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									The Baroque Period
1600-1750 for 8th Grade Music History Unit

• Baroque music is characteristic by splendor, elaboration, theatricality, and emotionalism.

• An overall characteristic is that a particular Baroque composition or movement trends to protect a single mood or expression of feeling.

• A continuous spinning out of a single melody or melodic idea, often ornamented through improvisation.

• Forward rhythmic drive with a strong sense of motion, even at slow tempos

• Balance of homophonic and polyphonic texture, consistent throughout a section or movement

Timbre (Tone Color)
• Strings, winds, and harpsichord, with a conspicuous lack of percussion • Modern violin family dominant • Trumpet a favorite solo instrument

Abrupt shifts in levels of dynamics resulting in terraces of tonal intensity by increasing or decreasing the texture

• Concerto grosso, trio, sonata, suite • Opera seria, oratorio, cantata, chorale, motet, mass

Composer-J.S. Bach
• Born 1685 • Died 1750

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