ICT Lesson Plan Year 10 by xscape


									ICT Lesson Plan:
Date                 10 June 2005           Time     13:40        Period   5      Length     60mins

Class                Yr 10                                        KS4- GCSE ICT single award
                                            Key Stage

Main Objectives/Aims

          Focussing on completion of implementation/testing
          Students understand the importance of doing their work with the aid of the marking
          Students feel comfortable in accessing the shared drive to aid them with the

Technical Vocabulary

          Several technical terms will be used throughout the lesson, but the students should feel
           comfortable with most of them, as they have been covered in prior lesson. Terms,
           which may lead to confusion, are switchboard, referential integrity, and keys. If
           needed, these terms will be re-iterated in the lesson.


          One computer for each student
          Standard peripherals on each of the computers
          Projector and screen

Activity timing

3 Minutes                    Let class settle down, and tell the students to log in. Take register,
                             once there is quiet.
20 Minutes                   Introduce today’s topic to the student and what we will be
                             covering in today’s lesson. Once this has been established,
                                  Go through the steps the students have to do to achieve
                                  Explain the following terminologies (Ones, which may
                                     cause confusion), but first see if the students already know
                                     the meaning of the term;
                                         1. What is primary key, and what is its purpose?
                                         2. What is switchboard? And how important is it to
                                             the end user?
                                         3. What is referential integrity?

                                    Go through the importance of using the marking criteria to
                                     achieve good marks.
                                 Remind the students that all resources they need can be
                                  found in the shared area.

35 Minutes                 Students begin with their work; students are in different parts of
                           the project. Provide help to students and make sure that they are
                           on task.
5 Minutes                  Plenary (look below), and start preparing to finish the lesson by
                           instructing the students to log off, with at least two minutes


For the past few weeks, some students have started to complete their implementation stage.
As some of them have completed;
    Table creation
    Relationship
    Forms
    Queries and reports
    Switchboard

Therefore this lesson is designed to ensure that they have got all above components in their
DB, and those who have not yet completed it, should have an understanding of what is


There is no homework planned, but students behind with their work will be told to do their
own independent study and make sure that they get on task.


Make a student who thinks that they have completed implementation to come up to the front
of the room, and demonstrate to the class their database, and as they are demonstrating it they
are referring to the components discussed earlier.


This class is relatively mixed ability;

      Most students should have started on the implementation stage, and should have
       completed the tables and forms, and at least half of the required amount of queries.
      Some of the students have completed almost completed implementation stage by
       finishing the tables, forms, queries/reports and switchboard.
      Few students have fully completed the work and have started on the Testing stage of
       their project.

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