Clean-up Plan Basics by xscape


									7 Sins Lounge Clean-up Plans
(We pride ourselves on LNT - we're old backpackers and multi-year Burners…)

We hereby designate Neil Henderson as the camp LNT expert and Camp Conscience. He will
encourage the cleanup efforts of fellow camp members, subjecting them to gentle chiding or
verbal abuse as needed. He will also take part in planning purchases of camp supplies and
encourage us to reuse / recycle / reduce. He will be there when it's time to take down, organize
the sweep of our camp and ensure that we Leave No Trace.

To minimize our impact on the Playa, we will follow these rules:
    We pledge to once again Leave No Trace in and around our campsite, including our own and
      other's waste.
    We will use a trash sorter to separate our burnable, non-burnable, and recyclable items into small
      bags for easier transport and disposal. Paper bags will be used to transport paper trash to a burn
      platform, aluminum will be recycled at Recycle Camp, and all other trash will be divided among
      our campmates and disposed of at home.
    We plan to use several methods to process our grey water, including filtering and an
      ornamental fountain for evaporation.
    We will clean as we go, checking around camp daily for MOOP, as well as while
      wandering the Playa.
    We will drop not so much as a piece of lint without immediately picking it up.
    We will clean the kitchen area after each use to minimize the effort.
    We will clean up our public area each day, putting forgotten items in a “Found Shit Here”
      box for later retrieval.
    After our camp is packed up, everyone will spend a final 20 minutes walking a grid of
      our area and surroundings to find any missed MOOP.

In addition:
     We plan to organize are camp to facilitate clean-up, as well as simplify strike.
     We are taking the packaging off just about everything before we leave home.
     We won't light fires on bare ground, leaving scars.
     We won't dig holes more than 6 inches in diameter or trenches, scarring the Playa
     We won't put any trash into the port-o-potties or leave any trash near the potties.

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