Dix Intranet shuts down by cnh20752


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Vol. 84, No. 4                                         Published for the Fort Dix Community since 1942                                                                           January 30, 2009

   Town Hall Meeting
                                        Dix Intranet shuts down
     on calender Feb. 5
   The next Town Hall Meeting is
                                        Team Dix Knowledge
scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 5,
at 2 p.m. in Timmermann Center,
Bldg. 5441.
                                        Online Portal replaces
   Topics to be presented include
Joint Base Update; Management
of Change in the Work Environ-
                                        static technology site
                                                                                     “It’s a web server used for collab-
ment; Suicide Prevention; Fort                                                   oration and document management,”
Dix Suspected Terrorist Activity                     Ed Mingin                   said Arlene Clayton, DOIM Knowl-
Reporting (STAR) Program; Pre-                   Public Affairs Staff            edge Management, who is leading the
vention of Sexual Harassment;                                                    changeover to the portal. “It allows
Construction/Housing Update;                Taxes aren’t the only deadline Fort for information sharing and document
Morale, Welfare, Recreation             Dix employees will be facing this management. It’s a new technology.
(MWR) Events; and Winter Driv-          April.                                   It’s Microsoft SharePoint 2007.”
ing Safety. Employees may ask               Anyone still using the TeamDix           SharePoint is similar in layout to
questions at the meeting.               Intranet will no longer be able to store other programs tied to Microsoft Of-
                                        information there, and the Directorate fice, so the thinking is that it won’t be
   ID Card facility offers              of Information Management (DOIM) difficult for users to learn.
                                        has mandated an                                                 “With Share-         take a few days. Now, they will be             The portal will also give users the
      Saturday hours                    April 15 deadline                                             Point being a Mi-                                                 ability to share personal and profes-
                                                                 The Portal provides group                                   able to update their information them-
                                        to transfer infor- calendars, document libraries, crosoft product,                   selves. It will make it a lot quicker,”    sional information with My Site.
   The ID Card facility located at      mation from the and allows online discussions. the learning curve
5418 S. Scott Plaza will be open                                                                                             said Zullo.                                    It’s reminiscent of other network-
                                        old TeamDix site
Saturday, Feb. 7 from 8 a.m. to 4       to      the    new
                                                             Users are able to share docu- is very Microsoft
                                                                                                      tied to
                                                                                                              small. It’s       “It’s a centralized workspace where     ing sites on the web, but the informa-
                                                                                                                             they can come to do their work.            tion is secure and only accessible to
p.m. For more information call          TeamDix Knowl- ments, collaborate on projects Office.                      Most      Whomever we give permission to can         TeamDix Knowledge Online Portal
562-3373 or 562-6143.                   edge Online Por- and store their work securely at a everyone is famil-               update it. Each directorate gets its own   members.
                                        tal.                  central location.                       iar with Office, so    workspace that its personnel can up-           “It’s kind of like MySpace,” said
   Vacancies available at                   “The deadline                                            it’s fairly easy,”      date. It will allow the directorates       Clayton.
   School Aged Services                 is April 15, tax day. TeamDix will be said Clayton.                                  more control over their information,”          With the tools available in Share-
                                        gone after that,” said Bill Zullo, Fort      The portal will give users more         said Clayton.                              Point, sharing and maintaining infor-
   Vacancies are available for          Dix network administrator.               control over the information they pro-          Directorates will be able to give      mation has never been easier – as long
children in grades one through              The TeamDix Knowledge Online vide to TeamDix. With the old                       permissions to others to view, share,      as it gets to the right location, which
six at School Aged Services.            Portal, usually referred to simply as TeamDix site, the information had to           and contribute information. The infor-     is now the TeamDix Knowledge On-
   Transportation is available to       “the portal,” is a browser-based col- be provided to DOIM for the site to            mation may be available to only a few,     line Portal.
and from schools in the Pember-         laboration and document-manage- be updated. Now, users can make the                  or to everyone, whatever is deemed             Anyone with information still at
ton School District and North           ment platform.                           changes themselves.                         appropriate for the content being of-      the old TeamDix site has until mid-
Hanover School District. Call               It provides group calendars, docu-       “The TeamDix site was static and        fered.                                     April to get it transferred to the portal.
Central Enrollment Registry at          ment libraries, and allows online dis- flat. The portal will be real-time edit-         “It allows us to be more secure.            “If you still have data on TeamDix
562-4702/5231 for more infor-           cussions. Users are able to share ing. We’ll give certain people author-             Whatever you can do in your area is        that needs to be transferred to the por-
mation and to register.                 documents, collaborate on projects ity to update information. Before,                set up by your administrator. They         tal, contact me,” said Zullo.
                                        and store their work securely at a cen- they’d have to contact me if they            control what you can or can’t do, and          For help with the new portal, call
                                        tral location.                           wanted to make a change. That could         who has access,” said Zullo.               562-5085 or 562-3031.

                                                                                                                                                                      SNOW JOB -- A plow and
                                                                                                                                                                      sand team from IAP
                                                                                                                                                                      World Services clears
                                                                                                                                                                      First Street after the Jan.
                                                                                                                                                                      28 storm that left a coat-
                                                                                                                                                                      ing of snow and ice on
                                                                                                                                                                      streets in the area and
                                                                                                                                                                      delayed the opening of
                                                                                                                                                                      business hours on post.
                                                                                                                                                                      The teams plow streets
                                                                                                                                                                      and parking lots based on
                                                                                                                                                                      a detailed plan created to
                                                                                                                                                                      ensure that the most fre-
                                                                                                                                                                      quently used areas are
                                                                                                                                                                      cleared first and second-
                                                                                                                                                                      ary areas as time and
                                                                                                                                                                      resources permit. Below,
                                                                                                                                                                      the Snow Team assembles
                                                                                                                                                          Ryan Morton with its gear.

Snow Team ready for winter’s worst      and sand spreaders, the team is ready    closure or a delayed opening on the         right outside the gates. They also         a maximum of 16 hours. If more
           Ryan Morton                  to handle all adverse winter weather     post since IAP took over,” said IAP         cover the training areas on Range          time is needed to clear roads and
         Public Affairs Staff           conditions and keep the post function-   World Services Road and Grounds             Road.                                      parking lots, the other team is called
                                        ing and operational.                     Supervisor, Ed Allen.                          “It’s quite an event in terms of the    in to relieve the other workers.
   When winter storms snarl traffic        The contractorIAP World Services          When there is an anticipated win-       preparations and work throughout a             “Safety is our primary number
on Fort Dix, the IAP World Services     took over the snow removal services      ter storm that’s about to hit the instal-   storm. There’s a lot that it entails,”     one priority and our record is impec-
Snow Team is on call and ready to       on the installation as part of the Di-   lation, the team gets ready and utilizes    said Allen.                                cable,” said Allen.
attack.                                 rectorate of Public Works five years     their equipment so that when in-               The team has 50 members and it’s            The team keeps running until all
   They are armed for the job. With     ago.                                     clement weather hits there’s no hesi-       divided into two teams of 25. Each         roads and parking lots are cleared,
36 pieces of equipment ranging from        “My crew is outstanding. They’re      tation. They’re ready to roll and cover     team rotates coverage with each storm      sanded, and salted and thus, the in-
snow plows of different sizes to salt   reliable and we’ve never had a base      the whole Fort Dix area and the roads       and each employee is allowed to work       stallation continues to function like

                                                             www.dix.army.mil America’s busiest mobilization site
2     The Post
      January 30, 2009

