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					                   Russian Limited Liability Company

    Currently the COMPANY, as a canning plant, is specialized in production of a
wide range of natural squeezed and reconstituted juices, tomato paste with a mass
weight of dry matter no less than 25%, any canned vegetables and potatoes, stewed
fruit from a wide range of fruits. The products of the COMPANY are certified by
GOST RF and in-house Technical Conditions.

    A proprietary in-house developed substance SUPERNISOLACT is used as a
preservative agent; its antimicrobal activity is based on the joint action on three
components: lactic acid, nisin and a metabolite of lactic-acid bacteria - F
bactericin, which expands the range of suppressed putrefactive microorganisms as
spore putrefactive microorganisms, Pseudomas aeruginosa. Staphylococcus
aureus; causative agents of bloody flux, typhoid and pneumonia. And, in its turn,
this adds therapeutic value to finished canned products.

    Application    of   SUPERNISOLACT         as   a   preservative   agent   allows
pasteurization (temperature+75° C) of raw products, making production of canned
products closer to vital activities occurring in nature, excluding application of
harmful chemical preservative agents of the acetic acid type, sulphates of benzoic
and sorbic acids. The energetic value of pasteurized canned products with
SUPERNISOLACT is 2-3 times higher than the energetic value of canned products
sterilized with vinegar. The content of groups of B and C vitamins is in 2-2.5 times
higher than in products canned by an ordinary method.

   Constant customers of finished products are the Ministry of Defense of RF,
  The plant owned by the COMPANY on the property right basis is situated on 3
ha (from 6 ha) and includes: an office building with a canteen for workers and a
microbiological laboratory (200 sqm), a boiler house with four boilers and with
total production of steam 7 cubic meters per hour, a warehouse facility 100 cubic
meters, a weighing room, two artesian wells, fitter's shops, a transformer plant,
sewage disposal plants, and a production facility (1,000 sqm) with all necessary
equipment for production of 100,000 tons of finished products per year.

   In the proximity to the plant (50 m) there's an agricultural land allotment owned
by the COMPANY on the lease basis, equipped with drip irrigation units, devices
required for growing of necessary raw materials (tomatoes, cucumbers and so on).

   On the territory adjoining to the territory of the plant (the remaining 3 ha and
owned by the COMPANY) a second construction stage of the meat and fish
processing plant is planned with installation of a warehousing complex,
refrigerators, a mineral water bottling line and a production workshop (business-
plan of the second construction stage is developed).

   We refer to you to render assistance in search of the investor (partner) for the
second construction stage completion and a joint use of the new reconstructed

   Detailed information about the COMPANY and the plant owned by it can be
obtained from the Deputy Director General of PK Kumskoy LLC GRABOVSKIY
OLEG     BORISOVICH        by    the   phone:   +7(495)    363-8170     or   e-mail: