Appendices to the Pharmacy On-Line Processing Operations Contract

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					  Appendices to the Pharmacy On-Line Processing Operations

Appendix A:       POPS Software Lists

Appendix B:       Milestones and Deliverables Schedule

Appendix C:       Organizational Chart

Appendix D:       Key Personnel

POPS Contract, Appendices                                1
                                Appendix A

                            POPS Software Lists

POPS Contract, Appendix A
The following lists describe the software that comprises POPS. The lists are segmented
into the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) licenses that the Contractor must procure on
behalf of EOHHS and Non-COTS software that EOHHS retains rights to and will
include in the turnover of POPS to the Contractor.

Non-“Commercial Off The Shelf” Software Licenses in POPS
The following software licenses are software components of POPS that are licensed to
EOHHS under a single-site license by ACS State Healthcare, LLC or ACS-EDI Gateway,
Inc. (known collectively as ACS) or are owned by EOHHS through a completed
development contract with ACS.

#     Platform     Product               Manufacturer        Comment
1.    MVS          PDCS (Prescription    ACS State           Pharmacy OnLine Transaction
      Server       Drug Claims           Healthcare, LLC     Processing (OLTP) Point-of-Sale
                   System)               (aka ACS)           (POS) processing
2.    NT Server    Various HTML          ACS EDI             iDEX web pages developed for
                   Server Pages          Gateway, Inc. (a    DMA
                                         subcontractor for
3.    NT Server    Various               ACS EDI             Internet graphics developed for
                   JPEGS/GIFS            Gateway, Inc.       DMA website
4.    NT Server    Mercator Maps         ACS EDI             Massachusetts specific pharmacy
                                         Gateway, Inc.       translation maps
5.    NT Server    DRAMS                 ACS State           Drug Rebate Analysis /
                                         Healthcare, LLC     Management System
6.    Clustered    RebateWEB             ACS State           Drug Rebate Analysis /
      Sun                                Healthcare, LLC     Management System
7.    Sun Server   ‘Cymphony’ also       ACS State           Pharmacy program management
                   referred to as PBM-   Healthcare, LLC     and decision support
8.    NT           OmniAdd               ACS State           Data Dictionary
      Server/PC                          Healthcare, LLC
9.    NT Server    Loader.exe            ACS State           File distribution.
                                         Healthcare, LLC
10.   NT Server    Secdw.exe             ACS State           GUI Build process
                                         Healthcare, LLC
11.   NT Server    Dddw.exe              ACS State           GUI Build process
                                         Healthcare, LLC

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                                      1
#     Platform     Product         Manufacturer      Comment
12.   NT Server    Alog2tier.exe   ACS State         Update psr files into the database
                                   Healthcare, LLC   on EA Server
13.   NT Server    JagStat.exe     ACS State         Browse the health of EA Server
                                   Healthcare, LLC   clusters
14.   NT Server    JagWire.exe     ACS State
                                   Healthcare, LLC

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                             2
“Commercial Off The Shelf” Software Licenses Required For POPS
The following list of COTS software licenses are utilized in the operation of POPS. The
Contractor must procure one of more licenses from this list on behalf of EOHHS in order to
satisfy the performance requirements of POPS as defined throughout the Contract. EOHHS
reserves the right to require the Contractor to procure more recent versions or equivalent
products of the listed products up to the implementation date of POPS.