                                                                          the healing arts
Army nurses have served at Dix since 1918
 “It was so good to be a factor, to share in the rehabilitation of men of America!”
   The following article enti-
tled “Tales of Camp Dix” was
written by K.Z. Schell in “The
Annual,” a yearbook pub-
lished by the Army School of
Nursing in 1921.
   Camp Dix received its first
class of 60 students in August.
They came not a day too soon.
After those fateful drives of
July and August the hospital of
2,000 beds received the inrush
of American wounded, and on
their arrival they were greeted
by Blue-birds eager to help
care for them.
   Sixty strong was a brave
   Their number had dwindled        photo from The Annual,” yearbook published by Army School of
to 35 when they were joined in                                                     Nursing, 1921
January, 1919, by the second        STUDYING ANATOMY -- A nurse in training stud-
   The girls of the latter group    ies the human form at Fort Dix.
had begun to fear that their        ters in a khaki car labeled “For   larger ethical background
chosen career of Army nurse in      official use only.”                which is so necessary for stu-
the great war [World War I]             Then came glorious months      dents beginning training to
was closed to them.                 filled with real constructive      have. Her work was carried on
   Fate, however, at last           work and daily inspiration. It     by Miss Wray.                                                              photo courtesy of Dan Zimmerman, Ph.D., Fort Dix museum
proved kind , and after four        was so good to be a factor, to        Someone has said, “Few
months of anxious waiting they      share in the rehabilitation of     people fail to live up to the       SURGERY -- Doctors perform surgery at the Fort Dix Hospital sometime dur-
received official orders to         the men of America!                standards set by appreciation       ing the early 1920s.
report to Dix.                          Never one hint of discour-     and praise.”                        more than earned the title of       sations scintillating from one      seniors of Dix were ready to
   Sixteen responded with           agement crept in to mar that          We of Dix feel that the glo-     our “Dix Mother.”                   end of the dorm to the other,       welcome them as they had
feminine pep and enthusiasm.        time.                              rious ideals given us by Miss           Living in an Army dormito-      included everything from            done nearly two years before.
   Those days in camp were              Even though Miss Milne’s       Wray were unequaled.                ry may not be conducive to          Mac’s dreams to a recitation of     Civilian hospitals with their
days apart. We loved it from        leave from the Presbyterian           She not only was to us a         peace and harmony, but it is        the bones of our anatomy.           interests and trials lay behind.
the first thrill of our cordial     Hospital in Philadelphia was       model of professional perfec-       conductive to the formation of      These were discussed amid              It was wonderful to get back
welcome at the station by Miss      for only six months, she stayed    tion, but so combined grace         friendships of the sort that have   frantic marathons to the mess       to the Army, wonderful to get
Milne, the head of our unit, fol-   with us long enough to estab-      and understanding with real         knit us together for always.        hall.                               back to our boys, and most
lowed by our first awe-inspir-      lish a very sound foundation in    unselfishness and genuine           The remarks and snappy repar-          When our second section          wonderful of all to spend the
ing drive to the Students’ Quar-    our class work, and also in the    interest in each student that she   tee of those early A.M. conver-     arrived at the Walter Reed the      last few months together.

   photo courtesy of Dan Zim-
    merman, Fort Dix Museum
EPIDEMIC -- Nurses
were battling an epidem-
ic of influenza at Dix                                      photo by Lionel Green/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
which cost many lives DEFENDING AGAINST GAS -- A group of American nurses and two Sol-
when this photo was      diers wear gas masks in a trench, during gas instruction at the Fort Dix Army
taken on March 7, 1918. Training Center, circa 1945.                                                                                                                         U.S. Army Recruiting Poster, WWII

MacDonald bequeathed building, legacy to Fort Dix
    Florence MacDonald served                                          again, this time to Corregidor.                                                                             office and her home were in
her country for more than 30                                           The journey marked the begin-                                                                               Building 5418.
years, on three continents and                                         ning of life underground in the                                                                                 Life seemed almost normal
through two world wars.                                                Malinta Tunnel, life lived to                                                                               for MacDonald at Fort Dix, but
    She believed in duty.                                              the accompaniment of all but                                                                                her past caught up with her.
    As a nursing school gradu-                                         incessant shelling by the                                                                                       On the recommendation of
ate in Brockton, Mass., she                                            enemy for four long months.                                                                                 Lt. Gen. Wainwright, she was
answered the call for volun-                                              A complete hospital was                                                                                  cited for bravery under fire for
teers for the Army Nurse Corps                                         set up in the tunnel, with dou-                                                                             her service in the Philippines,
in 1918. Her first assignment                                          ble and triple bunks for 1,000                                                                              an honor she shared with her
was to Fort Banks, Texas,                                              wounded. Despite the inhuman                                                                                fellow nurses.
where impatience to help out in                                        conditions, the medical staff                                                                                   The citation reads, in part:
the “real war” soon gave way                                           provided uncompromising care                                                                                “We are here to do you hom-
to long hours in the station hos-                                      for the Soldiers. Many of the                                                                               age, but you are greatly to be
pital, caring for injured from                                         injuries were horrifying, with                                                                              envied because you and your
both the battlefield and the                                           men all but torn apart from                                                                                 absent colleagues, whether you
training grounds.                                                      shrapnel from the incessant                                                                                 are aware of it or not, have
    In 1919, MacDonald was                                             bombing and shelling. The                                                                                   passed into one of the tradi-
sent to join the Army of Occu-                            file photo   wounded could only be                                                                                       tions of American history. We
pation in Germany, where she            Florence Macdonald             brought in under cover of dark-                                                                             have had as a part of those tra-
learned the skills of medical                 Lt. Col.                 ness, and Soldiers injured dur-                                                                             ditions the Minute Men of Lex-
                                      U.S. Army Nurse Corps                                                                                                                Life
care in the aftermath of war. As                                       ing the days were forced to suf-                                                                            ington, the defenders of the
the conflict ended and Soldiers       Heroine of Corregidor            fer through hours of sunlight       MALLINTA TUNNEL FALLS -- Guarded by their                               Alamo - heroes of defenses
and nurses alike returned to         Veteran of two world wars         before they could be cared for.     Japanese captors, Allied forces emerge from the                         conducted long ago. “We now
civilian life, MacDonald chose       Fort Dix Station Hospital            The tunnel was deep and          Malinta Tunnel on May 6, 1942 with a white flag.                        have the nurses of Bataan.”
to remain in the Army.                 Chief Nurse 1942-44             heavily fortified, but nothing      Lt. Florence MacDonald spent many months in                                 MacDonald was also pro-
    Her skills won her a covet-     hum of the military’s growing      could have withstood the            the tunnel, treating wounded American GIs                               moted to the rank of Captain at
ed assignment to Walter             effort to incessant readiness,     continuous pounding from            before she was evacuated. She went on to become                         this time. She was further
Reed Hospital, where she            she was a calm, competent fig-     enemy planes and artillery.                                                                                 honored by selection as the
served as a nurse-anesthetist       ure quickly tagged “Grandma”          Lt. Gen. Jonathon Wain-          Chief Nurse at Fort Dix, MacDonald Hall is                              1942 Woman of the Year by
for nine years. From the serene     by young Soldiers and pilots.      wright, faced with an increas-      named for her.                                                          the Women’s International
world of beautiful Washington,         The test of all the senior      ingly desperate battle for sur-     nurses. Their plane was unac-       The Catalina then lost an           Exposition, an award presented
D.C., MacDonald’s life took a       nurse had learned and become       vival, finally ordered evacua-      countably slow and sluggish,        engine, and the pilot barely        by Mrs. Wendell Wilkie in cer-
sharp turn in 1927 - assign-        in more than 20 years in the       tion of the nurses on April 29.     and took several attempts and a     eluded searchlights from the        emonies at Madison Square
ment to China. There, she           Army Nurse Corps began to          Nineteen were spirited off          fast jettison of all personal       enemy port of Koepang.              Garden. Her response to the
learned firsthand the lessons of    unfold Dec. 8, 1941, when          “The Rock” in two Navy              belongings before becoming              Finally, almost 12 hours        awards, praise and promotion?
providing high-quality medical      Japanese planes swarmed over       Catalinas, in a dash for free-      airborne. The second Catalina       after their stealthy departure          “We did our duty as well as
care in a place and time fraught    the Philippines, bombing and       dom made possible by a lull in      fared even worse, striking a        from Mindanao, the pilot land-      we could - but you should have
with danger and difficulty.         strafing.                          the bombardment while Japan-        submerged branch and rapidly        ed his crippled craft safely in     seen those boys!”
Though her next assignment             As the air assaults contin-     ese troops celebrated their         filling with water. The passen-     Darwin. After a short stint for         MacDonald retired from the
carried her back to the relative    ued and the United States          emperor’s birthday. The two         gers were forced to abandon         rest and recovery, MacDonald        Army in 1946, after more than
calm of a stateside assignment      scrambled to war with Japan,       planes landed on a lake in Min-     the craft, and take their           boarded an armed merchant           28 years of service, holding the
- this one in El Paso, Texas -      the casualties poured in,          danao, and were quickly hid-        chances in the hills with the       ship for the trip to San Francis-   rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
the lessons of her stint in China   often more than 100 patients       den from the “Photo Jos” or         small band of Soldiers and          co.                                 She continued her nursing
would serve her well as the         for each nurse.                    Japanese spy planes. When           Moros in the area.                      Once back in the states,        career in Mount Vernon, N.Y.
United States edged ever near-         On Dec. 24, the entire hos-     darkness fell, the planes were          Even after taking off, Mac-     MacDonald was assigned to               Florence MacDonald died
er war in the Pacific.              pital was evacuated to Manila,     again loaded for the long flight    Donald’s flight was perilous.       Fort Dix, to help supervise and     at Lawrence Hospital in
    In 1939, MacDonald was          which had already been             to Australia.                           The plane was followed by       run the rapidly expanding hos-      Bronxville, on Feb. 26, 1968.
assigned to the Army Hospital       declared an open city. After a        But the luck of April 29         at first by a Japanese plane,       pital system. Her vast experi-      She was 80 years old and a leg-
in Gort Stotsenberg, about 65       six-day stay in the beleaguered    seemed to have abandoned            finally losing the persistent       ence made her an invaluable         end at Fort Dix. MacDonald
miles from Manila. Amid the         city, the hospital was evacuated   MacDonald and her group of          enemy by increasing altitude.       asset to the post. Both her         Hall still stands.     - text file
                                                                                                                                                                                                The Post
                                                                                                                                                                                         January 30, 2009         3

