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					MODEL TWO - How mature is a university in progressing SSME - like curriculum?
Instructions - add rows as needed for each school
Consider each dimension in context of the school, check all that apply
Obtain course name, degree name, syllabus and or abstract; cases used
Look at Textbooks, course content, degree content, context of research projects in progress
                                                                             Engineering              Social Science                Management
B.S. in Operations and Information Management

                     Core Courses
                                                                        progrmming concepts;         problem solving
Business Information Technologies                         OMIS 352         quant techniques            approaches                   project mgmt

Supply Chain Management                                   OMIS 340     process mapping,analysis    global, cultural issues         business cases
                                                                                                  teams; communication           business rules, bus
Database Management                                       OMIS 452            data mgmt                (interpersonal)               applications
                                                                                                                               integration of business
Enterprise Resource Planning                              OMIS 455      intensive software use                                           data
                                                                       data & process models,     teams; communication           project mgmt, "live"
Operations and Information Management Projects            OMIS 498              analysis           (interper, oral, written)       business cases

                   IS Track Courses
                                                                        SDLC, modeling, some      teams, communication         project mgmt, business
Business Systems Development                              OMIS 462           programming           (interper, oral, written)    rules, bus applications
                                                                       operating systems, other
Business Computing Environments                           OMIS 449             technology           virtual collaboration       business applications

Telecommunications                                        OMIS 460       networking, telephony                                  business applications
                                                                         programming tools to
Electronic Business Technologies                          OMIS 475       develop e-comm sites     issues of trust, privacy      business applications

                   OM Track Courses
                                                                        quant methods, APICS-
Capacity Planning and Scheduling                          OMIS 440            type focus                                        business applications
                                                                                                  teams, communication
Quality Management                                        OMIS 442            Six Sigma            (interper, oral, written)    business applications
                                                                                                  teams, communication
Service Operations                                        OMIS 450             ServQual            (interper, oral, written)    business applications
                                                                                                 teams, communication
Supply Chain Systems                                     OMIS 478    Suppy chain optimization     (interper, oral, written)    business applications

                    Other Electives
                                                                                                       oral & written
Computer Simulation                                      OMIS 421       sim model building            communication            business applications
                                                                                                       oral & written          business applications
Geographic Infiormation Systems                          OMIS 379       GIS model building            communication                 (often "live")
                                                                                                 teams, communication
Business Technology Projects                             OMIS 485       varying technologies      (interper, oral, written)   project for local business
                                                                                                 written communication
Independent Study                                        OMIS 495                                     (at a minimum)              business related

Internship                                               OMIS 458                                                             real business experience

Note: Electives can also be taken from other departments such as Management, Marketing, or Computer Science.

Summary for OM&IS Program at Northern Illinois University : "very mature"

The undergraduate program in operations and information management at its core focuses on business
process improvement. Students work in teams to document, analyze and improve
business processes in a project management framework. Through elective choices students can tailor their
program to concentrate on information systems or operations / supply chain management.