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					O   W      N    E   R   ’     S     M    A   N    U   A   L

Disbursement: getting your money

                        S     o, you’ve filled out your application.
                         What happens next?
                                                                             to determine if your school has to sign the
                                                                             Agreement to confirm you are a full-time
                         Q How much will I get?                            • If you provide your banking informa-

                         A After your application is processed, you          tion on the first Agreement you receive,
                                                                             any future Alberta student loans may be
                         will receive a Notice of Assessment in the          automatically deposited into your bank
                         mail telling you the amount of student fund-        account. Otherwise, you will receive a
                                 ing you will receive. If you applied        cheque in the mail.
                                 for funding online, you will see the
                       Tip       estimated amount of funding you are
          You	must	have	a	       eligible for immediately. You may be      Q Will money be sent directly to my
                                 able to check the status of your appli-   school?
           Canadian bank
                                 cation on alis.alberta.ca/apply.
         account, solely in                                                A Yes, if your educational institution
          your own name,
          into which your
                                  Q How do I get my money?                 requested that tuition fees be paid directly to
                                                                           them from your loan disbursement amount.
     loan funding can be          A Your student funding will be           • Go to canlearn.ca to find out the amount
                                  either direct deposited into your bank     of your Canada student loan that has been
         deposited. This is
                                  account or mailed to you.                  paid to the school.
     to ensure that your
                                  For Canada Student Loans                 • Go to edulinx.ca to find out the amount
    student loan funding
                                 • If you provide your banking               of your Alberta student loan that has been
    is protected and can-
                                 information on the loan certificate,        paid to the school.
       not be accessed by        the National Student Loans Service
                                                                           If you disagree with the tuition amount that
             anyone else.        Centre will deposit your funds into
                                                                           your school has requested be sent to them,
                                 your bank account. Follow the cash-
                                                                           you must negotiate with them directly.
                          ing instructions on the information sheet
                          you receive to determine if your school has
                          to sign the certificate to confirm you are a
                          full-time student.
                                                                           Q How will I know when I get my
                         • If you do not provide your banking
                           information, a cheque will be mailed to         A There are 3 ways to find out when your
                           you approximately two weeks before the          loan money is paid:
                           disbursement date on your certificate.          1. Visit the “Recent Disbursement” page at
                                                                           edulinx.ca to find out when and how much
                         For Alberta Student Loans
                                                                           of your Alberta student loan was sent to
                         • When you qualify to receive your first          you and/or your school. Visit the National
                           Alberta student loan, you will receive an       Student Loans Service Centre: On-line
                           Agreement in the mail about two weeks           Services at canlearn.ca to find out when and
                           before the disbursement date on your            how much of your Canada student loan was
                           Agreement. Follow the cashing instruc-          sent to you and/or your school.
                           tions on the information sheet you receive
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O   W   N   E   R   ’   S       M    A    N   U    A    L

                    2. A letter from EDULINX sent each time you            • review your direct Alberta student loan
                    are paid Alberta student loans (automati-                account and balance
                    cally direct deposited into your bank account
                                                                           • complete online Revision of Terms; change
                    or by cheque). A letter from the National                your payment amount, payment term,
                    Student Loans Service Centre sent each time              payment date
                    you are paid Canada student loans.
                                                                           • print off and mail in a Pre-Authorized
                    3. The Notice of Assessment you receive after            Payment Form
                    you applied for funding. It shows you when
                    your loan amounts will be paid.                        • complete a one-time lump sum payment if
                                                                             you are participating in the pre-authorized
                                                                             payment plan
                    EDULINX On-line Services                               • review your current account statements
                    EDULINX has a secure, self-serve website                 online at any time
                    that allows you to access and view informa-            • benefit from an enhanced personal mes-
                    tion on your direct Alberta student loans                saging centre that reminds you about key
                    only.                                                    dates in the life of your student loan

                    This website at edulinx.ca allows you to:              • obtain your previously cashed Alberta stu-
                    • complete online Entrance and Exit                      dent loan agreement/certificate numbers
                      Counselling sessions to learn about your               from your student profile
                      student loan responsibilities                        If you have any questions regarding this
                    • update your personal and contact                     website, contact the EDULINX On-Line
                      information                                          Services Help Line at 1-866-852-5629 or
                                                                           visit edulinx.ca
                    • determine if your current cashed Alberta
                      student loan funds have been either:

                            a) deposited into your bank account, or

                                    b) mailed to you as a cheque

                                         Where Do My Loans get cashed?
                                         Alberta Student Loans:
                                         Monday	to	Friday,	7:30	am	to	8:30	pm	your	local	time

                                         Canada Student Loans:
                                         National Student Loans Service Centre

                                         •	 Toll	Free:	1-888-815-4514	(within	North	America)
                                         •	 TTY:	1-888-815-4556
                                         •	 Countries	outside	of	North	America:	
                                            dial	international	access	code	+	800	2	225-2501	(toll	free)
                                         •	 Countries	outside	of	North	America	without	an	international	access	code:	call	
                                            the	Canadian	operator	at	800	0800	096	0634,	then	call	collect	905-306-2950

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