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									                                                                                   Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
                                                                                   Volume 46, No. 4
                                                                                   April 2007

                                                                                 entrance. His second stint as a
                                                                                 judge was about to begin.
                                                                                     “I have 10 funerals today and
                                                                                 six tomorrow,” Sgt. Lyle said as
                                                                                 he squeezed past a team from
                                                                                 Wisconsin, all sporting
                                                                                 matching berets of kids. The
                                                                                 sergeant had gathered a group
                                                                                 of his Honor Guard members to
                                                                                 serve as judges at the drill
                                                                                 meet. But a few were placed on
                                                                                 stand-by for Honor Guard duty
                                                                                 in case they were needed at
                                                                                 any of the funerals.
                                                                                     Senior Master Sgt. Dani
                                                                                 Peters, 88th Medical Support
                                                                                 Squadron, spent several hours
                                                                                 scrutinizing teams. “This is my
                                                                                 first time judging,” the sergeant
                                                                                 said. Sgt. Peters and Sgt. Lyle
                                                                                 switched off being head judges
                                                                                 and had an active duty Navy
                                                                                 petty officer and a Wright State
 Master Sgt. Mark Lyle, Superintendent of the 445th Airlift Wing Honor Guard,    University ROTC cadet on their
 is surrounded by trophies. Sergeant Lyle was a judge at the Junior Reserve      crew.
 Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), "All Air Force" Regional Drill Meet held at       There are 869 Air Force
 Tecumseh High School, New Carlisle, Ohio, March 10. (U.S. Air Force photo/      Junior ROTC units with
 Tech. Sgt. Charlie Miller)                                                      105,000 cadets in high schools
                                                                                 across the United States and
Reservist passes judgment                                                        selected Department of Defense
                                                                                 Dependent Schools world wide.
                                                                                 Air Force Junior ROTC staff
By Tech. Sgt. Charlie Miller            program again were actively invol-
445th Public Affairs                    ved supplying judges and support         includes more than 1,800
                                        people as they have for a number of      retired Air Force military

       ll I could see was a huge        years.                                   instructors and headquarters
      wave of blue. Blue fabric,            Master Sgt. Mark Lyle, Super-        staff.
       that is. And it was              intendent of the 445th Airlift Wing          “These young people are our
adorning some 650 Junior                Honor Guard, served as one of the        future; the future of America,”
Reserve Officers Training Corps         volunteer judges again at the drill      said retired Master Sgt. Antonio
(JROTC) cadets. They had come           meet. This year was his fourth.          Ruiz, the enlisted advisor at
to Tecumseh High School, New                “I always enjoy being in this        Tecumseh. He’s got 11 years in
Carlisle, Ohio, for the 18th            atmosphere,” the sergeant said.          and says he’s been a perfec-
Annual “All Air Force” Regional         “I’m glad some of the Honor Guard        tionist since day one. “It’s all
Drill Meet March 10.                    members could be here to help            part of JROTC. I give them a
    From as far away as Missouri        with the judging.”                       hard time but they need that
and Maryland, seven states in               I ran into Sergeant Lyle in the      sense of responsibility and cam-
all, 21 high schools were repre-        hallway outside the main gym. It         araderie to steer them in the
sented at Tecumseh, the host            was highly congested with blue           right direction. They won’t take
school, which is about 10 miles         suited participants waiting for          everything away we teach them
from Wright-Patterson AFB. The          their turns to perform. It was loud.     but hopefully they will take
445th Airlift Wing, 88th Air Base       The sergeant cradled two cell            away the good.”
Wing and the Wright-State               phones in his service cap as he
University Air Force ROTC               knifed his way to the main floor                   Continued on page 3