                                                                                                                                                       Police Log is a weekly synopsis of significant police
                                                                                                                                                   activities developed from reports, complaints, incidents
                                                                                                                                                   or information received and actions taken, for the week
                                                                                                                                                   of Jan. 19 through 25.
                                                                                                                                                       The abbreviation DoD stands for Department of
                                                                                                                                                   Defense; NAFD means Not Affiliated with Fort Dix (the
                                                                                                                                                   subject doesn't live of work here); NCIC stands for
                                                                                                                                                   National Crime Information Center; DWI means Driving
                                                                                                                                                   While Intoxicated; CDS means Controlled Drug Sub-
                                                                                                                                                   stance; POV means Privately Owned Vehicle; MAFB
                                                                                                                                                   stands for McGuire Air Force Base; USAF EC stands for
                                                                                                                                                   US Air Force Expeditionary Center; AHCC stands for
                                                                                                                                                   Ambulatory Health Care Clinic (MAFB); VMHBC
                                                                                                                                                   stands for Virtua Memorial Hospital of Burlington Coun-
                                                                                                                                                   ty; CP# stands for Checkpoint Number.
                                                                                                                                                         Police responded to a report of unattended children
                                                                                                                                                   in the Laurel Hill housing area.
                                                                                                                                                       Investigation revealed several children had been left
                                                                                                                                                   unattended in the residence.
                                                                                                                         Margo Wright, USAF            While preparations were being made to transport the
                                                                                                                                                   children to the police station, one of the parents returned

Army reaches out to victims of                                                                                                                     to the quarters. The parent was advised young children
                                                                                                                                                   are not to be left alone.
                                                                                                                                                         Police and Fire Department personnel responded to

Soldier-on-Soldier sexual assault    Army as well, said Carolyn           looking to close that gap. We
                                                                                                                                                   a fire alarm at Bldg. 5518. Investigation revealed no
                                                                                                                                                   cause for the alarm.
                                                                                                                                                         While processing a visitor at the Visitor Center
                                                                                                                                                   police discovered the subject, a civilian NAFD, had two
    WASHINGTON (Army News                                                                                          Black said those special
Service, Jan. 27, 2009) —            Collins, program manager of          want to raise the number of re-      prosecutors would come from         outstanding warrants from Hamilton Township.
Through its Sexual Harassment        the Army’s Sexual Assault Pre-       ports so we can get more inves-      the JAG ranks, would serve for           The subject was transported to the police station for
and Assault Prevention and Re-       vention and Response Program.        tigated, and hold offenders          a minimum of three-year tours,      processing and transferred to the custody of Hamilton
sponse Program, the Army             Through the SAPR program,            accountable for those actions,       and would be positioned at in-      Township Police.
hopes to change command cli-         the Army hopes to change the         and we want to reduce the            stallations such as Fort Bragg,           Police were notified that a Fort Dix contract
mates to make victims of sexual      cultural climate so Soldiers         number.”                             N.C. and Fort Hood, Texas,          employee had two outstanding warrants.
assault feel more comfortable        who are victims of sexual as-           The Army is also doing            where there are large concen-            The subject was apprehended, transported to the
reporting the crime.                 sault will be more likely to re-     more to ensure that when Sol-        trations of Soldiers.               police station for processing, and transferred to the cus-
    During a meeting with mem-       port the crime.                      diers report a sexual assault, the       Brig. Gen. Rodney Johnson,      tody of the NJ State Police.
bers of the press Jan. 26, Secre-       “The last couple of years we      crime is properly investigated       the provost marshal general of            Police and Fire Department personnel responded to
tary of the Army Pete Geren          have seen a bit of a plateau in      and prosecuted.                      the Army, said the service will     a fire alarm at Bldg. 8320. Investigation revealed frozen
discussed the Army’s efforts to                                                                                add an additional 30 special in-    pipes and no heat in the building.
reduce sexual assault within the                                                                               vestigators to be assigned at 22          Police responded to a report of a suspicious person
                                         “Sexual assault is a crime everywhere,                                of the Army’s largest installa-     near the fenceline on Saylors Pond Road.
ranks, a crime he said that is not
just an assault on a person, but      but in the Army it is a crime that is more than                          tions to assist Criminal Investi-       Investigation revealed the subject, a civilian NAFD,
on the whole Army.                    just a crime against the victim. In the Army it                          gation Command agents in            was an employee of a moving company and had been
    “Since Sept. 11, 2001, we’ve      is a crime against the core values that bind                             investigating sexual assault        denied access through CP 9 because he did not have an
had 1,800 Soldiers that have                                                                                   crimes.                             ID.
                                      our Army together.”                                                                                              Further investigation revealed the subject had two out-
been punished for sexually as-                                                                                     Those investigators, Johnson
                                                                                           Pete Geren                                              standing warrants from Maplewood and a warrant from
saulting a fellow Soldier,”                                                                                    said, would provide insight into
Geren said. “Soldier-on-                                                        Secretary of the Army          how civilian juries look at sex-    Burlington City.
Soldier violence, blue-on-blue                                                                                 ual assault cases and what kinds        The subject was transported to the police station for
— sexual assault is a crime                                                                                    of evidence are needed to pros-     processing and transferred to the custody of Burlington
everywhere, but in the Army it                                                                                 ecute. The investigators would      City Police.
is a crime that is more than just    the reporting, but ... we are cer-       Secretary Geren has ap-          also look at sexual predator and          Police and Fire Department personnel responded to
a crime against the victim. In       tainly still having convictions of   proved funding to provide 15         victim behavior and the scien-      a report of a smell of gas at Club Dix.
the Army it is a crime against       sexual assault,” Collins said.       special victim prosecutors —         tific perspective of sexual as-         Investigation revealed the odor was from a gas stove.
the core values that bind our        “We know we are not where we         that’s additional personnel bil-     sault investigation.                Gas to the stove was shut off and the staff was advised to
Army together.”                      want to be yet. We are looking       lets within the judge advocate           An additional seven “highly     have DPW check the stove.
    Sexual assault is one of the     to increase our propensity to re-    general corps that will be filled    qualified experts” are also com-          Police and Fire Department personnel responded to
most underreported crimes in         port, and bring down the actual      from within the ranks by those       ing aboard, Johnson said, to        a fire alarm at Bldg. 5418.
the United States and in the         number of assaults. We are           that have proven themselves as       provide training and assistance         Investigation revealed an employee had smelled
                                                                          especially effective prosecutors     to CID agents.                      smoke and pulled an alarm. The odor was determined to
                                                                          and who also have experience             “We in CID already have         be cleaning solvents used by contractors.

                                                                          in sexual assault prosecution.       highly skilled agents investigat-         Police responded to a motor vehicle crash on Texas
                                                                              “They will focus exclusively     ing these crimes,” Johnson said.    Avenue at Broidy Road.
                                                                          on those cases, and on training      “But bringing the civilian ex-          Investigation revealed a vehicle, operated by a
      The Fort Dix EFMP Program would                                     the balance of our prosecutor-       pertise onboard will simply be      McGuire AFB civilian employee, struck another vehicle
            like to invite you to a                                       ial and defense force on those       a valuable tool to glean insight    while backing to avoid a turning truck.
                                                                          kinds of cases,” said Maj. Gen.      and a fresh perspective in many         There were no reported injuries and the vehicles were

