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Amazing Bees by Serendipity1


All you wanted to know on bees

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									Amazing Bees
By Mrs. Hicks

Bee’s Body
4 wings

6 legs
2 antennae

stinger abdomen A bee is an insect with three body parts, six legs, two antennae, & four wings. thorax


Bees’ Family
Bees live in families of thousands!
There are several types of bees: • girl worker bees that gather nectar • boy drones that live in the hive • one queen of the colony – the mother of them all!

Bees and Flowers
Bees and flowers need each other!

Bees carry pollen from flower to flower. Flowers need the pollen to make seeds.

Bees collect nectar from the flowers and take the nectar to their hives to make food.

Bees’ Home
Bees make honeycombs for two important reasons:

The nectar they collect is stored in the honeycombs where it turns into honey. Bees also make the honeycombs as beds for the baby bees.

Be nice to Bees!!
Bees are an important part of our habitat. They only sting when they feel threatened.

So let the bees do their jobs and we can enjoy beautiful flowers and scrumptious honey.

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