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									Once you have a baby, you’ll discover that bath time is one of the most special bonding experiences a parent can share with a child. However, trying to bathe a squirming, wriggling baby can prove to be more challenging than new parents think. Who knew soap and water could be so difficult? Your baby will definitely flop around in the water, and he may scream his head off. Don’t feel bad; crying is healthy and normal during bathing. The best thing for you to do is emotionally detach yourself from the crying and get on with the business of bathing. That way, the bath will be over more quickly, and you can get to the bonding part with your child wrapped up in a nice warm towel. There are certain things you can do to make bathing as uncomplicated as possible. First, make sure you have everything within arm’s reach before you get your baby anywhere near the water. While your child is still only months old, it’s best to use a small plastic tub either inside your bathtub or placed on your diaper changing table. It’s important to keep eye contact with your child during bathing. This helps the baby to feel secure in this unfamiliar and unwelcome environment. So have the shampoo, soap, washcloth and towel right beside you so you don’t have to glance away for even one moment. This will help to make bathing a relaxing experience for the child. If your baby is continually agitated during bathing, it can be an indication that something is wrong. You should try playing some soothing music and closing any doors or windows that could cause a cold draft in the room. Do this even if you feel warm, since a baby doesn’t have the capacity to regulate his body temperature like you do. Make sure the water is just the right temperature; you don’t want it too cold or too hot. If you don’t have a tester or bath thermometer, use your elbow to gauge the temperature. Your hands are calloused and able to handle hot water better than your baby’s skin. If you want more information about bathing, you can find many books that will help you make bath time a pleasant experience for both you and your baby. Word count: 382

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