Commander attributes success to the right attitude
By Col. Robert Hunter                                                Certainly we all have many war stories to tell
445th Maintenance                                                and I would like to share one with you which
Group Commander                                                  exemplifies the result of positive thinking. It is a
                                                                 true story that unfolded when I was a 2nd Lt. in 1976

          hat a fantastic                                        at Langley AFB. It was late afternoon; many of the
          way to finish                                          maintainers were sitting in a smoky conference
          my 32 year                                             room with the ash trays full, at an F-106 squadron
career       with     an                                         discussing all the broken aircraft and deciding swing
assignment as the                                                shift priorities. A loud banging sound of crushing
maintenance group                                                metal was heard out in the hangar, swearing, and
commander right here                                             the conference room cleared out to see what had
at the 445th Airlift                                             happened. Well some maintainers were jacking our
Wing. The wing has the                                           only two seat fighter and they placed the nose jack
right attitude and a                                             in the mooring point, instead of using the jacking
collection of highly           Col. Robert Hunter                point. The jack ram was driven through the avionics
qualified members who                                            bay and rendered the aircraft useless. It so happens
step forward to accomplish the most difficult tasks.             that the 20th Air Division Commander General
Each of you can be justifiably proud of your                     Humphries was scheduled to fly the jet the next day
contribution to the total effort and I would like to             at 1000 with his instructor pilot to Colorado, yes
especially thank each member of the maintenance                  with his golf clubs. Hurriedly the maintenance
group for your drive and can-do attitude which has               technicians gathered around and assessed the
resulted in many successes.                                      damage. Our gray haired maintenance commander
   The activation, which started March 2003 and                  gritting his teeth asked for an ETIC (Expected time
lasted for two years, is a prime example. Members                in commission]. The messenger was a staff
set up a 24/7 C-141 stage at Wright-Patterson and                sergeant from the sheet metal shop who told him
superbly generated all C-141 sorties to the AOR. This            “20 days Sir.” The commander looked at him and
was a busy time, successes were many, hours were                 said you will have this ready to fly by tomorrow
long, and many injured soldiers are alive and in                 morning at 0800. Of course that was preceded by
much better condition because of your dedication.                some colorful language that I can’t put to print and
   Reflecting on my career, I find time speeds up                then silence!
the older you are and most significant is that the                   Well the bottom line was missing the morning
rate of change is also increasing, analogous to what             ETIC, but many technicians worked all night at a
happens with that new computer you just                          frantic pace doing some permanent and temporary
purchased. It seems no sooner have you set up the                repairs and it did launch that afternoon with the
new machine, and then a new faster more capable                  general and his golf clubs to Colorado. I learned a
product hits the market which costs less money.                  great deal about human perseverance from
This concept has a tremendous impact on the way                  watching that whole episode unfold and hope you
we perform our duties and you have to be always                  too exceed your expectations and enjoy your military
willing to accept change. And that new lap-top I just            days as much as I have. A special thanks to all my
purchased; hope it lasts a while longer.                         folks who work so hard to make good things happen!

445th Golf Scramble                    Buckeye Flyer                   445th Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve Command)

    The 445th Golf Scramble is
                                                        Editorial Staff                    This funded Air Force Reserve newspaper is
    scheduled for Friday, June 15 at        Brig. Gen. Bruce E. Davis..Commander           an authorized publication for members of the
    9:00. The event is taking place        Maj.Ted Theopolos..Chief Public Affairs         U.S. military services. Contents of the Buckeye
                                        Maj. Jose Cardenas...Asst.Chief Public Affairs     Flyer are not necessarily the official views of, or
    at Sugar Isle Golf Course, New                                                         endorsed by the U. S. Government, Depart-
                                       1st Lt. Erica Donahoe..Asst. Chief Public Affairs
    Carlisle, Ohio. The cost is             Mary Allen..Public Affairs Asst./Editor        ment of the Air Force or Department of De-
    $200.00 per team which includes          Laura Darden...Administrative Clerk           fense. Editorial content is edited, prepared and
                                                                                           provided by the 445th Airlift Wing Office of
    food and drink. For more infor-        Master Sgt. Douglas Moore....NCOIC/AV
                                                                                           Public Affairs. Photographs are U.S. Air Force
                                            Tech. Sgt. Charles Miller....NCOIC/PA
    mation contact Chief Master Sgt.       Senior Airman Martin Moleski....Writer
                                                                                           photographs unless otherwise indicated.
    John Gram at 7-3434.                                                                        U.S. Government Printing Office 5-00001-445AW

