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Title: Lesson Plan for Big South Fork Scenic Railway
Subject: Arts & Humanities
Topic: Music in Appalachia
Grade Level: 6-12 (Adaptable)

Core Content:
Arts and Humanities:
AH-H-1.2.32 Analyze and describe how factors such as time, place, and belief systems
are reflected in music (See Arts and Humanities Reference Chart).
AH-H-1.3.312 Modern and Contemporary 1900-Present
AH-H-4.1.41 Incorporate the elements of art and principles of design to generate
several solutions to a variety of visual art problems. Use media and processes, subject
matter, symbols, ideas, and themes to communicate cultural and aesthetic values.
 Day One: 1. Have students brainstorm and list various music styles. 2. Display
“soundtracks” from various movies, genres (If CDs are unavailable, then find popular
movies & TV shows soundtrack lists from the Internet.) 3. Have students respond to
prompt about why these particular styles & artists reflect the mood of the movie/show. 4.
For homework, have students’ research music that is reflective of the Appalachian
Day Two: 1. Train Ride on Big South Fork Scenic Railway. (Make sure students
arrive early to hear the music performed in the lobby.)
Day Three: 1. Assign students the task of creating a CD cover that reflects their
experience on the train ride. 2. Have students select 10 songs that express and reflect
the train ride experience. 3. Assign students a 1-2 page written assignment that
includes a defense of their art and music selection.
Day Four: 1. Students will present their CDs, CD cover, and defense paper to the class.

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