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									                           Family Involvement Plan
                            <insert school name>

We want to encourage family participation, so we:
      Hold meetings and conferences at different times during the day.
      May use Title I funds to help fund family involvement activities.

Our annual Title I meeting is held on <insert date> and is led by <insert
name>. At this meeting, families are informed of the school’s Title I
program and budget, and the right of parents/guardians to be involved in
their child’s education.

We tell families about state standards and our curriculum and assessments
     << insert a description of family nights, written communication, etc.>

Our school staff learn about family involvement by:
      <insert description>

We communicate to families about the progress of their children by:
     <insert description.>

We provide materials and training to help families help their children with
school work by:
      <insert description>

Families can request a meeting to provide input about the education of their
own child or school improvement. If a family wants a meeting they should
ask <insert teacher, family liaison, principal or appropriate staff>

We ask all Title I families to sign a compact that describes the
responsibilities of the school, the student and the family in promoting
academic achievement.

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Families are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom.

Families can volunteer at school by: <insert description>

Families are involved in the development and evaluation of: (fill in table

              What                               How              Date Reviewed
       Our Compact

       Our Family
       Involvement Plan
       Our School
       Improvement Plan
       Our Title I Plan

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