 #      Platform            Product          Manufacturer                  Comment
  1.   PC            Microsoft Windows     Microsoft            PC Workstation Operating
       Workstation   2000 Professional     Corporation          System
  2.   PC            Microsoft Office      Microsoft            Word processing, spreadsheets,
       Workstation   2000 Standard         Corporation          presentations
  3.   PC            Microsoft Project     Microsoft            Project management
       Workstation   2000                  Corporation
  4.   PC            Microsoft Internet    Microsoft            Internet and Intranet access
       Workstation   Explorer 5.0 or       Corporation
  5.   PC            Warehouse             Sybase Powersoft,    Database modeling and design
       Workstation   Architect             Inc.
  6.   PC            Business Objects      Business Objects,    Ad hoc query and reporting tool
       Workstation   5.0                   Inc.                 for Decision Support System
  7.   PC            Daytech               Daytech              Real-time transaction testing for
       Workstation   ECSS 6.0              Corporation          NCPDP electronic formats
  8.   PC            Adobe Acrobat         Adobe, Inc.          Viewer for PDF and HTML
       Workstation   Viewer                                     documents
  1.   PC            Exceed                Hummingbird          X Window Interface to Unix
       Workstation                         Communications,
  2.   NT Server     Microsoft Windows     Microsoft            Local Area Network (LAN)
                     Server                Corporation          communications
  3.   NT Server     SNA Server            Microsoft            Communications
  4.   NT Server     Oracle for            Oracle               Temporary database tables
                     Windows               Corporation
  5.   NT Server     Terminal Services     Microsoft            Terminal emulation
  6.   NT Server     eSystem COLD          eSystems, Inc.       Computer Output Laser Disk

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                                      3
 #     Platform             Product      Manufacturer                Comment
 7.   NT Server     TCP/IP Pass        Bus-Tech, Inc.     Communications
                    Through Server
 8.   NT Server     Metaframe          Citrix             Graphical User Interface (GUI)
 9.   NT Server     Radius Server                         Ace Secure Card
 10. NT Server      Web Server                            Online security
 11. NT Server      OnBase             Highland           Online document storage index
                                                          and workflow for Prior
 12. NT Server      RightFax           RightFAX           Fax server technology to handle
                                                          all incoming and outgoing faxes
 13. NT Server      SQL 2000 for DB2   Microsoft          Scaleable relational database and
                                       Corporation        analysis software
 14. NT Server      Apache             Apache Software    OpenSource software for
                                       Foundation         collaborative web design
 15. PC             NetObject Fusion   NetObjects, Inc.   Object development software

 16. PC             Windows NT         Microsoft          PC based operating system
     Workstation                       Corporation

 17. PC             UltraEdit          IDM Corporation    Text, HEX and HTML editing
     Workstation                       Solutions, Inc.    tool

 18. PC             VirtuALL Toolbox   Meredith           Transaction viewer/editor
     Workstation                       Software, Inc.

 19. PC             DB2 Client         IBM Corporation    Database

 20. PC             Smart FTP       Encrypted FTP download
     Workstation                                          software

 21. PC             XPPro                                 Video terminal emulation
     Workstation                                          software

 22. PC             Rumba 7.1          Wall Data          Mainframe access and emulation
     Workstation                       Incorporated       tool

 23. NT Server      MQ Series          IBM WebSphere      Inter-system queues to all
                                       MQ                 platforms, inbound and outbound

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                               4
 #     Platform             Product        Manufacturer                 Comment
 24. OS/390         MQ Series            IBM WebSphere       Inter-system queues to all
                                         MQ                  platforms, inbound and outbound

 25. NT Server      Mercator             Mercator            Transaction translation engine
                    Integration Broker   Software, Inc.

 26. PC             Mercator             Mercator            Transaction translation engine
     Workstation    Integration Broker   Software, Inc.

 27. NT Server      Commerce             Mercator            Trading partner validation and
                    Manager              Software, Inc.      data routing software

 28. PC             Sybase               Sybase Inc.         Development IDE
     Workstation    PowerBuilder 8.0.3

 29. NT Server      Sybase EAServer      Sybase Inc.         Application Server
                    4.2.0 and 3.6.1

 30. NT Server      PBVM 8.0.3           Sybase Inc.         Virtual Machine for application
                    (virtual machine)                        server