2                                                                                          Buckeye Flyer

Aerial Porters sends care packages to orphanage
By Tech. Sgt. Charlie Miller
                                                                                 “I’m head of the donation
445th Public Affairs
                                                                             committee at the store and talked

       enior Master Sgt. Ron                                                 to the manager and we thought it
      Kanoza had an idea.                                                    was a very worthwhile cause,”
      “Sometimes you get an idea                                             Coleman said. She presented
in your head and it’s like ‘I                                                Airman West with a $150 Wal-
wonder if people will like this, if                                          Mart gift card. She also suggested
they’d support it." Well, “they,”                                            that the Airman contact the Wal-
the 87th Aerial Port Squadron                                                Mart Foundation, which has much
members and a local Wal-Mart                                                 deeper pockets.
liked the idea and are certainly                                                 But the money collected from
supporting it.                                                               the 87th members and the gift
    Sgt. Kanoza started sending a                                            card are not going solely for care
greeting card to any member of                                               packages. Technical Sgt. Jack
the 87th that was deployed not                                               Lake III, currently deployed at
long after 9/11. Since then it has                                           Manas contacted his fellow aerial
grown into a much bigger animal.                                             porters and alerted them that
    “We were having a supervisors                                            there was an orphanage close by
meeting and I said we ought to                                               that needed help.
send a Care package type box. We                                                 No problem. A list of kids
brainstormed and since we have                                               clothing items was relayed and
about 60 members at Manas Air                                                Wal-Mart had everything on the
Base, Kyrgyzstan we changed it to      Tech. Sgt. Shawntel Golden, 87th      list.
unit thing, not just an individually   Aerial Port Squadron, prepares care       “This is huge for us,” Sergeant
addressed package.”                    packages for an orphanage. (U.S.      Kanoza said. “Those of us
    The 87th took up donations         Air Force photo/Maj. Jose Cardenas)   stateside wanted the deployed to
and came away with $400. They                                                know that we appreciate their
bought cookies, popcorn, local         Commons Wal-Mart where he             sacrifice, what they are doing. We
newspapers, Easter candy, beef         works when not on duty to pick up     are still ‘one’ unit even with all
jerky and much more. Aerial Port       boxes for shipping the packages.      the deployments.”
member Senior Airman Jordan            His supervisor, Barb Coleman,             Well, one unit reaching out to
West went to the Fairfield             asked him what was going on.          help orphaned kids, too.

Reservist passes judgment                                 daughter enlisting in the Air Force.
                                                              Former Air Force Reservist and retired C-141
Continued from cover
                                                          pilot Colonel Fred Schuster is the Senior Aerospace
     The parents of the cadets are an interesting lot.    Science Instructor at Tecumseh High School. The
Some have sons or daughters following in either           colonel, a Vietnam veteran, was in charge of the
mom or dad’s military footsteps. Other parents are        drill meet.
witnessing a form of military life for the first time         ”This JROTC program gives one a renewed
and seeing positive changes in their sons and             sense of confidence in our young people,” Colonel
daughters. A few of the parents are scared stiff that,    Schuster said. “I believe this program helps them to
ultimately, their child will end up on the front lines    succeed in life, to learn and be ready for life. I think
in Iraq.                                                  that it’s important for senior Air Force leadership to
    Craig and Evvie Moore of Dayton were at the           see what’s happening down here. We don’t grow
meet to support their granddaughter Alyssa Shaffer        them to be in the military, we grow them to be
who is a 9th grader at Tecumseh. Alyssa’s mom,            citizens.”
grandparents and great grand parents all served in            When the drill competition was complete, judges
the military.                                             put down their grading pens and handed in their
    “Freedom is not free,” said Evvie Moore, who          score sheets to be tallied. The top teams were
served as a surgical nurse during the Vietnam             handed a trophy by Lt. Gen. Terry L. Gabreski, Vice
Conflict. “Not every child is going to be a               Commander, Air Force Materiel Command from
cheerleader or a jock.” The Moore’s said they have        Wright-Patt. Even though there was only one over
absolutely zero reservations about their grand-           all winner, they were all winners in my eyes.

