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									Main Parts of a Book
Non-fiction Texts

• Knowing the parts of a book help you find information faster and more efficiently. • It will save you time and effort especially when it comes to writing your bibliography.

Title Page
• • • • Title Author/Editor Publisher Where published

Copyright page
• Who owns the right to the book • When it was published

Table of Contents
• Lists the chapters and page numbers • Helps to know the main ideas covered at a glance

Body or Text
• This is the written sections chapter by chapter.

• Dictionary format • Includes new or unfamiliar words • Listed in alphabetical order • Meanings of important words

• Alphabetical listing of names and ideas • Page numbers are included

• Lists all references used by the author in writing the book.

Title Page
• • • • Title of book Author Publisher Where book was published

Copyright Page
• Who owns the right to print the book • Where book was published

Table of Contents
• Chapter titles • Page where chapters begin

Tells you the main ideas that will be covered

Body of Text

• All the written information in each chapter

• Alphabetical listing of key words (new or unfamiliar) • Like a dictionary • Located in the back of the book

• Alphabetical listing of specific names and ideas found in the book • Pages numbers for each listing

• List of all references the author used to write the book

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