Error Messages) can be
found at In “My search is about ..”, select
„Pervasive SQL2000‟, and then select „Pervasive SQL2000 status codes‟.

Status 21
This indicates that the file attributes for the license file are wrong. Typically, if files are
moved the attributes become reset to the default.
Solution. Right click the file „settings‟ in the AccentDB folder (you may need to change
to display hidden files to see it). Then make sure that that the Properties set are Hidden
and Read Only, nothing else.. In Advanced, clear all.

Status 53
The status 53 indicates a mapping error. The MSA knowledge base does actually have
the rectification for this (just search on "53"), but basically, you must ensure that all
workstations run the DBROUTER.EXE in the same way,
eg, if the one that works is mapped to the database via \\server\data\accentdb, then they
all should be, or if its x:\accentdb, then they all should be.
To check, go to Help, About on a working pc and check the database path. That's where
to run DBROUTER.EXE from on the non-working pc.
The license key, when saved, stores the mapping info and a conflict will return a 53.
That's why, if you change the folder location, you will need a new key.

Conflict - .btr files
If you have previously loaded an application called "SB Client 5" by Ardent Software,
which is a terminal emulation software used to access Sco-Unix base programs, you may
encounter problems with some .btr files.
The problem it causes is that some how it does not allow MSA to re-create the
"Inventory.btr" and "Work.btr" files.
By removing SB Client from the workstation, the problem is solved.

Conflict – Virus Scan 2000
A reported MSA conflict is with Norton VirusScan 2000 and possibly 2001. When using
MSA these should be disabled.
Norton VirusScan 2002 does not appear to conflict with MSA.
Resolving Pervasive.SQL 2000 Status 116
Note: Replace c:\windows with the appropriate windows folder on that workstation.
Under Windows NT or 2000, replace \system with \system32.
Ensure the following:
The network is running TCP/IP
The main “server” pc is on (whether this is a Windows NT server or a workstation acting
as the database server)
There is an “LMHOSTS” file in c:\windows (for Windows 95/98 only)
        Format of LMHOSTS:
        server_IP_address                     server_name
        e.g. our_server
Check these:
Does you get the Pervasive splash screen when loading Service Accent?
No…Pervasive may not be installed. Install Pervasive.SQL if not installed.
If Pervasive already installed, does c:\windows\system\wbtrv32.dll exist?
Yes…Delete it only if it is dated 1998 or older. Later versions of Pervasive.SQL 2000i
now install this file in to c:\windows\system, so leave it if that is the case.
No…Type PATH at the dos prompt and ensure that C:\PVSW;C:\PVSW\BIN; appears in
the path statement. This should be specified in c:\autoexec.bat, but some networks
overwrite the path on login.
Is the server pc is on?
No…Turn it on
Yes…Run the gateway locator routine from Start, Programs, Pervasive, Pervasive.SQL
2000, Utilties, Gateway locator. Browse to the AccentDB folder and click Change
Does the server pc have the Pervasive.SQL icon in the system tray
No…Is Pervasive installed on the server?
Yes…Reboot the server
No…Install Pervasive.SQL on the server
Yes…There is a network configuration problem!

Database Error – „The record has a key field containing a duplicate key value.
MSA was unable to insert the sorder table. A status of 5 was returned.‟
This is caused by a conflict of data (ie order numbers are being duplicated). Try go to
Start, programs, miracle service accent, database utilties, Align keys, OK and see if this
fixes the problem.

 „Runtime error 9. Subscript out of Range.‟
Question: This error message comes up whenever I try to use the MSA „Finder‟
Answer: You have selected 10 fields to display in Finder on the jobs page. Finder can
only cope with 9 (or that may be 11 selected and 10 max). Either way, go to Admin,
System Settings, Misc, Finder, Jobs and deselect a field, then it will work.
Error after upgrading to a later version of MSA
Message: “You need to update Miracle Service Accent on this workstation. HotFix was
unable to detect the latest release so you must install it manually.”
Answer: The error means that MSA found a later version of the database, but couldn't
find the update application to run automatically.
This means that the database is in one format but the local application is an earlier
(incompatible) version. You will need to run the later update on all PCs.
Refer to the Technical Note “How the update works in Miracle Service Accent”.

Error Messages when Reinstalling MSA/SBE on a workstation
Pervasive.SQL must also be re-installed on the re-installation of MSA/SBE would have
deleted the Pervasive drivers.

„msscript.ocx‟ Error Message
 "Unable to start MSA due to ... Can't load [or register] custom control msscript.ocx
Answer: Reinstall the application from CD, and also re-install the latest update. This
should replace the missing component.
Alternatively, from the DOS prompt, locate the c:\windows\system32 folder, type
regsvr32 msscript.ocx and press enter. This will register the missing component.

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