 31. NT Server      PowerGen             ECrane              Unattended builds.
                    Professional 5.0

 32. PC             DB2 Connect 6.1,     IBM                 Database connectivity
     Workstation    fixpak 2
     /NT Server
 33. PC             DB2 Connect 7.2,     IBM                 Database Connectivity
     Workstation    fixpak 8
     /NT Server
 34. NT Server      StarTeam 6.0         Starbase/ Borland   Source Control repository

 35. NT Server      IBM CICS             IBM                 CICS Connectivity
                    Gateway 3.1.3
 36. NT Server      Pblink               Novalys, Inc.       CICS Connectivity

 37. NT Server      Zlib.dll             Open Source         Compression between client and

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                                     5
 #     Platform             Product        Manufacturer                 Comment
 38. NT             WinZIP 8.0           Winzip Computing Packaging and compressing files.

 1.   UNIX          Oracle 98i           Oracle, Inc.        Relational Database
      Server                                                 Management System (RDBMS)
                                                             for business data
 2.   UNIX          Business Objects     Business Objects,   Query and report scheduler
      Server        5.0 Supervisor       Inc.
 3.   UNIX          Best/1               BMC Software        Monitor data lines and response
      Server                                                 times
 4.   UNIX          HP Open View         Hewlett-Packard     Monitor Wide Area Network
      Server                                                 (WAN)
 5.   UNIX          C-Port               ACS State           Hub technology to support use of
      Server                             Healthcare, LLC     Internet technology by
                                                             commercial switches and the
                                                             provider community in accessing
                                                             ACS State Healthcare’s Atlanta
                                                             Data Center
 6.   UNIX          MQ Series            IBM WebSphere       Inter-system queues to all
      Server                             MQ                  platforms, inbound and outbound
 7.   UNIX          Mercator             Mercator            Transaction translation engine
      Server        Integration Broker   Software, Inc.
 8.   UNIX          Commerce             Mercator            Trading partner validation and
      Server        Manager              Software, Inc.      data routing software
 9.   UNIX          UDB                  IBM Corporation     Large database utility and
      Server                                                 extension tools
 10. UNIX           BEA Weblogic         BEA                 EJB creation
 11. UNIX           MQ Queue             IBM WebSphere       Manages queue generation
     Server         Manager              MQ
 12. UNIX           Tivoli Storage       IBM Corporation     Centralized storage and file
     Server         Manager                                  migration management software
 13. UNIX           Business Objects     Business Objects    Decision Support System (used
     Server         Infoview 5.1.6                           as a replacement for QueryPath)
 1.   MVS Server OS/390                  IBM Corporation     Operating System

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                                     6
 2.    MVS Server Multiple Domain      Amdahl            Operating System partitioning
                  Facility             Corporation       support for parallel test and
                                                         system upgrade processing
 3.    MVS Server CICS/ESAV4           IBM Corporation   Customer Information Control
                  DFSMS 1.3                              System -- Online transaction
                                                         manager for Multiple Region
                                                         Operations (MRO)
 4.    MVS Server TCP/IP Version 3     IBM Corporation   Communications –
                  for MVS                                Telecommunications
                                                         Protocol/Internet Protocol
 5.    MVS Server FTP                  IBM Corporation   File Transfer Protocol
 6.    PC            TN3270 Plus V     SDI Software      Graphical User Interface (GUI)
       Workstation   2.07                                with TN3270 emulation
 7.    PC            Snapshot Viewer   Microsoft         Formats PA and Copay Cap Met
       Workstation                     Corporation       Letters
 8.    MVS Server DFSMS/MVS            IBM Corporation   Communications and backup
                  Version 1
 9.    MVS Server NetView              IBM Corporation   Monitor data lines and response
 10. MVS Server RMF                    IBM Corporation   Performance monitor
 11. MVS Server ACF2 6.4 (Access       IBM Corporation   Online security
                Facility Two)
11a.   MVS Server Endevor for OS/390 Computer            Source code management
                                     Associates          system.

