NCTTA 2005 STAFF PLAN by herhero


									NCTTA 2005 STAFF PLAN
                                               Pati Alexander
                                              Board of Directors

                    Gary Cumbie
             Sponsor and Promo Manager

       Laura Ryan                 John Gonzales
  Promotional Coordinator     Asst Promo Coordinator

                                              Christian Lillieroos
                                               Event Director

                                Logan Lawrence
                                Media Coordinator

         Kent Jedlicka              Cary Poole                 Scott Ryan         Kenneth Dunson
    Lodging & Transport Mgr       Venue Manager             Competition Manager   Campus Manager

         Banquet CO                Catering CO                 Production CO        Freight CO
         Transport CO             Registration CO             Field of Play CO     Security CO
          Lodging CO               Spectator CO              Administration CO    Maintenance CO
         Meetings CO                Vendor CO                   Results CO         Logistics CO
Competition Management

                                             Scott Ryan
                                          Competition Manager

      Mike Meier             Gary Wiederhold              Donna Cheng                   James Rautis
 Production Coordinator     Results Coordinator      Administration Coordinator   Field of Play Coordinator

  Assistant Producer           Randy Medcalf          Sport Information SV              Officials SV
    David Livings         Asst. Result Coordinator      Sport Info asst.               FOP Marchalls
     Announcer               Results Assistant           Abdul R, Khan               Training venue SV
                                                     Admin Support Assistant

       Kristi Taylor
  Athlete Presenter SV
   Athlete escorts SV
   x 12 A.E.each shift
                Field of Play

                  James Rautis
                 FOP coordinator
                 Deputy Referee

Richard James      Andre Scott      Type name here
   FOP SV          Officials SV    Training venue SV

FOP Marchalls       Umpires        Training venue asst
  x 4 /shift          x 12
   Total 8         Referee x 1

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