Destin Beach Wedding - Oops_ I Missed These

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					Destin Beach Wedding - Oops! I Missed These
Though Destin weddings on the beach in Florida are the ‘In' thing today, they are enjoyable and successful only if they are well planned and have
great photography. Apart from planning the fun n frolic for guests and packing you're Out of Town bags, certain points come into the pre-planning list
for organizing a beach wedding -
•Accessibility to the Destin beach - Often overlooked, though the beach maybe a beautifully secluded one, accessibility to it must be ensured for
your Guests. Handing them a guide map in advance or escorting them from the airport to the beach are viable options, in case your beach wedding
destination is remotely connected.
•Children supervision - If children are in your guest list and pictures, make sure that you appoint someone to maintain a vigilant look for them.
Children are very easily drawn to water and are difficult to control at all times. You may appoint someone to take special care of this or even cordon
your wedding area and boundary it, if possible.
•Aged people - People who are old or with disabilities may be weary of the Destin Florida beach sun. Also those with wheel chairs may not be able
to get around in the sand easily. Different arrangement for them must be made or they can be provided with help of someone, to take care of their
•Sun tan lotions and first aid or medicines for insect bites - These must be kept handy for all those who missed to get theirs and for those who may
need them.
•Tidal waves - Check the tide schedule as well as the weather forecasts. Which season have you chosen? How windy it is at that time? Has it been
stormy during those times previously?
•Lighting- Make sure of the lighting and a back up wedding location for it, in case you intend to throw a night party or even an evening reception or
sunset wedding ceremony. You must check for arrangements of music, lights, etc and alternative arrangements for them.
•Shade - Keep adequate arrangements for covering the wedding area with cloth or canopy shaped tents for keeping the guests comfortable. The
material that you select for the tent must be such which provides a shield from the sun along with keeping the surface below cool and breezy. Usually
good silk is best selected for beaches.
•Food - Keep the food covered and safe from Sea Gulls and other uninvited guests. How will you keep the food covered? How will you protect it
from the sandy winds? Find out the best options.
•Noise and smell - It is necessary to check the noise on the beach made by the waves during the time when you wish to plan the ceremony. Some
beaches are too noisy and thus can be uncomfortable. Also certain other beaches smell bad when the atmosphere gets moist. Check beforehand and
wisely choose the right Destin beach wedding destination.
It is thus important that all such and other points be taken care of. Plan a day or so to your beach wedding destination, to check the climate, the
atmosphere and the arrangements that can be made there. See the alternative arrangements as well, like a nearby resort in case of emergency,
hospital or medical faculties, easy access to immediate transport etc. All of this becomes imperative while you plan on deciding your Destin beach
weddings destination. You may want to consider having a beach wedding ceremony just with the close ones, after which you shift indoors for the
remaining celebration time. Either way, a beach themed indoor destination or a beach wedding can be romantic and wonderful if just sketched well

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