            Parents’ Night Out                                            Scott Black, judge advocate
                                                                          general of the U.S. Army.
                                                                                                                   Our special agents and su-
                                                                                                                                                   released to the operators at the scene.
                                                                                                                                                         Police and Fire Department personnel responded to
                                                                                                                                                   a CO alarm in the Garden Terrace housing area.
                                                                          “They will have previous expe-       pervisors will be working
                       Friday, Feb. 6                                     rience, and special training as      shoulder-to-shoulder with those         Investigation revealed a clogged filter was the cause of
                                                                          well. The idea is to pick people     highly qualified experts on our     the alarm.
                        at Club Dix                                       who are ... very very good in        most challenging and complex              Police and Fire Department personnel responded to
                                                                          the prosecutorial function, and      cases.”                             a fire alarm in Bldg. 5603.
                     Dinner – 6 to 7 p.m.                                 then ... have experience in this         Black said there are already        Investigation revealed the alarm was caused by a
                                                                          particular area of prosecution.      four of those experts on board,     cleaning crew.
               Presentation 7 to 9:30 p.m.                                We are identifying them now.”        with the remaining to be                  While conducting a routine credential check of a
        by Dr. Buzz Mingin, renowned expert on                                                                                                     vehicle attempting to enter the installation via the
                                                                                                                                                   Browns Mills gate police discovered the vehicle operator,
        Assisting Children with Special Needs In                                          Troops to Teachers                                       a civilian NAFD, had an outstanding warrant from Ocean
                   Today’s Society                                                                                                                 County.
                                                                                           Program Seminar                                             Two passengers in the vehicle, both civilians NAFD,
      Childcare and dinner for the children                                                                                                        attempted to hide their identities to police by providing
                                                                                          Wednesday, February 18                                   false information. Subsequent investigation revealed they
     will be provided at the Fort Dix CDC                                                                                                          had warrants from Toms River and Lakewood.
       (Pre-registration with the CYS 609                                                         9:30 a.m.                                            All three subjects were transported to the police sta-
                                                                                           ACS Conference Room                                     tion for processing and transferred to the custody of the
    562-2242/4702 is required for your chil-                                                                                                       Ocean County, Toms River, and Lakewood police. The
                     dren)                                                                Bldg. 5201, Maryland Ave.                                vehicle was towed from the scene.
                                                                              The Troops to Teachers program can assist you with your                    Police and Fire Department personnel responded to
                                                                           pursuit of a career in education. This program is national and          a fire alarm at Bldg. 5989.
     Parents’ Night Out Registration deadline                              no matter what state you reside in, you could be eligible to                Investigation revealed dust stirrup up by cleaning
                   is Jan 30.                                              take advantage of the financial benefits of this program, as            crews caused the alarm.
                                                                           well as the certification and job placement advising.                         Police responded to a report of an individual passing
                Contact Natasha at                                         Session open to Active duty, Retired, Reserve and National              counterfeit currency at the Shoppette.
                  609-562-2767                                             Guard sponsors. Spouses who are interested in teaching are                  Investigation revealed the subject, a retired military
                                                                           also encouraged to attend! Bring transcripts with you for eval-         member, claimed he received the bills from his bank. The
                                                                           uation.                                                                 subject was transported to the police station for process-
                                                                              This seminar is presented by the Army Community Service              ing. Investigation continues.
                                                                           in partnership with Troops to Teachers/Spouses to Teachers,                   There were five expired identification cards confis-
                                                                           New Jersey and Delaware, New Jersey State Department of                 cated during the period.
                                                                           Education.                                                                    There were six Magistrate Court Citations issued for
                                                                              Call Rod Martell at 609 562-2186 or email: rod.rodriguez-            moving violations. DWI incidents remain at one for the
                                                                           martell@us.army.mil to reserve your seat. Sitting is limited to         year.
                                                                           20 people for each session

             Anapa                                                                                                                                                               meetings
                                                                                                                                                                                 held on post
                                                                                                  Alina Lyons                                                                       Part of the mission of the
                                                                                                                                                                                 Army Substance Abuse Pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                 gram is to support 12 Step Pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                 grams in the community. There
                                                                                                                                                                                 are two Alcoholics Anonymous
                                                                                                                                                                                 meetings on Fort Dix.
                                                                                                                                                                                    A closed, members-only
                                                                                                                                                                                 meeting is held every Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                                                 night at Bldg. 9013 from 7:30
                                                                                                                                                                                 to 8:30 p.m. On Thursday
                                                                                                                                                                                 nights, there is a meeting at the
                                                                                                                                                                                 Main Chapel from 7 to 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                 (use the Eighth Street parking
                                                                                                                                                                                 lot entrance; the meeting is in
                                                                                                                                                                                 the lounge near Fellowship
                                                                                                                                                                                    There is no cost except the
                                                                                                                                                                                 desire to stop drinking behav-
                                                                                                                                                                                 iors that are harmful to your-
4       The Post
        January 30, 2009

  Duty still calls for
  experienced NCO                                                 back at Fort Jackson, S.C., where he went to
                  1st Lt. Antonia Greene                          Basic Training 12 years prior.
                      72nd FA BDE PAO                                At what Soldiers’ sometimes refer to as
                                                                  “Relaxin’ Jackson,” because sometimes they
     “No one is more professional than I, I am a                  have to cancel training due to the sweltering
 Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of Sol-                        summer heat, Hall felt he made the most dif-
 diers…” said Master Sgt. Maurice Hall, 72nd                      ference.
 Field Artillery Brigade Communications Oper-                        “Being a drill sergeant for two years was the
 ations NCOIC, as he led fellow Soldiers in the                   highlight of my career – my time to mold
 NCO creed during a promotion ceremony Jan                        young civilians into Soldiers,” he said.
 21.                                                                 Hall doesn’t remember the late nights and
     Hall called the Soldiers in the brigade head-                long hours he put in as a drill sergeant, but
 quarters conference room to attention, read the                  instead he recalls the expressions on parents’
 promotion orders for his Soldiers, Sgt. J’mar                    faces on graduation day and the feeling he had
 Scott and Cpl. Eric Easter, with pride gleaming                  when they thanked him for the change they
 in his eyes. Hall is a Soldiers’ Soldier, a 19-                  saw in their sons and daughters after complet-
 year veteran of the regular Army.                                ing Basic Training.
     Hall hails from Detroit, Mich., and in 1989,                    He mentioned one trainees’ mother, in par-
 he claims, “Duty called.” He enlisted in the                     ticular, who told him, “Before my son came
 regular Army as a communications specialist                      here, he never called anyone Ma’am; and
 and after completing basic training at Fort                      today, my son even paid for my lunch, thank
 Jackson, S.C. and Advanced Individual Train-                     you.”
 ing at Fort Gordon, Ga., Hall attended Air                          Hall went on to complete two back-to-back
 Assault School in 1990 and Airborne School in                    tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in

                                                                                                                       Army NCOs shape
 1992. In 1993, he deployed to the Middle East                    2003 and 2005, where he earned the Bronze
 in support of Desert Storm/Desert Shield                         Star Medal before landing a three-year state-
 where he worked seven months as a switch-                        side duty assignment with the training support
 board operator, enabling internal communica-                     brigade here at Fort Dix in 2007.
 tion in the Gulf region. Upon his return to the                     And during the promotion ceremony for his
 states in 1994, Hall attended PLDC (Primary
 Leadership Development Course) better know
 today as the Warrior Leader Course.
     In 1996 Hall deployed again, this time to
                                                                  two Soldiers, the drill sergeant in Hall made a
                                                                  brief re-appearance. After congratulating pin-
                                                                  ning them, Hall dropped Scott and Easter for a
                                                                  medley of four-count push-ups, ending with a
                                                                  slow command of, “Who told you to move?”
                                                                                                                       Soldiers’ careers
                                                                                                                                      was that good NCOs have to be the absolute
 Bosnia where he served 7 months as a commu-
 nications team leader and received his promo-                    bringing smiles to everyone’s’ faces.                     David W. Kuhns Sr.
                                                                                                                                      masters of everything their troops are asked to
 tion to sergeant - E5. After a brief return to                      Hall personifies the American military.                          do.
                                                                                                                        Fort Lewis Public Affairs Staff
 Fort Hood, Texas, then Sgt. Hall, left for a four                Being proud of others achievements is a direct                         After I left the Artillery as a young sergeant,
 month tour in Kuwait as a radio operator. But                                       It's harder to list the qualities of a good non- I was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division
                                                                  reflection of his selflessness and dedication to
 in 1999, when he was assigned to 4th Brigade,                                    commissioned officer than you might think. headquarters. There I met Command Sgt. Maj.
                                                                  his work. At his own promotion ceremony
 1st Cavalry Division, Hall was placed in his                                     But everyone who has been in the Army can Douglas B. Hayes, the division's top NCO. His
                                                                  back in December 2008, Hall passed on his
 first “real leadership position.”                                                name NCOs they think are great.
                                                                  own words of wisdom to all those in atten-                          face will always come to mind when I think of
     “I was a new E6, the brigade communica-                                         NCOs are the leaders who most directly great NCOs. Hayes was not young. But, on the
                                                                  dance – “Don’t become that NCO you all talk
 tions NCOIC, with battalions who had E7s in                                      affect our lives in uniform. Whether you are a wrong side of 50, he was still one of the tough-
                                                                  about, rather strive to be the kind of leader oth-
 the same positions, it was tough, and it was the                                 commissioned officer looking back on a pla- est Soldiers in the division - 'hard as wood-
                                                                  ers want to emulate – it will get you far.”
 first time I worked side by side with a reservist                                toon sergeant, first sergeant or command ser- pecker lips,' as one of my friends would say.
                                                                     When asked for advice he could share with
 – he was my SIGO [Signal Officer] he taught                                      geant major who served as a guide, right hand
                                                                  junior Noncommissioned Officers, Hall                                  Command Sgt. Maj. Hayes ran with a dif-
 me a lot,” said Hall.                                                            or confessor; or you are an NCO yourself, ferent line unit every morning. He then spent
                                                                  replied, “Training and mentoring Soldiers is
     In 2000, Hall graduated Drill Sergeant                                       looking back at the sergeants
                                                                  the fuel that motivates me, caring for troops,                                          the day visiting training,
 School and was soon assigned to Alpha Com-                                       who kicked you when you
                                                                  both their professional and personal develop-         Whether you are a                   wandering through motor
 pany, 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment                                      needed it, steered you when commissioned officer look- pools, stopping by mess
                                                                  ment, is an NCO’s job.”
                                                                                  they could, taught you the                                                halls ... He was every-
                                                                                  right way to do it, and final-    ing back on a platoon ser- where. The general com-
                                                                                  ly turned you loose to do it geant, first sergeant or com- manded the division, but
                                                                                  all yourself, Army careers mand sergeant major who there was no doubt who
                                                                                  are often shaped by the served as a guide, right hand the face of the command
                                                                                  NCOs met along the way.           or confessor; or you are an team was. Hayes might not
                                                                                     I spent 24 years in uni- NCO yourself, looking back have met every Soldier in
                                                                                  form. But two NCOs stand at the sergeants who kicked the 1st Cav., but I bet he
                                                                                  out for the influence they                                                came pretty close. Every-
                                                                                  had on my own develop- you when you needed it, one knew who he was.
                                                                                  ment. They were as differ- steered you when they could,                       There was nothing
                                                                                  ent as night and day in taught you the right way to do mild-mannered                            about
                                                                                  many ways, but shared the it, and finally turned you Command Sgt. Maj.
                                                                                  values of professionals.          loose to do it all yourself, Hayes. I overheard him
                                                                                     Sergeant 1st Class John- Army careers are often provide some pretty color-
                                                                                  ny Hughes was my first shaped by the NCOs met ful "guidance" to individu-
                                                                                  section chief. My initial                                                 als who failed to perform
                                                                                  assignment in the Army along the way.                                     to the standards the com-
                                                                                  was at Fort Wainwright,                                                   manding general set. But I
                                                                                  Alaska, in the fire direction                                          also saw him spend hours of
                                                                                  and control section of the only artillery battery his own time fixing problems for individual
                                                                                  on the post. Hughes taught me to be a Soldier. Soldiers when he learned their battalion com-
                                                                                  He was a quiet, soft-spoken guy - about as far mand sergeants major had run into obstacles
                                                                                  as you could get from the yelling, swearing, they couldn't surmount.
                                                                                  tobacco-chewing NCO the movies had taught              For all his gruff exterior and intimidating
                                                                                  me to expect.                                       aura, Command Sgt. Maj. Doug Hayes taught
                                                                                     But, without all the bluster and noise, Sgt. me that the needs of every single Soldier are
                                                                                  1st Class Hughes demanded and got the best important to the performance of even the
                                                                                  out of every Soldier in the section. He knew largest units.
                                                                                  everything we did - right and wrong - and              There are lots of other Johnny Hughes and
                                                                                  praised or corrected, on the spot. And he could Doug Hayes NCOs in uniform today. They are
                                                                                  do anything. Whether it was showing us how to the ones who set the pace, enforce the stan-
                                                                                  set a rabbit snare in the snowy woods with dards, get the mission done and do everything
                                                              Sgt. Nicole Dykstra strands of commo' wire, or a shortcut to com- to ensure no Soldier is left behind. It may be
                                                                                  puting meteorological corrections for the guns, hard to list what makes them great - but we
  BUMPED UP--Master Sgt. Maurice Hall, 72nd Field Artillery Brigade, pre- Hughes did everything better, faster, smarter, know them when we see them.
  pares for the traditional buck sergeant chest bump after promoting Cpl. Eric easier than any of us thought was possible.               (David W. Kuhns Sr. is editor of Fort Lewis'
  Easter to sergeant, Jan 21.                                                        If there was one lesson I took from him, it Northwest Guardian.)

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   Fort Dix Post                                                                                                                                                             January 30, 2009 / page 5

THE CORNER                             Dixans take honors in                                                                                                        Bob Vogt, chief, Community
                                                                                                                                                                    Recreation Division, Family,
                                                                                                                                                                    Morale, Welfare and Recre-
                                                                                                                                                                    ation presents Umeko Bennett,

Respite child care available
   for deployed military
                                       Army art competition                                                                                                         left, and Sharon Shaw with
                                                                                                                                                                    certificates for participating in
                                                                                                                                                                    the annual All Arts and Crafts
                                                                                                                                                                    Contest. Bennett took first
                                                                                                                                                                    place in the Ceramics Novice
    Families of Deployed Military,                                                                                                                                  Group with her sculpture,
under TCS Orders, PCS accompa-                                                                                                                                      Kyutai, below, and Shaw
nied Tour Orders, TDY Status for                                                                                                                                    earned honorable mention in
90-179 Days Orders, Rear Detach-                                                                                                                                    the Oil Base Painting Group
ment Cadre in support of immedi-                                                                                                                                    with her painting Winter
ate Families of deployed Soldiers,                                                                                                                                  Symphony.
and Wounded Warriors or Fallen
Warriors are eligible for many free
and discounted services in Child
Youth Services(CYS) respite child
care, reduced full day care fees,
free sports and instructional class-
    Please call 562-2242 for more

 Free YMCA memberships
   available for families
   Active duty families at
McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix
and Lakehurst Naval Air Engineer-
ing Station are eligible for free
YMCA memberships as part of a
pilot program. Memberships will        Jennifer Chupko                                                                                                                                     courtesy photo
be issued on a first come, first

                                       Combatants wanted for war games
served basis with 300 to 450 fami-
ly memberships available. For
more information, please visit
                                                             Jennifer Chupko
                                                             Public Affairs Staff
      Thrift Shop offers
   shoppers super-savings                  On Target 2009, developed by the Non-Commission
   The Fort Dix Thrift Shop is         Officer (NCO) Professional Development Program, will be
offering an additional 25 percent      held at the Kelly Reserve Center Feb. 20-21.
discount on seasonal items that            The war games are based upon real events and attempt to
were previously marked down for        represent a reasonable approximation of the actual forces,
a total of 75 percent off the origi-   terrain, and other material factors faced by the actual par-
nal price.                             ticipants.
   If you or someone you know is           Miniature war gaming is a recreational hobby where
interested in volunteering at the      players simulate a battle, which is played out using small
Thrift Shop, please call Sylvia at     figurines to represent the land, sea and/or air units involved.
the Thrift Shop at (609) 723-2683.         Each side has a certain amount of miniature Soldiers,
   The Thrift Shop is open Tues-       weaponry and machines, to replay the historic battles.
day and Thursday from 10 a.m. to           “This event is a challenge and will give a perspective on
2 p.m. with consignments taken         the combat you may not have expected,” said Lt. Col. Mark
from 10 a.m. to noon. The store is     S. Zaslavsky, 1-322nd Regiment, 72nd Field Artillery
also open the first and third Satur-   Brigade.
day of the month from 10 a.m. to 2         The tactics, logistics, changes in plans and execution of
p.m. and the first Wednesday of        the game, are created by the players. The warring sides
the month from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.     must abide by all rules throughout that particular game. The
                                       time allowed is different for every war, as well as the num-
                                       ber of players.
 Club Dix to host Job Fair                 “If you play the rules of the battles, the outcome isn’t
   Job-seekers are invited to          always the same as the actual battle outcome,” said                                                                                  U.S. Naval Historical Center
attend a Job Fair at Club Dix Feb.     Zaslavsky. “When refighting a particular battle, it is impor-
6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more      tant to stay to the original historical engagement as closely     THE BATTLE RAGES ON -- The Civil War Battle for Memphis is just one of
details call the Fort Dix Employ-      as possible.”                                                     many scenarios to be played at On Target 2009, a week-end event of minia-
ment and Readiness office at 562-          Players can choose which battles they would like to play.     ture war-gaming held Feb. 20-21 at the Kelly Reserve Center.
2186.                                  The battles offered at On Target 2009 include the Battle of
                                       Pharsalus on Friday. The Battle of Champion Hill, Battle of           “I hope that at least 100 people show,” said       There will be refreshments available and
                                       the Bulge, When the Hammer Fell, Fulda Gap 1981 Soviet            Zaslavsky. “The more people that want to par-      all the proceeds go to the 1-322nd Battalion
     Chapel to hold                    Union and NATO, Battle of Helsingborg, and Impossible             ticipate, the better.”                             Morale Welfare Fund.
  New Testament seminar                Mission: Air Battle over Belgium, the Navy Battle of Mem-             Each game starts with one hour to develop          For registration, battle times and direc-
                                       phis, Battle of Blenheim, Battle of Oustee, Battle of Dethin-     the battle rules. Then there is the question and   tions to On Target 2009, email
   The Fort Dix Chapel will hold a     gen, Battles of Charleston Harbor and Operation Neptune:          answers opportunity before the game begins.        mark.zaslavsky@us.army.mil or call 562-
 Walk Thru the Bible seminar on        The battle for Ste. Mere Eglises, are also offered on Satur-      The team is allowed to pick which army they        2773.
Feb. 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A        day.                                                              want to play.                                          There is no cost to attend.
children’s seminar will be held at
the same time. Registration is $5
per person or $10 per family and
includes lunch. For more informa-
tion call 562-2020.
                                       Chapel changes outlined at meeting       “We will be able to combine
                                                 Wayne Cook                  the expertise, resources, talents,
    Retiree Council hosts                      Public Affairs Staff          gifts and experience of Army and
    luncheon at Club Dix                                                     Air Force chaplains under one
                                           The Fort Dix and McGuire          roof - giving chapel and military
    A Luncheon will be sponsored       Chapel staffs held a meeting at       communities unprecedented serv-
by the Fort Dix Retiree Council for    the Fort Dix Main Chapel Jan. 27,     ice and training,” he said.
retirees and guests Feb. 28. Guest     to discuss the up-coming merger          The first Joint Wednesday
speaker for the event will be Col.     of the two organizations slated to    Chapel Family Night will be on
Ronald R. Thaxton, Fort Dix com-       happen April 1.                       Feb.4.
mander. He will provide an update          Representatives from both            Another subject that was dis-
on the status of the Joint Base Ini-   chapels gathered together in the      cussed was the different faith
tiative.                               conference room over a luncheon       Community          Congregational
    The luncheon will be held at       while Chap. (Maj.) Allen Raub         Councils. This program will
Club Dix, with the Social Time         and Air Force Chap. (Capt.) Mike      expand and allow for a deeper
beginning at 11:30 a.m. followed       Curtis explained the processes        input of information to the senior
by the luncheon at noon. The           and timeline necessary to inte-       chaplains and a greater sphere of
luncheon will be a Country Buffet      grate the chapels from McGuire        influence within the chapel arena.
that includes Barbecue Ribs,           Air Force Base, Fort Dix, and            Lay-leaders were assured that
Chicken, Cat Fish, Corn Bread,         Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering       their involvement in the congre-
Hush Puppies, Macaroni and             Station into the one mega base.       gations would not diminish dur-
Cheese, Vegetable, Coffee, Iced            Raub shared that the deadline     ing the merger of the chapel com-
Tea, and Apple Pie.                    for Fort Dix to close out the         munities.
    Tickets for the luncheon are       Chapel Tithes and Offerings Fund         One other point of discussion
$24, gratuity included. Checks                                               was the merging of the many dif-                                                                                Wayne Cook
                                       is March 31.
may be made payable to the Fort            By this time all fund monies      ferent ministries at both of the      CHAPEL CHAT -- Chap. (Maj.) Allen Raub, Fort Dix installation
Dix Retiree Council.                   must be transferred back to the       chapels. Curtis and Raub said         staff chaplain, updates representatives of the Fort Dix and McGuire
    Retirees and guests are invited    Chief of Chaplains’ account.          there would be more discussion in
to send reservation requests and                                             the near future as to how they        Chapel communities on the progress and timelines for merging into
                                       Then, within a week or two, the                                             one chapel community at a luncheon held at the Fort Dix Main
their checks to Sgt. Maj. (Ret.)       chief’s office will send finances     would be affected but noted that
Norman V. Pallotto, 15 East Cen-       for the chapel programs at the        the biggest positive outcome of       Chapel Jan. 27.
tral Avenue, Moorestown, New           Fort Dix chapels to the McGuire       the merger is that the ministries
Jersey 08057 no later than Feb. 25.

  Chapel Youth Ministry
                                       Chapel for oversight and distribu-
                                           Because the chapel services
                                                                             will grow.
                                                                                A point of slight contention for
                                                                             some of the lay-leaders was that
                                                                                                                   Scholarships available
                                                                             by direction of the Chief of Chap-       Two area organizations are offering        http://www.asmconline.org/files/nsp-
  hosts Super Bowl Party               complement each other so well,
                                                                             lains’ Office, the Protestant con-    scholarships to help students pay for col-    form.doc. The application deadline is
                                       they will consolidate Fort Dix
   The Fort Dix/ McGuire Youth                                               gregation services will no longer     lege.                                         March 6.
                                       and McGuire chapels’ Wednes-
Ministry, Club Beyond, is spon-                                              be called the Protestant Service.        The American Society of Military              For more information call Neen
                                       day evening programs and hold
soring a Super Bowl Party for chil-                                             It will now be known as the        Comptrollers- Jersey Devil Chapter is         Raspa at 562-5432 or email at
                                       them at the Fort Dix Main Chapel
dren in grade six through 12, Feb.                                           Traditional Service. The services     offering financial assistance to outstand-    neen.raspa@us.army.mil.
                                       to offer the joint-base communi-
1. Pre-game fun beings at 5 p.m. at                                          won’t change – just the name. The     ing high school seniors who intend to            The Military Officers Association of
                                       ties a fully comprehensive reli-
the Fort Dix Main Chapel.                                                    name of the Gospel Service will       pursue a financial management baccalau-       America is also offering 25, $1,000 aca-
                                       gious education program for spir-
   The club also hosts regular                                               remain the Gospel Service and         reate degree.                                 demic grants to the dependant children
                                       itual growth for Soldiers, Airmen,
meetings every Wednesday night                                               the Contemporary Service will             Applicants must be entering a field of    of military personnel under the age of 24
                                       DoD civilians, retirees and family
from 6:30 to 7 :45 p.m. at the Fort                                          remain the Contemporary Service       study in college directly related to finan-   who are working on their first undergrad-
                                       members of all ages.
Dix Main Chapel.                                                                “Today we are really trying to     cial or resource management such as           uate degree.
                                           “Some of the benefits of a
   For more information call 562-                                            see how we can bring our chapel       business administration, economics, pub-         Applications are available at
                                       Joint Chapel Family Night on
2020.                                                                        programs together while serving       lic administration or computer science.       http://www.moaa.org/education. The
                                       Wednesdays are that it promotes
                                                                             the community,” said Curtis.          Applications can be found at                  deadline is March 2.
                                       strength in unity,” said Raub.
6      The Post
       January 30, 2009

                                                                                                                                                               BOMBERS AWAY           --
                                                                                                                                                               The 332nd Ordinance
                                                                                                                                                               Battalion commander
                                                                                                                                                               and sergeant major, Lt.
                                                                                                                                                               Col. Charles McCormick
                                                                                                                                                               and Sgt. Maj. Johnny
                                                                                                                                                               McPeek, at left, display
                                                                                                                                                               their unit's yellow ban-
                                                                                                                                                               ner during a ceremony at
                                                                                                                                                               Griffith Field House,
                                                                                                                                                               Jan. 28. The unit, out of
                                                                                                                                                               Kenova, W.Va., has 58
                                                                                                                                                               Soldiers and will deploy
                                                                                                                                                               to Kuwait to perform
                                                                                                                                                               deployment and rede-
                                                                                                                                                               ployment      processing
                                                                                                                                                               operations. They have
                                                                                                                                                               been training on Fort
                                                                                                                                                               Dix since early January
                                                                                                                                                               in preparation for this
                                                                                                                                                               personnel actions mis-

                                                                            photos by Ryan Morton
POLICE ACTION -- The 178th Military Police Company commander, Capt.
Mark Dederick and 1st Sgt. Jerry Howard, above, display their unit's yellow
banner at Griffith Field House, Jan. 28. The 178th MP Co., Georgia National
Guard, out of Monroe, Ga., is comprised of 170 Soldiers and trained on Fort
Dix since Nov. 19, 2008. They will deploy to Iraq to perform a Police Transi-
tion Team (PTT) mission training Iraqi Police Forces.
                                                     READY TO GO -- The
                                                     364th Civil Affairs
                                                     Brigade, Detachment 11
                                                     commander, Lt. Col.
                                                     Douglas Herrera and
                                                     acting 1st Sgt., Sgt.
                                                     Patrick Gless, display
                                                     their unit's yellow ban-
                                                     ner during a ceremony at
                                                     Griffith Field House,
                                                     Jan. 28. The unit, out of
                                                     Portland, Ore., will
                                                     deploy to Arifjan, Kuwait                          MOVIN’ OUT -- The 352nd Civil Affairs Command, Detachment 15 com-
                                                     to work in the Civil Mili-                         mander, Col. FitzJohn Fitzpatrick and acting 1st Sgt., Sgt. 1st Class Lowell
                                                     tary Operations and                                Conley, above, display their unit's yellow banner at Griffith Field House, Jan.
                                                     Humanitarian Opera-                                28. The unit, out of Fort Meade, Md., is comprised of five Soldiers and will
                                                     tions Centers.                                     deploy to Arifjan, Kuwait to work in the Third Army theater.

Crymes takes over Warrior Transition Unit                            versity, New Brunswick,
                                   He is looking forward to both
      Jennifer Chupko                                                where he earned a Bachelor of
                                   the privileges he will have and
      Public Affairs Staff         the challenges he may face as     Science in Administration of
                                   the company commander.            Justice.
   Soldiers of the Warrior            Brig. Gen. Gary H. Cheek,         Crymes was then assigned
Transition Unit (WTU) bid          the director of the Army’s War-   as the detachment commander
farewell to company com-           rior Care Office said several     of the 350th Finance Detach-
mander Maj. David Dean and         Army installations will have      ment in Flemington. He served
welcomed        Capt.    Robert    many changes to the WTUs          as the detachment commander
Crymes as their new com-           throughout the country. These     until March 2006 and has
mander Jan. 30 at Club Dix.        plans include Fort Dix, but       since served at WTU Battalion
   Crymes said he has big          Crymes believes he is ready       Personnel and Administration
shoes to fill but won’t be miss-   for the challenges of the Fort    and as the state budgeting offi-
ing any steps as he guides the     Dix Warrior Transition Unit‘s     cer for the N.J. National
unit into the future.              possible future closure.          Guard.
   “Maj. Dean has done an             When asked what the               Crymes’ awards include the
excellent job as commander,”       biggest focus will be for the     Meritorious Service Medal,
Crymes said. “He has a             WTU, he responded, “Keeping       the Army Commendation
tremendous amount of energy        with the same standards for       Medal, the Army Achievement
and I plan on upholding the        WTU.”                             Medal, Army Service Ribbon,
standards he has set for this          As a Soldier of the New       Overseas Service Ribbon, and                                                                        Jennifer Chupko
unit.”                             Jersey Army National Guard,       the Airborne Parachutist           IT’S CRYMES TIME -- After being deployed to Baquabah, Iraq under Opera-
   Crymes explained his future     Crymes was commissioned in        Badge. As a civilian, Crymes       tion Iraqi Freedom, Capt. Robert Crymes has been mobilized at Fort Dix for
plans for the unit because it      2001 from the Reserve Officer     is a police officer in Burling-    two years in the Warrior Transition Unit. He has served as personnel and
will be seeing many changes.       Training Corps at Rutgers Uni-    ton County.                        administration and will assume command Jan. 30 at Club Dix.


                                                                                                                   Ryan Morton

   Banner day for Spevak
   Capt. Mark Dederick, 178th Military Police Company commander, displays a Georgia state flag
   signed by all the unit's members with Haddonfield attorney, Eric Spevak at Griffith Field House after                                     Hanover Dental
   the yellow banner ceremony, Jan. 28. The 178th MP Co., part of the Georgia National Guard, from
   Monroe, Ga., took a break from their training and attended a Thanksgiving dinner in Cherry Hill,
   in Nov., 2008, hosted by Spevak as a way of saying thanks for the selfless service of the troops. Spe-
   vak attended the yellow banner ceremony to say good-bye to the unit who will deploy to Iraq, and the
   unit gave Spevak the signed flag.

                              Army Community Service (ACS)
                              Bldg. 5201, on the corner of 8th Street and Maryland Avenue
                                                Hours of Operation:
                              Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                            the Post
                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Post
                                                                                                                                                                                          January 30, 2009       7
Fix-it facilities
get upgraded
                                          a regional joint-use facility. It
           Wayne Cook                     replaces the maintenance struc-
         Public Affairs Staff             tures that were located at Nassau
                                          Street and Texas Avenue. The
   As the installation continues to       multi-building facility will include
grow in its diversity of missions and     both the CMF and the new Body
moves towards becoming one with           Repair Facility.
the Air Force and Navy as the joint           According to Department of                                                                                                                    photos by Wayne Cook
mega base, construction sites are         Public Works project engineer,Tom
popping up in every direction.            Trumbetas, the CMF will consist         BUILDING A NEW FUTURE -- Fort Dix will soon welcome two new maintenence facilities on
   Case in point – turn left on Range     of offices, workshops, storage          the installation. Construction on the 99th Regional Support Center Organizational Maintenance
Road right after exiting the Browns       areas and maintenance bays. In the      Shop/Area Maintenance Support Activity (OMS/AMSA) on Range Road is scheduled for com-
Mills/Texas Avenue Gate and               maintenance area there will be 31       pletion in March. Construction is also underway on the Combined Maintenance Facility located
approximately one-half mile down          vehicle maintenance bays. Of these      on Range Road next to the Mid-State Prison. The facility will be a regional joint-use vehicle
on both sides of the road, there is       bays, six will have crane lifting
evidence of the expansion.                capabilities, four will be for          maintenance shop and mobilization/training equipment site. The project is slated for completion
   On the right-hand side of the          tracked vehicle maintenance, two        in October.
road is the almost completed 99th         bays will have a high pressure
Regional Support Center Mainte-           wash system which can be used to
nance Facility or the Organizational      clean engines and the remainder
Maintenance Shop/Area Mainte-             will be a combination of lift and
nance         Support         Activity    inspection bays. The main CMF
(OMS/AMSA), and just past that            building will be 48,000 square feet
complex, on the other side of the         and cost approximately $12.1 mil-
road, next to the Mid-State Prison, is    lion to build. The project is 40 per-
the Combined Maintenance Facility         cent complete and is scheduled to
(CMF).                                    be finished in October.
   The OMS/AMSA Facility is an                Adjacent to the CMF main
eight-bay vehicle support and main-       building will be two structures that
tenance building housing office and       have been relocated from the 4400
storage space, and workshops. The         area, saving the cost of building
building encompasses 17,000               from scratch. These two buildings
square feet and costs approximately       will be connected by an adminis-
$6.9 million. This project is about       tration area to form a facility dedi-
75 percent complete and is sched-         cated to vehicle body work.
uled to be finished in March. A sep-          These are only two of the many
arate unheated storage building will      projects expanding and improving
be located near the rear of the site.     the infrastructure of the installa-
   The CMF complex is going to be         tion.