   April 2007                                                                         3

Women, Wings and Warmth
By 1st. Lt. Erica N. Donahoe
445th Public Affairs

            aybe the impressive line-up
           of exhibitors drew the
            largest crowd in the 18
year history of the 2007 Women in
Aviation Conference, but perhaps
the lure of sunny Orlando in the
middle of February helped.
    Either way, the 445th Airlift
Wing was well represented at the
record-breaking conference by
attendees Master Sgt. Kathy
Barnes, Capt. Shelly Benson, Capt.
Ladonna Schreffler, Lt. Col.
Kathryn Staiger, and Tech. Sgt.
Elizabeth Tinsley.
    Women in Aviation,
International is a nonprofit organ-
ization dedicated to providing net-
working, mentoring and scholar-           Representatives from the 445th Airlift Wing pose with Women's
ship opportunities for men and            Airforce Service Pilots of WWII and Mickey Mouse at the 2007 Women
women who are interested in               in Aviation Conference held in Orlando, Fla. (Courtesy Photo)
careers in the aviation and
aerospace industries.
    “Aviation is a great equalizer,” said Captain          the Museum of Flight in Seattle Bonnie Dunbar,
Benson, “an airplane doesn’t care what gender              the first female USAF Thunderbird pilot Maj.
you are.”                                                  Nicole Malachowski, and Lisa Piccione, Senior
    The annual conference boasted over 3,200               Vice President, National Business Aviation
participants and nearly 150 exhibitors, including          Association were just a few of the aviation
most companies at the forefront of aviation.               celebrities present.
     “It’s not just women and it’s not just pilots,”           Also present were members of the Women’s
said Captain Schreffler, “It’s the support                 Airforce Service Pilots of WWII, including Iris
surrounding aviation, it’s everything”. The                Cummings Mitchell, who, at 89 years old was still
conference is jam packed with workshops, break-            zooming around the conference in her high heels,
out sessions, seminars and discussions.                    said Captain Schreffler.
    The 445th participated in a panel on                       “Those women were feisty,” Captain Benson
aeromedical evacuation. The panel consisted of             laughed.
representatives from several units who discussed               Another perk of the conference was the
in-flight emergency care and the role medical              plethora of companies looking to hire. “What’s
technicians have played in support of Operations           amazing is that you can make contacts and wind
Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.                        up with a job on the spot, or a contact that will
    Colonel Staiger also served as moderator for a         lead to a job,” said Captain Benson.
panel on enlisted flying careers. The panel                    All the 445th attendees agreed with Sergeant
provided insight into the lives of boom operators,         Stein who summed up the experience with, “It
loadmasters, flight engineers, aeromedical                 was just an awesome conference.”
technicians, and flying crew chiefs.
    The conference attracted guest speakers and                Note: The 2008 Women in Aviation Conference
attendees who comprised a veritable who’s who              will be held March 13-15, at the Town and Country
list in the history of women in aviation. CEO of           Resort in San Diego, Calif.

