Model Set Evaluation Rubric by khn19658


									2.2 Model Sets & Flats                                              Theatre Arts 20

Building a Model Set

The student will build a model set based on a script provided by the instructor following
the guidelines for one of the following types of sets:

      Realistic
      Suggested
      Period

1. To develop technical skills.
2. To develop an awareness of illusions on stage.
3. To demonstrate an ability to identify the demands of a script.
4. To create a set design.

Divide students into groups of 2-4. Students will create a working model of one style of
set. The set should be either a realistic, suggested, or period set. See introduction for
items that should be considered in the planning prior to the miniature set construction.
See realistic, suggested, or period set pages for a description of each. See the section
titled “Materials & Tools” to gather the means to construct the model.


See Model Set Evaluation Rubric the next page.
2.2 Model Sets & Flats                                           Theatre Arts 20

Model Set Evaluation
Name ___________________________                           Date _______________

The model meets the demands of the script
0-4   The model ignores significant demands.
5-6   The model addresses the basic needs of the script.
7-8   The model shows a clear effort to meet the demands of the script but is
0-10 The model presents a set capable of meeting all the demands of the script.

The model is technically accurate
0-4    The model is technically inaccurate, either to scale or stage specifications.
5-6    The model has some elements that are technically correct.
7-8    The model is technically correct but it does not address all needs.

The model presents a clear style of set.
0-4    The style of set is not clearly defined.
5-6    Some elements of style have been clearly presented.
7-8    The style is clearly presented.
9-10   The style is clearly presented in detail and clarity.


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