Women’s Land Housing Rights by reb83169


									Women’s Land & Housing Rights
     Practicum In International Affairs, Spring ‘08

                  GROUP MEMBERS
                 Justine MacWilliam
                     Amy Walker
                     Erica Reade
                   Ellen Guevara
                 Nipin Gangadharan

                  FACULTY ADVISOR
                     Katy Taylor

The Huairou Commission
• Global coalition of networks, institutions, individual professionals
  and grassroots women’s groups
• Grassroots women: low-income, living and working in rural
  communities or poor urban centers, rely on land and housing for
• Increases access to resources, information and political space
• Tools and methodologies: ‘Peer to Peer’ and ‘Bottom-Up’ learning

                                      •    Women & Disaster
                                      •    Women & HIV/AIDS
                                      •    Women & Governance
                                      •    Women & Peace Building
                                      •    Women, Land & Housing
The Land & Housing Campaign
• Increase women’s access to and control over land,
  housing and property

•   Focus on women’s agency
    >   Visibility of roles and practices
    >   Horizontal transfer of skills
    >   Economic and livelihood capacity
    >   Participation in decision-making

                                            Strategy session at WLLA Land Academy, Uganda, 2008,
                                            photograph by Erica Reade
Project: Women’s Land & Housing Rights
• Analyze issues of women’s access to and control over land,
  housing and property
• Identify & locate grassroots strategies in contexts
    > Themes - HIV/AIDS, Sustainable Development, Emergencies
    > Regions – Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America

                                                    • Secondary research
                                                    • Interviews with women
                                                    • Participation in
                                                      > Commission on Status of Women
                                                      > Commission on Sustainable
 Strategizing at WLLA Land Academy, Uganda, 2008,
                                                      > Grassroots Land Academy
 photograph by Erica Reade
•   Women Land Link Africa (WLLA) Land Academy Report
•   Website inputs
•   Newsletters profiling groups
•   Thematic policy papers
•   Action agenda
    > Highlighting emergent themes from policy papers
    > Recommendations for future action
• Documentation of grassroots
  women’s groups work

                                                 Ntankah Village Common Initiative, Cameroon,
                                                 photograph courtesy of Huairou Commission
Regional Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa

Key Issues
•   Land-grabbing and property disinheritance
•   Exclusion from policy- and decision-making
•   Top-down approach to development
•   Highlighting grassroots women’s best practices

Grassroots Strategies
• Land Academies
• Strategic partnerships
• Women Land Link Africa (WLLA)

                                       Kenyan Woman with Land Title Deed, photograph courtesy of
                                       GROOTS Kenya
Women and HIV/AIDS

                                    Key Issues
                                    • Feminization of epidemic
                                    • Disinheritance of widows
                                    • Economic last resort: prostitution

                                    Grassroots Strategies
                                    • Watchdog groups
                                    • Paralegal training
                                    • Community mapping
Advocacy materials, Uganda, 2008,
photograph by Erica Reade
Sustainable Development
Key Issues
•   Food security
•   Sustainable livelihoods
•   Resource management
•   Resilience-building
•   Access to decision-making

Grassroots Strategies
• Resource pooling
• Diversification
                                African women farmers, photograph courtesy of The International
• Peer exchanges                Fund for Agricultural Development
Regional Focus: Latin America
Key Issues
•   Regularization
•   Agrarian reform
•   Evictions
•   Land dispossession

                                    Latin American women at Grassroots Women’s International
Grassroots Strategies               Academy, 2002, photograph courtesy of Huairou Commission

•   Alliance-building with various national social movements
•   Campaigns: gender inequality not class inequality
•   Professional partnerships
•   Land academies and exchanges
•   Community mapping
Women in Emergencies
Key Issues
• Similarities in impacts irrespective of type
• Key causation – Lack of ‘Effective’ & ‘Independent’
• Epidemiological focus of HIV/AIDS interventions
• Cause-effect cycles – similarities

                                                        • HIV/AIDS as an emergency
                                                        • Independent rights
                                                          > Legal/constitutional reform
                                                        • Effective rights - Women
                                                          > Rights education
                                                          > Positive peace processes
 Photograph courtesy of Swayam Shikshan Prayog, India     > Changing social norms
Outcomes and Future Use
• Outreach and advocacy
   > Website & newsletter
   > Events – World Urban Forum (WUF-4), China
• SEEDS journal issue: Women, land and housing in
  Sub-Saharan Africa

• Actualizing Action Agenda
   > Partner consultation
   > Mainstreaming land and housing
     throughout all campaigns
   > Centering land housing in grassroots
   > Partnerships: donors, academics,
     professionals, governments             Documentation from strategy session at WLLA Land Academy,
                                            Uganda, 2008, photograph by Erica Reade
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