4                                                              Buckeye Flyer

NCO gets
most out of
By Senior Airman Martin Moleski
445th Public Affairs

         taff Sergeant Stoni Warwick answers
        questions like you’d expect from an NCO; with
        precision, accuracy and honesty. If he doesn’t
know the answer, he finds it. When he knows it, he
explains it until you understand.
    Sitting in a spotless office no larger than a walk-
in closet, Sergeant Warwick quickly scrolls through
work orders in his computer that he needs to
complete. As an aerospace ground equipment
technician for the 445th Maintenance Squadron,
Sergeant Warwick is responsible for all the cargo
from the squadron that will be shipped during the
Operational Readiness Inspection February 2008.
    But before the preparation for the ORI began in
January, Sergeant Warwick volunteered for
deployment to Al Udeid AB, Qatar. During his
deployment, Sergeant Warwick was a member of
the Redeployment Assistance Team and contributed
to the passenger movement in the busiest Joint
Mobility Processing Center and provided critical          Staff Sergeant Stoni Warwick, 445th Maintenance
support to more than ten bases in CENTCOM. He             Squadron, ensures that the cargo matches the
created a passenger tracking system and briefed           manifest before it leaves the unit. Sergeant Warwick
more than 5,000 passengers returning from or              serves as an aerospace ground equipment technician
deploying to their area of responsibility.                and as unit deployment manager and was recently
    “I actually went on a deployment that required        deployed to Al Udeid AB, Qatar. (U.S. Air Force photo/
public speaking for a person with fear of public          Senior Airman Martin Moleski.)
speaking,” said Sergeant Warwick. “I knew that
when I went over there I’d be responsible for                 Sergeant Warwick also serves as unit deployment
speaking, and you either get up and do it or you          manager for the 445th MXS and will have his hands
don’t.”                                                   full during the ORI preparation. He arrives for a later
    While strong communication skills and                 shift during the UTA so that he can oversee the
speaking in front of large crowds are important for       process until the very end. With his schedule full for
every Airman, not everyone possesses the skills or        the next 11 months, Sergeant Warwick understands
the desire to improve.                                    that it will be some time before he goes on his next
    “Public speaking is an important part of being an     deployment.
NCO, and if you have that chance to improve                   “The deployment to Qatar was my last opportunity
yourself you have to take it,” Sergeant Warwick           to go on a deployment before the ORI preparation
said. “If you want to move up to the top 3 tier, you      began,” Sergeant Warwick said. “I want to go on as
have to be able to get up and speak in front of           many as I can. I just want to see the world.”
people. For me, it was a big personal achievement.”

  April 2007                                                                    5

Pick a card…..NOT just any card
By Senior Airman Martin Moleski
445th Public Affairs                   travel.”
                                           The easiest way to ensure you

        ou’ve been waiting in line     don’t misuse your GTC is to
       for more than twenty            separate it from the rest of your
       minutes, the kids behind        credit cards. If you insist on
you are screaming for candy, and       keeping it in your wallet, place it
all you want to do is get out of the   in a different section of your wallet.
store. You reach into your wallet          The goal for the Air Force – and     the “Split Disbursement Option”
to pay the cashier and walk out        other government agencies that           on your travel claim form for
the door.                              use travel cards – is to keep the        direct payment of lodging and
    It can happen in an instant,       number of delinquencies under 2          transportation to Bank of
but the consequences last much         percent. Yet the Air Force has a         America. Furthermore don’t
longer. Using your Government          factor working against it. Of all the    obtain travel advances unless you
Travel Card when not on official       government agencies, the Air             are on travel or will be within
government travel can lead to          Force owns 42 percent of the cards.      three days, don’t make late
letters of counseling, letters of      Units monitor GTC activity by            payments and never let anyone
reprimand or possibly an Article       performing random audits to              else use your card. Most
15. As defined by its name, the        ensure proper use. The random            importantly, don’t forget that the
Government Travel Card                 audit shows me month by month            card is issued in your name and
provides Air Force travelers           the travel card balances in relation     liability for payment is your
freedom and flexibility only while     to a member’s status, said Lt. Col.      responsibility.
on official government travel.         Eileen Kelly, Executive Officer,             Colonel Kelly’s advice is
    So why is it that service-         445th Airlift Wing. If suspicion         simple, “If you can’t put it on a
members are issued a LOC               arises, the report can show the          travel voucher, don’t put in on
without ever knowing about the         actual purchases.                        your travel card.”
GTC misuse? For most, it’s                 However, it is just as important         Take a look at the above photo.
because many use the card by           to use the card properly when you        Do you know which card you
accident.                              are officially traveling for the Air     shouldn’t be using? Well, the
    “You should take steps so that     Force.                                   answer is all of them because
you don’t inadvertently use it,”           In order to protect yourself while   they are my credit cards. But
said Lt. Col David Franklin, Staff     on travel you should always keep         when holding your own cards in
Judge Advocate, 445th Airlift          track of your expenses, file your        your hand, take a moment and
Wing. “The card must be used           travel claim within five days after      make sure you are using the
only in conjuncture with military      completing your travel and utilize       proper card for your purchases.

