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									Policing Islington


Introduction from the Borough Commander
Chief Superintendent Barry Norman
2006/07 will bring the new and enhanced partnership arrangements through the
auspices of the government’s Local Area Agreements (LAA). The LAA provides a
framework for partnership working that has allowed for much greater flexibility for
all the partners to achieve their bespoke and collective objectives.

One product of the successful partnership arrangements within the borough has
been the council’s agreement to fund the early roll out of our Safer
Neighbourhood Teams this year, including the provision of an additional team to
impact the problems encountered in the Nags Head area. Another significant
improvement for the coming year will be the roll-out of a new strategic CCTV

These three positive developments will enable the police to rise to the huge
challenges that come with the targets we have agreed for reducing crime and
increasing detections in 2006/07. These new targets that are detailed in this
document need to be achieved against a backdrop of considerable organisational
change within the policing arrangements for Islington Borough.

The most significant of these will be the introduction of MetCall, due to happen in
May. I anticipate that the advent of MetCall is likely to bring with it an increase in
demand for policing services and the inevitable inherent increase in reported
crime. It remains to be seen whether any short term increase in reported crime
caused by MetCall will outweigh the anticipated crime reduction that the early roll
out of Safer Neighbourhood Teams and the partnership plans for crime reduction
will achieve.

Throughout 2005/06, plans have been developed for the policing of the new
Emirates Stadium that Arsenal Football club will move to in June/July 2006. The
new stadium will undoubtedly bring with it new challenges as the borough adjusts
to welcoming 60000 people as opposed to 38000 people, on more than 30
occasions each season. It is a privilege to be responsible for the policing of
games involving Arsenal Football Club. But it is vital this challenge does not
deflect us or our partners from our core objective to improve community safety
within the Borough for everyone. I am satisfied that the Local Authority and
Arsenal Football Club and the Police share the same vision and therefore I look
forward to finding ways that minimise the disruption to local people caused by
events at the Emirates Stadium.

Islington Borough has, over several years, earned an enviable reputation for
solving crime, and we have secured one of the most impressive performances for
several crime types including robbery, rape, domestic violence, burglary, motor
vehicle crime and violent crime. This success is testament to the dedication and
professionalism of a huge number of colleagues and partners that make Islington
an outstanding borough and the place where teamwork, quality and performance
pervade all that we do.
                    Policing Islington

Recent Performance 2005/06

                          Personal Robbery

                          Recorded offences: 13%
                          Sanction detections: 24%

                                         Residential Burglary

                                         Recorded offences: -7%
                                         Sanction detections: 24%

                                               Motor Vehicle crime

                                               Recorded offences: 17%
                                               Sanction detections: 9%

                                               BCS Violence

                                               Recorded offences: -9%
                                               Sanction detections: 30%

                          Total Crime

                          Sanction detections: 18%

                                    Policing Islington

Strategic Priorities for London

The Metropolitan Police has identified the following seven strategic priorities for
London for the next three years (2006/09):

         Safer Neighbourhoods – providing a
        dedicated local policing team in each
        electoral ward in London

                            Counter Terrorism – successfully combating terrorism
                            and improving safety and security

     Criminal Networks – developing our understanding of criminal networks and
    reduce the harm they cause to London

     Capital City Policing – securing our transport
    network and the Olympic games, whilst ensuring the
    resilience to deal with major incidents

    Information Quality – ensuring that our staff, partners and the community
    have the information available they need when they need it

     Together – improving the quality of leadership training that our workforce

                                                  Citizen Focus – putting what you
                                                  want from our police service at the
                                                  heart of what the Metropolitan Police
                                                  Service does

                                  Policing Islington


The strategic outcomes provide a framework for every member of the
Metropolitan Police Service so we all understand what to focus our effort on to
achieve our mission and to make London the safest major city in the world.

We seek to deliver the following four strategic outcomes

                                  Communities are engaged with, confident in
                                       and satisfied with our service

                                                    Safety and security is improved
                                                     and the public feel reassured

                                                    Crime, disorder, vulnerability
                                                     and harm are prevented
                                                     and reduced

                                           More offenders are brought to justice

Objectives, measures and targets 2006/07

In common with all other London borough operational command units, Islington
police have now set objectives, measures and targets for 2006/07 to meet the
requirements of the statutory performance indicators (SPIs) within the national
policing performance assessment framework (PPAF) and to support the Home
Office achieve its Public Service Agreements (PSAs) with the Treasury.

                                                      Policing Islington

British Crime Survey (BCS)
The BCS started in 1982, and measures the amount of crime in England and
Wales, including crimes which may not have been reported to, or recorded by, the
police. It thus provides an important alternative to police recorded crime statistics,
and is therefore the governments preferred measure of crime levels.

Under the Home Office Public Service Agreement (PSA 1) the government is
committed to reducing overall crime in England and Wales by 15% between April
2004 and the end of March 2008. The contribution from London region is to
reduce police recorded crime in 10 specific crime types1 by 19.4%. Islington
borough’s contribution is to reduce those crime types locally by 20.0% over the
same period.

The chart below shows the borough’s performance to date:



    20000                                               1.5%                -6.3%


                  25066                                                                                       20053
    10000                                   21856                  22193


            FY 03/04 (Baseline)            FY 04/05              FY 05/06           06/07 Target           07/08 Target

Note: 2003/04 represents the baseline year. The 04/05 and 05/06 columns show our performance
in the first two years of the (4yr) PSA1 target. The 06/07 column illustrates the reduction target set
for the current year. The last column shows the final reduction required to achieve the overall
target of a 20.0% reduction.

 Theft from motor vehicle, theft of motor vehicle, motor vehicle interference and tampering,
criminal damage, domestic burglary, theft of pedal cycle, theft person, personal robbery, common
assault, wounding

                                               Policing Islington

Key Targets 2006/07
                          Measure                                      Victimisation             % Reduction
                                                                          Rate 1
                              Residential Burglary                          26.50                       -1%
                                  Personal Robbery                           6.50                      -11%
                                         Theft Person                       14.30                       0%
                                Theft/Taking Of MV                           6.38                       -4%
                                      Theft From MV                         22.00                      -15%
                                      BCS Wounding                          14.49                       -8%
                           BCS Common Assault                                7.83                       -7%
                             Theft of Pedal Cycles                           9.57                       -5%
                           BCS Criminal Damage                              21.54                       0%
                                             BCS Total                                                 -6.3%

              Sanctioned Detections2                                                     % Rate
                                  Personal Robbery                                         19%
                              Residential Burglary                                         20%
                                                     Rape                                  60%
                                 Domestic Violence                                         30%
                                                   Racial                                  25%
                                         Homophobic                                        22%
                        Total Notifiable Offences                                          20%

                     Other Measure                                     Victimisation             % Reduction
           Number of Outstanding Warrants                                                              -15%

 Victimisation Rate = the number per 1,000 residential population, except for Residential Burglary which is the number per
1,000 households.

 A Sanctioned Detection occurs when a person is charged, summonsed, or cautioned for an offence, and includes youth
warnings and offences taken into consideration at court.

                              Policing Islington

Contact List
Borough Commander:

       Barry Norman
       Islington Police Station
       2 Tolpuddle Street
       N1 0YY

Safer Neighbourhood Teams:


Contact Us:

       Public telephone number for your local police: 020 7704 1212
       To report a crime online: http://www.online.police.uk
       To contact Crimestoppers: http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org/

       In an emergency you should always call 999

Metropolitan Police Website:

       Homepage: http://www.met.police.uk
       Local Crime Figures: http://www.met.police.uk/crimefigures/

Local Authority Contact:

       Main switchboard: 020 7527 2000
       Nuisance contact: 020 7527 3229


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