 12. MVS Server SiteScan                                 Data Center environmental
 13. MVS Server Technologic                              Internet firewall
 14. MVS Server VTAM                   IBM Corporation   Virtual Telecommunications
                                                         Access Method
 15. MVS Server JCL                    IBM Corporation   Job Control Language
 16. MVS Server      Connect Direct    IBM Corporation   File transfer system formerly
                                                         known as Network Data Mover
 17. MVS Server NJE Link               IBM Corporation   Network Job Entry for
                                                         transmission and receipt of

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                                7
 18. MVS Server XRC                  IBM Corporation   Extended Recovery Copy for
                                                       channel extension using T3 lines
 19. MVS Server FDB                  First DataBank    Drug pricing updates and drug
                                                       utilization review software
 20. MVS Server Mercator             Mercator          Transaction translation engine
                Integration Broker   Software, Inc.
 21. MVS Server JCL Prep 5.1         ASG               JCL Management Tool
 22. MVS Server Beta 92/BSA 3.4.1    Beta Systems      Process History Manager
 23. MVS Server Mainview SRM 6.1     BMC Software      Enterprise Storage Manager
 24. MVS Server Abendaid/CICS 4.3    Compuware         Debugging Tool
 25. MVS Server Abendaid/MVS         Compuware         Debugging Tool
 26. MVS Server Abendaid/TSO 6.6     Compuware         Debugging Tool
 27. MVS Server Xpediter/TSO 6.4     Compuware         Analysis and Debugging Tool
 28. MVS Server Xpediter/CICS 7.2    Compuware         Analysis and Debugging Tool
 29. MVS Server Fileaid 8.8          Compuware         Data Management Tool
 30. MVS Server DB2 – V7             IBM Corporation   Database Software
 31. MVS Server DB2 Connect 7.2      IBM Corporation   Database Connectivity
 32. MVS Server ISPF 5.0                               Interactive System Production
 33. MVS Server Zeke                 ASG               Automated Job Scheduler
 34. MVS Server TLMS                 CA                Tape Library Management
 35. MVS Server EZTRIEVEPlus         CA                Data Management Language
 36. MVS Server RACF                 IBM               Resource Access Control Facility
                                                       (Security Management Software)
 37. MVS Server VSAM                 IBM               Virtual Storage Access Method –
                                                       Data Management System
 38. MVS Server RMF - OS390 2.4      IBM               Resource Measurement Facility
 39. MVS Server Platinum V7R1M0      CA                Data Repository
 40. MVS Server INTUNE               BMC Software      Application Performance
                                                       Manager of online and batch
                                                       processing activity

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                                               8
 41. MVS Server CA View     CA   Archived Sysout Management

POPS Contract, Appendix A                                     9
                                  Appendix B

                  Milestones and Deliverables Schedule

The following describes the Milestone dates agreed to by EOHHS and the Contractor to
prepare POPS Operations. As part of the final milestone of Acceptance, EOHHS will
review and approve those deliverables required by Contract.

                                Claim        Call         Drug       Transaction
                             Adjudication   Center       Rebate         Data
                              Processing                 System      Warehouse
    Configure Processing     7/28/2004    8/2/2004     8/4/2004      8/4/2004
    Configure Network        8/11/2004     8/11/2004   8/30/2004     8/30/2004
    Schema Delivery and      7/28/2004     7/28/2004   7/28/2004     7/28/2004
    Application Software     8/4/2004      8/30/2004   8/14/2004     8/14/2004
    Delivery and Load
    Data Load                8/7/2004      NA          10/1/2004     8/14/2004
    Switch Certifications    8/16/2004     8/16/2004   NA            NA
    Disaster Recovery Plan   10/1/2004     10/1/2004   10/1/2004     10/1/2004
    EOHHS Training to        9/24/2004     9/24/2004   10/24/2004 10/1/2004
    Contractor Appl.
    EOHHS Acceptance of      9/24/2004     9/24/2004   10/24/2004 9/24/2004

POPS Contract, Appendix B
DRAFT 05/24/04
                                    Appendix C

                              Organizational Chart

The following organization chart is intended to reflect the relative organizational and
project management relationships expected of the Contractor’s POPS Operations staff.
While individual assignments may encompass multiple responsibilities as shown here,
EOHHS has identified and the Contractor agrees to the roles and reporting
responsibilities exhibited in the chart.