    445th Public Affairs reservist wins command award
    Technical Sgt.                                            The sergeant’s stories and photos have not only
Charlie Miller from                                        been published in the Buckeye Flyer and Skywriter
the 445th Airlift                                          publications but also throughout the Air Force.
Wing won Air Force                                         Sergeant Miller will advance to the Air Force
Reserve                                                    competition in San Antonio, Texas, representing
Command’s Print                                            the Air Force Reserve Command.
Journalist of the                                             “Certainly, this is a highlight in my military
Year for 2006.                                             career,” said Sergeant Miller. “I was totally stunned
    Sergeant Miller,                                       by this award. Without the great support from the
an eighteen-year                                           other members of the public affairs office and the
veteran, is the                                            members from the wing who gave me wonderful
Noncommissioned                                            stories to write about, this prestigious award would
Officer-in-Charge        Technical Sgt. Charlie Miller     not have happened.”
of Public Affairs.                                            In his civilian job, Sergeant Miller works for the
He joined the staff in April of 1999 and is one of the     Springfield Post Office. The sergeant has also been
most valuable writers according to his supervisor,         published in the Springfield News and Sun stating
Maj. Ted Theopolos.                                        his opinions as a citizen. (445 AW/PA News Release)

6                                                                  Buckeye Flyer
                                                                Welcome and Congratulations!

Awards                                       Lacey Wager, 445 AMDS
                                             David Wolf, 445 AMXS
                                                                             Visitor Center closes
                                                                             at Gate 12A
Congratulations to the following             Brandon Wright, 445 LRS
445th AW members who recently                                                    As a part of an ongoing effort
earned an award.                             Staff Sergeant                  by the 88th Security Forces
Meritorious Service Medal                    Christopher Braun, 445          Squadron to streamline oper-
CMSgt Douglas Norton, 445 MSF                MXS                             ations and provide the best
SMSgt Barbara Welshhans, 89 AS               Stephanie Green, 445 AES        service to Wright-Patt, Gate 12A
MSgt Gerald Ewing, 445 AMXS                  Scott Trivett, 445 CES          Visitor Center will be perm-
MSgt Michael Hartberger, 445                                                 anently closed beginning April 2,
                                             Technical Sergeant              2007. Anyone requiring base
                                             David Fill, 445 AES             access will now be served by our
MSgt Daniel Lantis, 445 LRS
                                             Russell Hippensteel, 89 AS      Pass and Registration office in
TSgt Rickford Reineke, 445 MXS
                                             Hershel Lemaster, 445 LRS       Bldg 286. This merger will allow
                                                                             for much needed additional
Air Force Commendation Medal                 Thomas Stock, 445 AMXS
                                                                             parking and enhance customer
Capt Michael Martini, 445 MXS                                                service by offering one-stop
SSgt Gregory Justice, 445 MXS                Master Sergeant
                                                                             shopping for both Visitor Passes
SSgt Brian Knouse, 445 MXS                   Tina McNamara, 445 AES          & Vehicle Registration.
SSgt Nathan Metcalf, 445 MOF                 Mahrae Meek, 445 MXS                Our Pass and Registration
                                             Christopher Williams, 445       office will operate 7 days a week,
Air Force Achievement Medal                  SVF                             Monday-Friday 0600 to 1800 and
SSgt Caroline McIntier, 445 MXS                                              Saturday and Sunday from 0800-
SSgt Stephen Nelson, 445 OSS                 Correction: TSgt                1600. Operations at Area B Vis-
                                             Zaenkert’s name was             itor Center remain unaffected.
                                             TSgt Amy Zaenkert, 445
Promotions                                   MOF was promoted to TSgt         Manning increases
Congratulations to the following                                              for 445 AES
reservists recently promoted to the
rank indicated.                       Newcomers                                  The 445th Aeromedical
                                                                             Evacuation Squadron has
                                      Welcome to the following reservists,
                                      recently assigned to the 445th AW:     received authority to increase
                                                                             their manning from 137 to
        Airman                        TSgt David Knutson, 445 AMXS           162.
        Jamille Hicks, 89 AS          SSgt Jaimi Bowers, 445 MOF                 “What this means is that
                                                                             the squadron will bump-up
        Eric Hollopeter, 87 APS       SSgt Ryan Collins, 89 AS
                                                                             their flying aircrews to 22
        Candice Wallace, 445 CES      SSgt Ming Ferver, 445 AMDS
                                                                             crews,” said Col. Alan Gilbar,
                                      SSgt Joseph Heitzenrter, 445 CES
                                                                             commander of the 445th AES.
        Airman First Class            SSgt Timothy Horgan, 445 MSF           “This increase will make us
        Hugh Gibbs, 445 CES           SSgt Jason Niederwerder, 445           the largest AES with flying
        Daniel Smith, 445 MXS         AMXS                                   crews in the Air Force. There
        Brandon Vance, 445 CES        SSgt Daniel Wayman, 445 CF             is only one squadron larger
        Cordell Washington, 445       SrA Brandi Conrad, 445 AMDS            than us but are tasked with
        CES                           SrA Claude Jennings, 445 CES           ground and control personnel.”
        Marshae White, 445 ASTS       SrA Austin Melcher, 445 AMXS               The increase would jump
        Kortnee Widup, 445 OSS        SrA Christopher Starkey, 445           from 100 to 110 aeromedical
                                      AMDS                                   evacuation aircrew members.
        Senior Airman                 SrA Ryan Thompson, 445 MXS             There are five members on a
        Robert Corn, 445 AES          SrA Benjamin Underwood, 445            crew, two flight nurses and
        Katie Dulin, 445 MXS          AMXS                                   three aeromedical
        Brianne Fowle, 445 AES        A1C Sean Fowler, 445 MXS               technicians. Medical
        Jason Hardman, 445 MOF        A1C Brittany Ramsey, 445 AW            personnel are trained on all
        Danielle Kremer, 89 AS        A1C Daniel Roten, 445 MXS              types of Air Force and civilian
        Michael Leek, 87 APS          Amn Mark Vickers, 445 AES              aircraft to ensure their ready
        Kevin Randall, 445 ASTS                                              no matter what the flying
        Alisha Tague, 445 ASTS                                               platform is.

