Every fellowship requires a long lead-in time to allow artists and all other parties time to plan and
be ready practically and artistically. A well-planned fellowship with a long lead in maximises
potential for success.

It is strongly recommended that a time-plan & checklist such as the following is diligently

12 months before Fellowship commences              Research Research hosts / funding bodies, site
                                                   visit(s) if necessary and if budget allows to
                                                   finalise discussions and agreement
10 – 9 months before                               Confirm host and funding body, and
                                                   selection procedures Funding Agreement to
                                                   be signed by host and funding body (and any
                                                   other relevant partners – e.g. managing agency)
                                                   Selection procedures agreed and launched –
                                                   e.g. requests for nomination or submission
8 – 7 months before                                Provide shortlist of artist/s Short-list agreed
                                                   from nominations or submissions. Invite written
                                                   submissions by short-listed artists with
                                                   appropriate supporting material. Final short-list
                                                   of 3 – 6 artists sent to host for final selection
6 – 5 months before                                Select artist. Selected artist contacted to
                                                   confirm availability Confirmation letter sent to
                                                   selected artist. Host sends a detailed
                                                   information pack to artist as described in
                                                   agreement. Host must make telephone contact
                                                   with selected artist to discuss what the host can
                                                   offer. Good Communication between artist and
                                                   host is vital at this stage. Send letters to
                                                   unsuccessful artists. Selected artist must sign
                                                   and return the agreement already signed by the
                                                   host, the funding body and, if relevant,
                                                   managing agent
3 – 2 months before                                Final organization Ensure artists complete
                                                   relevant visa applications, travel and medical
                                                   insurance, etc. with copies provided to all
                                                   relevant bodies as agreed. Arrangements to pay
                                                   artists stipends, travel costs, etc., are made.
                                                   Hosts paid first installment by funding body. All
                                                   relevant documents are copied and circulated to
                                                   all relevant bodies
During the Fellowship                              Regular contact This is maintained by phone
                                                   and email between all parties during the
                                                   fellowship and a mid-fellowship report is sent to
                                                   the funding body by the artist, if required in the
After the Fellowship                               Evaluation Evaluation forms sent out to
                                                   host(s), artist(s) and managing agency(ies)
                                                   immediately on completion of the fellowship
A signed disclaimer from the artist is included in the draft agreement that can be downloaded
from this website.

All liabilities remain with the individual artist, and a clause should be inserted in the agreement
that perhaps reads as follows:

        “[FUNDING BODY] does not accept any liability whatsoever for theft of, damage to or
        loss of the artists’ possessions or equipment whilst travelling to, undertaking or returning
        from this Fellowship. Furthermore, [FUNDING BODY] does not accept liability for illness,
        injury or death whilst travelling to, undertaking or returning from this Fellowship. It is a
        condition of this Fellowship award and the full responsibility of the artist to take out
        appropriate travel and medical insurance to cover the temporary residence.”

Further advice in this area is likely to be available from the funding body and the host.

Press releases and wider promotion opportunities for each fellowship must be discussed with the
funding body and the host (and perhaps also the managing agency).

Any press releases must be seen by the relevant body (if not all of them) before they are
released. In most cases the fellowship should be branded that it is a:

[FUNDING BODY] and [name of other PARTNER(s) if applicable)] Fellowship at the [name of

It may also be necessary to include names / logos of any partner organisation(s) which has/have
match funded the fellowship. In this instance a strap line should be agreed by all parties and this
should be included in the Agreement.

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