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									Contra Costa Health Plan                                                    Cultural Linguistics
Title: Linguistic Services            CCHP                          Policy #: CL 20.004
Origin Date: 07-97                    Author: H. Bernikoff
Revised: 01-05                        Author: O. Tiutin
Applies to:
 Medi-Cal                             Medicare                     Commercial     H. Fam.
 BAC                                  State Sponsored              All            N/A
 DOC:                                 HCFA:                        DHS            MRMIB
 Other Regulatory Ref                 NCQA:                        N/A
 Administration                       Advice Nurses                All Staff
 Business Services                    Case Management              Health Education
 Marketing                            Member Services              Planning, Survey, Reg Affairs
 Provider Affairs                     Qual Improvement             Qual/UM Mgmt.

BIM Committee Approval Date & Sign Off: November 2005

It is the policy of the Contra Costa Health Plan to identify Limited English Proficient
(LEP) members and provide access to information and services through the provision of a
variety of linguistic services.


To ensure equal access and quality medical care to all members.


    1. CCHP identifies LEP members by receiving information from Medi-Cal and
       Healthy Families application process.
          a. CCHP sends a report to PCP’s listing the new patients and their language
          b. For all patients that use CCRMC and county clinics and hospital, during
              registration the appointment unit records the language preference of each
              individual and makes arrangements for interpreter services as necessary.
              Each patient file has a face sheet at each visit, which prints out the
              language needs of the patient.

    2. CCHP and contractors have materials in the threshold languages (at the time of
       this policy, the threshold language is Spanish.). Types of materials include:
                    Provider Directory
                    Health Education Materials

    3. Staff and contractor should have access to a variety of interpreter services.
       Interpreter services should be able to be accessed 24 hours, 7 days per week
       services (see CL 20.001 24hour interpreter policy).

        a. Limited English proficient and/or non-English speaking persons should be
           made aware of the availability of interpreter services through, but not limited

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             to, signage at key points of contact and through the Evidence of Coverage
             member publication. Interpreter availability information should be translated
             into the required language(s) as outlined in specific contracts (refer to CL
             Threshold Language policy).

    4. Signage should at least be in English and the threshold language(s)(refer to CL
       Threshold Language policy). Types of signs include:
                   Availability of interpreters
                   Directional signs (applies to health centers and hospitals)

    5. Training services regarding linguistic issues can be accessed through the CCHP
       Health Education Department. These include:

        a. Formal Interpreter Training
        b. Provider Training on Working with Interpreters

    6. CCHP members rights related to linguistic services are described in the Evidence
       of Coverage booklet. The rights listed are:

        a.   The right to have access to interpreters at no charge
        b.   The right not to use family or friends as interpreters
        c.   The right to receive written materials in their primary language
        d.   The right to file a complaint or grievance if linguistic needs are not met

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