  April 2007                                                                       7
                     Employer Recognition Da
                2007 Emplo er R   gnition Day
                                             May 19, 2007
            Reservists who wish to nominate their supervisor for a day with the unit can complete this
               form and submit it to the 445th Public Affairs office no later than May 1, 2007. Don’t
             miss this great opportunity to show and tell the unit’s new mission with the C-5 Galaxy.
            (You are welcome to stay with your employer for all activities with supervisor’s approval.)

EMPLOYER’S NAME (ONE) & TITLE: MR., or MS.___________________________________________________________

COMPANY NAME:_______________________________________ DEPARTMENT:_________________________________


CITY:_____________________________________ STATE:___________________ ZIP CODE:________________________

EMPLOYER’S DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER:___________________________________________________________

YOUR RANK AND NAME:_______________________________________________________________________________

YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS:____________________________________ WILL YOU BE PRESENT:____________________

YOUR SQUADRON:___________________________________ SQUADRON PHONE #:____________________________

YOUR DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER:__________________________________________________________________

I understand that I may nominate only one individual to participate and that the nominated individual must be
in my chain of command.

                             YOUR SIGNATURE:_____________________________________________

                                              RETURN THIS FORM TO:

    445 AW/ PA, 5514 McCormick Ave., Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433-5113 or bring to Bldg. 4010, Rm. 141, 445 AW
                                       Headquarters, or FAX to (937) 257-8291.

                                           PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY OR TYPE ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED

                                     445TH AIRLIFT WING/PA                               FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                     5514 MCCORMICK AVE                                  POSTAGE & FEES PAID
                                     WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, OHIO                          USAF PERMIT NO. 1161

8                                                                    Buckeye Flyer

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