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									November 2006

     “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
                   plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:22).
We had such a great time this summer traveling       training center that is set for God’s work
to many different places sharing the hope that       and calling. This center has acquainted
God has given to those in the Rafiki Girls’ and      us with many skills like computer,
Children’s Centers. Just as encouraging, was         catering, tailoring, business machines,
hearing you ask about the girls and children and     production, and English. The best of all is
how God’s hand has been upon them on a daily         the Bible. Having a complete sacrifice to
basis. When we returned to Nairobi in August,        God’s guidance which involves obedience,
the plans were underway to prepare for the next      our faith has also become more mature
class of girls to graduate. Plans were also          than ever. It’s a thrill to know that the
underway to bring more little ones to the            Lord we serve is all powerful, ever-
children’s center giving them a permanent            present, always loving and wants to be
home! Therefore, in this letter, we want to give     part of us forever. Moreover, we’ve
you a wonderful glimpse of the graduation that       learned that our present and future life
was held in September 2006. Stay tuned for our       needs to be surrounded by influence of
next letter, where we will share a glimpse,          the Lord and His attributes. Sound
through a wonderful story, of the process of two     cannot travel in a vacuum just as air is
children being formally adopted into a Rafiki        necessary for the transmission of sound.
family. These stories will encourage your heart      We therefore live our lives in the
and help you in praying for the young people for     atmosphere of the Spirit, in order to hear
whom God has a special plan with the love and        the voice of our Lord, and this provides
support given by YOU through Rafiki!                 spiritual growth.
Included in our graduation ceremony was an           All the studies we have had are based on
amazing prayerfully prepared speech delivered        Biblical principles; we normally start with
by one of our graduates, Zipporah. Her               devotion and this helps us face the day
thoughts touched all who were present in a way       with courage and fullness of God’s
that is difficult to explain. God definitely has a   mercies, which are renewed every
wonderful plan for each one whom He brings           morning. Rafiki’s main aim is to help us
into the Rafiki Village and we are thankful for      be better people in our society. I am
the hope that He gives through the teaching of       proud to be part of the Rafiki family.
His Word and the daily out pouring of His love!
                                                     Hear this, my sisters, you who still have a
Enjoy as Zipporah shares her heart—
                                                     few months and years to spend in this
  “I am greatly honored to stand before you          beautiful atmosphere, “’For I know the
  on this phenomenal day. I salute you all           plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord,
  our distinguished guests, the Rafiki staff,        ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm
  parents, dear friends, fellow students             you, plans to give you hope and a
  and the MiniMissionaries who we are                future.’” God is faithful and is due to
  privileged to have today, in the name of           fulfill His promises. You are blessed to be
  our Lord. Before I proceed, I hereby take          in this family. May our good Lord help
  this opportunity to express appreciation           you to guard the faith you have already
  for your coming.                                   acquired. Remaining loyal to the Word of
                                                     truth should be your motto. In the years
  My gratitude goes to all the Rafiki Staff
                                                     of living this life of faith, I have never
  and the MiniMissionaries who have been
                                                     known God’s bountiful care to fail. As
  of great help to us. Also I want to thank
                                                     your fellow student, much more a sister,
  our parents, guardians, and friends,
                                                     I hereby urge you to continue trusting the
  because through their prayers this day
                                                     Lord. We are leaving, I confess, but we
  stands. Rafiki is a girls’ vocational
are leaving the greater part with you,
because our spirits are bound together by
the love of Christ.
I can’t finish without pausing to give my
regards to my fellow graduates who
have been together with me for the past
three years. I appreciate you guys for
being determined and overcoming all the
short-comings, God being our help. This
day we are celebrating our three-year
course accomplishment, but that does
not give us credit to quit aiming for
greater achievements.
We should set our goals higher, too.
May we always be guided by God’s
standard, I pray. Continue leaning back
in the arms of our God the Father who
has more than enough and to spare. As
we go out of this perimeter, let us be
role models in our society. We should
also extend the love acquired from our
seniors to the wider community. As the
saying goes, “You can’t keep a good                         BETSY AND ZIPPORAH BEFORE THE COMMENCING
                                                                OF THE CEREMONY, SEPTEMBER 2006.
man down.” Let us continue being
slaves of righteousness. I am tempted to                Sending Our Love,
quote the words of Martin Luther, that
“As the meadow is to the cow, the house
to the man, the nest to the bird and
stream to the fish, so is the Holy                      Tom, Betsy, Wade, Constance, and Jake
Scripture to the believing souls.” The
Bible is fundamental to us as Christians.               PO Box 723-00621
Let’s face the world with courage.”                     Village Market
                                                        Nairobi, Kenya
                                                        EAST AFRICA

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