The Contractor will identify the individuals who fulfill these responsible roles prior to
the start of the Contract.

POPS Contract, Appendix C
                                   Contract Officer       Project Manager

                         Local Facility                     Pharmacy                 Development     Operations Sys-
                           Manager                       Services Manager          Systems Manager   tems Manager

  Provider Rela-                              TDW                                   Development       Maintenance
  tions Manager                               Query                                    Staff             Staff

               Claims              Clinical           Clinical              Drug Rebate
               Process             Analysi            Analysis                Support

                                                  Ops. Data           Call
                                                   Entry             Center

POPS Contract, Appendix C
                                    Appendix D

                                  Key Personnel

The following key positions provided by the Contractor have been identified by
EOHHS as critical success factors to POPS Operations. EOHHS has defined these
positions here for the Contractor. The Contractor will provide the names and
qualifications for those persons who fulfill these positions. The Contractor agrees that
these positions will always be filled for the duration of the Contract and that EOHHS
will be notified in writing with regard to any staff changes that may occur from time to
time. EOHHS will review any proposed persons for these roles and provide written
acceptance or rejection of the proposed person.

EOHHS discourages but does not restrict the Contractor from using the same person to
fulfill multiple key personnel roles.

Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for the day-to-day performance of the Contractor
with regard to the performance of POPS. This position provides client relations,
operations planning, Contractor resource allocation, prioritization of development
tasks, staff supervision and assessment, issue resolution and any other issue or event
that impacts the daily or weekly execution of POPS Operations.

Contract Officer
The Contract Officer is responsible for the executive oversight of all Contract
paragraphs for the Contractor to ensure that agreed-to terms and conditions are
fulfilled. The position is the primary liaison between the Contractor and the
Commonwealth with regards to contractual execution. The position also advises the
Project Manager as to compliance standards for conforming to the Contract’s intentions
and establishing priorities.

Development Systems Manager
The Development Systems Manager is the responsible person for deploying the
Contractor’s technical resources for understanding, building and implementing Change
Orders into POPS Operations. This position communicates with the EOHHS technical
lead for POPS for defining requirements, plans, priorities and acceptance criteria. This
position also develops Change Order resource requirements including cost estimates,
establishes acceptance test methodologies and requirements for Change Orders as well
as enforces version controls for deployments of POPS.

POPS Contract, Appendix D
Operations Systems Manager
The Operations Systems Manager is responsible for the on-going technical performance
of POPS. This responsibility includes the network connectivity to POPS Operations
with Providers and EOHHS users. This person fulfills a key role in the evaluation of
technical system performance in the event that a switched to the Contractor’s alternate
environment or Backup Facility must be conducted.

Pharmacy Services Manager
The Pharmacy Services Manager is responsible for the implementation and operations
of the clinical support requirements of the Contract. This person must manage those
staff (some who are located in the Local Facility) responsible for fulfilling the clinical
analysis, Provider claim submission issues and DUR analysis requirements of the
Contract. This includes the Manager’s translation of EOHHS pharmacy regulations into
the Contractor’s obligations for supporting the POPS Operations.

Provider Relations Manager
The Provider Relations Manager is responsible for constructing and maintaining
communications between the Contractor and EOHHS Providers on behalf of EOHHS.
This person must prepare and deliver training materials regarding POPS Operations,
distribute EOHHS communications when POPS is an affected component and assist
EOHHS with the development of communication tools that improve EOHHS
messaging effectiveness.

POPS Contract, Appendix D