Plumtree Deferred Maintenance

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					Plumtree                    Unit Condition and Exterior Repairs

Exterior         Estimate Comments
Roof             Unknown In need of full replacement.
Soffit                $500 Some areas need repair- birds nest.

Fence                $400 Two panels down in parking lot area-in need of repair.
                          Needs sump pump and possible awning to assist rain
Basement             $300 water not standing at entrance to basement.

Vacant Units
                           New carpet, blinds x 2, tile in bath needs repair, new
           101      $1,535 toilet, new stove, clean

                           New carpet in living room, clean carpet in bed, blinds x
           102        $755 3, touch up paint, full kitchen paint and cabinets, clean
                           New carpet, paint cabinets in kitchen, touch up paint,
           103      $1,175 Clean
           116         $65 Clean
                           Sheetrock repair, paint sheetrock repair, new carpet,
           115      $1,275 touch up paint, clean

           112       $485 Touch up paint, Replace counter top, blinds x 1, clean
                          Touch up paint, New countertop, repair ceiling from
                          roof leak with sheetrock/texture/paint, Patch wall by
           212       $675 bedoom, Drawer replaced, clean
                          Refinish bathrub, replace bath counter and vanity,
                          blinds x3, replace kitchen counter top, fix wall by closet
                          from condensation leak, carpet cleaned, new stove,
           214     $1,290 paint cabinets, clean
                          Repair ceiling in living room from roof leak, paint,
           202       $545 carpet cleaned, clean
           203       $120 Repair ceiling by light fixture, clean
           110     $1,295 New carpet, full paint, blinds x 1, clean
                          New ref, new counter top in kitchen, fix wall in kitchen,
                          clean carpet, replace bath vanity, repair ceiling in bath
                          from old leak, Refinish bathtub,, touch up paint
           107     $1,240 bathroom, clean
                          Paint kitchen cabinets, replace vanity, repair missing tile
                          in bathroom, touch up paint, blinds x 2, clean carpet,
           111       $636 clean
                          Trash out, new carpet, full paint, blinds x 4, repair door,
           210     $1,555 clean
                          Full paint, blinds x2, new carpet, replace vanity in
           209     $1,585 bathroom, clean
                          Finish painting, blinds x 2, fix wall in bathroom, replace
           207       $700 bath vanity, resurface bathtub, clean
                          Burn unit in bedroom and bathroom- need to do tear
                          out to confirm no structual issues and then full make
           117   Unknown ready.
             Finish trash out, fix broken window pane, touch up
118     $375 paint, blinds x 3, clean
             Major ceiling leak- current tenant moving to another
             unit. Unknown extent of repairs needed until tenance
218 Unknown vacates.

              New closet door, has window unit versus central heat
              and air - new hvac unit, new carpet, lights x2, repair
217    $2,765 counter top where burn in, touch up paint- minor, clean