Dix bids ‘bon voyage’ to ‘Peach State’ Soldiers
                                    young warriors.” The average
          Lisa Evans                age of the unit’s Soldiers is in
      Public Affairs Staff          the low-to-mid 20s, said Sgt.
                                    1st Class Paul Johnson. But
    WHEREAS, since its incep-       Johnson only sees that as a
tion in 1773, the Georgia           plus. As young as the company
National Guard has performed        is, there is a lot of experience
a significant role in the defense   and skill on tap.
of the colony, state, and nation;       Most of the non-commis-
and WHEREAS, throughout             sioned officers have been in
history and in every war that       the company long enough to
Americans have been called          have been through all three of
upon to defend our nation´s         the past five missions.
liberties and freedoms, the men         Finishing up mobilization
and women of the Georgia            readiness exercises (MRX),
National Guard have taken up        Dederick said,” I think having
arms to defend this nation, and     experienced NCOs is the key
many have given their lives to      to any success we’re going to
secure the freedoms we hold         have.”
dear today; …                           Watching the training, he
    By declaring April 15, 2003     said he saw how experience
National Guard Day in Geor-         mixed with the youthful vigor
gia, the state senate recognized    of his Soldiers paid off.
the thousands of citizen-Sol-           In addition, Dederick had
diers who uphold the honor of       nothing but praise for the train-
the Georgia National Guard          ers on Fort Dix. “The training
each year. The Guard’s history      that Fort Dix offers has
is important to the Soldiers just   allowed us to go from a well-
as they are important to histo-     trained unit to a superbly-
ry.                                 trained unit,” said Dederick.
    The 178th Military Police       “The training has been chal-
Company, a part of that history     lenging and realistic. The Sol-
for more than a hundred years,      diers have grown into a cohe-
has been based in Monroe, Ga.       sive team.”
For fifty of those years, the           During one MRX, Jan. 21,
178th has been housed in the        working a turret atop a
same armory.                        Humvee, Spc.. Greg Parker, of
    Capt. Mark Dederick, com-       Lexington, S. C., said, “I just
pany commander, said Monroe         love the job. I’ve been asked if
is a typical southern town and      I was crazy a number of times
most of the Soldiers come           but I’m not. I just love serving
from within 30 miles of it.         my country.”
Georgia has several large mili-         Parker fought in Iraq during                                                                                                                                     Lisa Evans
tary installations forming large    Desert Storm, was out of the        AROUND TOWN -- Sgt. Daniel Gomez, 178th Military Police Company, talks with civilians on the bat-
pools of Soldiers to draw from,     Army 12 years, and then came
he said, explaining why the         back in, requesting he be
                                                                        tlefield during training Jan. 21. The Soldiers of the 178th MP Co. out of Monroe, Ga. trained in how to
178th has not deployed to Iraq      assigned to the 178th.              interact with locals as part of preparing to deploy in support of the Global War on Terrorism.
before now.                             This assignment will take       ed there. What I see as cruel, I   tour through Fort Dix. He went       training where the unit worked      commander, he said he quit his
    Instead, the past five years    the Soldiers to Iraq to replace     can’t tell the IP (Iraqi Police)   through basic training in Fort       hotel security. Johnson is a        job in the small firm he worked
saw the 178th deployed to Fort      the 2228th MP Company in            not to do that. The only con-      Dix in 1990, stayed on active        police officer in his civilian      for when he received his mobi-
Benning, Ga. providing force        Basra. Johnson said he has          flict I see is with what is        duty for ten years, and the          job, as are approximately 30        lization orders.
protection duties. Prior to that,   some ideas on what the com-         accepted and what is not           joined the National Guard.           percent of the 178th.                  He took command of the
in 2003, the company went to        pany will face in Iraq as they      accepted. I think I will handle       His experience in the Mid-            Dederick is an architect        178th in March 2008 after
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a          perform their police transition     it on a case-by-case situation.”   dle East came during a trip to       with a master’s degree from         more than fifteen years with
year to control camps X-ray         team mission.                           This is Johnson’s second       Egypt for a three-week annual        Georgia Tech. As the company        the National Guard.
and Delta. On Nov. 22, 2008,            “We, as Americans, have a
the unit arrived at Fort Dix to
prepare for their first mission
in Iraq.
    First Sgt. Jerry Howard of
                                    certain standard of how people
                                    should be treated and such,”
                                    Johnson explained. “We see a
                                    man hitting a woman and we
                                                                        Afghanistan priority for military
Athens, Ga. said this is, “the      think that’s wrong. But we                                             in Iraq, the U.S. military is in a   clear an area and then hold it.     that the troops have what they
best MP unit in Georgia. This       must realize it may be accept-              Jim Garamone               position to address Army Gen.        The Taliban and their terrorist     need.”
is just a bunch of hardworking                                             American Forces Press           David D. McKiernan’s stated          allies continually return to the        Gates said the United States
                                                                                  Service                  requirements for additional          same areas and re-establish         must have a realistic vision of
                                                                                                           troops, the secretary said.          their presence, officials have      what the international commu-
                                                                           WASHINGTON, Jan. 27,            McKiernan is the commander           said. More troops can poten-        nity can do in Afghanistan.
                                                                        2009 – Afghanistan poses the       of NATO’s International Secu-        tially keep insurgents out and      “Afghanistan is the fourth- or
                                                                        greatest military challenge to     rity Assistance Force and U.S.       allow economic and political        fifth-poorest country in the
                                           Calvary Bap                  the United States today, and       Forces Afghanistan.                  development to begin in             world, and if we set ourselves
                                                                        President Barack Obama has             If President Barack Obama        Afghanistan.                        the objective of creating some
                                                                        made that country a top priori-    decides to send additional               Gates said moving Army          sort of central Asian ‘Valhalla’
                                                                        ty for the Defense Department,     troops to the country, “we           brigade combat teams and            over there, we will lose,
       The Real ES
                                                                        Defense Secretary Robert M.        could have two of those              Marine         regiments       to   because nobody in the world
                                                                        Gates told the Senate Armed        brigades there probably by late      Afghanistan would be less of a      has that kind of time, patience
                                                                        Services Committee today.          Spring, and potentially a third      challenge        than    finding    and money,” he said.
                                                                           With an improving situation     by mid-summer,” Gates told           enabling forces. Helicopter             The secretary reminded sen-
                                                                                                           the senators.                        units; intelligence, surveillance   ators that Afghanistan has a
                                                                                                               “Quite honestly, in terms of     and reconnaissance assets; and      drug trade that forms most of
                                                                                                           the remaining requests that          engineers are crucial to combat     its gross national product, an
                                                                                                           [McKiernan] has, the infra-          troops’ success.                    insurgency that is gaining
                                                                                                           structure requirements that are          “That’s where we’ve been        strength, and terrorists who
                                                                                                           needed in Afghanistan to be          working very hard in terms of       look at the area as a safe haven.
                                            Maguire Chev                                                   able to support and sustain a        what can we afford to move              Still, Afghans are good
                                                                                                           force that size would probably       from Iraq to Afghanistan, or        farmers, and there is mineral
                                                                                                           make it not possible for us to       ‘re-mission,’ instead of going      wealth and a legal economy
                                                                                                           deploy [the troops] before they      to Iraq, to go to Afghanistan,”     that can be developed. “But it
                                                                                                           would be ready, in any event,        he said. “This has been the         seems to me that we need to
                                                                                                           later this year,” he said.           biggest      challenge     about    keep our objectives realistic
                                                                                                               Additional troops are need-      strengthening our forces in         and limited in Afghanistan;
                                                                                                           ed in Afghanistan so NATO            Afghanistan, is really where to     otherwise, we will set our-
                                                                                                           forces have the numbers to           get these enablers to ensure        selves up for failure,” he said.
10 The Post30, 2009

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                                                                                                                                                                                     The Post
                                                                                                                                                                              January 30, 2009     11
Pamela Sutton-Browning retires after 35 years
Lead program & management analyst bows out
         Steve Snyder               The chief of the Resource
       Public Affairs Staff         Management          Directorate’s
                                    Manpower and Agreements
    In high school she had          Division can testify to Pam’s
yearnings to be a teacher but       sense of humor. James Carr is
economic realities and other        still laughing about one inci-
opportunities         intervened.   dent.
Today, she’s retiring from her          “When Pam was the equip-
post as Lead Management &           ment analyst for the installa-
Program Analyst in the Plans,       tion back in the 80s, I used to
Analysis and Integration            enjoy sending her phony
Office (PAIO) at Fort Dix after     equipment requests. Once, I
35 years and after having           sent her a request for 10,000
racked up more accolades than       rectal thermometers for the
you can shake a stick at.           Reception Station. I waiting
    Pamela Sutton-Browning          until she had started research-
steps into history, joining many    ing it before telling her it was a
other workers over the years        fake... she would laugh real
who’ve helped make Fort Dix         hard... and always was a good
an institution synonymous           sport.”
with expertise spiced with hard         That good sport was born in
work and dashes of humor.           Mount Holly on Sept. 5, 1952.                                                                   courtesy photo
                                                                                                                                                                                           Steve Snyder
    “I have found Pam to be a       She attended Pemberton High          STAFF MEETING -- Andre Mixon and Molly Libby, center, join                           Pamela Sutton-Browning
true pleasure to work with,”        School, graduating in 1970 and       Pamela Sutton-Browning at a meeting of the Plans, Analysis &
confides Fort Dix’s Director of     remembers being heavily
                                                                                                                                                       Lead Management & Program Analyst
                                                                         Integration Office (PAIO).                                                    Plans, Analysis and Integration Office
Public Works, David Peckham.        involved in the Future Teachers
    “Her positive attitude,         of America, served as vice
even when trying to wheedle         president of her junior class,
information from DPW for            and was secretary for the stu-
one of the interminable sus-        dent council.
penses foisted upon us, made            Pam attended Burlington
answering the data call a           County College for two semes-
much more pleasant experi-          ters before jumping into the
ence,” Peckham notes. “I have       local job market. After work-
come to rely on her experience      ing in several temporary posi-
in several key areas and she has    tions within civilian personnel
never let me down. She either       and supply at Fort Dix in the
knew the answers or knew            early 1970s, Pam became preg-
where to find them.                 nant, starting her family with
    “She has been a pleasure to     daughter Wendy in 1975, fol-
work with and will be sorely        lowed by Jamie in 1977.
missed,” Peckham concludes.             She returned to work at Dix
    Sarah Johnson, director of      as a clerk typist in the late
Family and Morale, Welfare          1970s before a permanent                                                          courtesy photo
and Recreation, shares Peck-        position became open with the        CONVIVIAL CREW -- Counterclockwise around the                                          courtesy photo
ham’s admiring perspective.         S-4 supply shop at the recep-        table, Paul Fort, Roger Browning, Pamela Sutton- SOCIAL LIONS -- Tiffany Colby, left, joins
    “I’ve always found Pam to       tion center where she worked         Browning, Debbie Sotilfes, Al Sotilfes, and Ann-Mar- Pamela, Molly Libby and Matt Merkes during a
be very accommodating,”             as a unit supply clerk.
Johnson says. “When her                 Pam hit the big time, job-
                                                                         garet Fort keep the laughs and refreshments going.   break in whatever action they were involved in.
office would task out a sus-                            Her gung ho attitude paid
                                    wise, in 1982 when she began
pense and you didn’t under-                         off with a list of awards includ-
                                    a stint at a G-S 9 manage-
stand what they really wanted,                      ing (among many others) a
                                    ment analyst for the Force
I always could call Pam and                         stipend of $2,500 for complet-
                                    Management Division in the
get the ‘real’ meaning plus she                     ing the Lean Six Sigma Green
                                    Directorate of Resource Man-
would work with you to make         agement.        Belt project; $2,000 for devel-
sure you could complete the                         oping the JMTC FD Concept
                                        Pam was beginning her
suspense.                                           plan; two Fort Dix Civilian of
                                    march up the job ladder, work-
    Johnson appreciated Pam’s                       the Quarter awards; a Com-
                                    ing eventually in so many dif-
“great sense of humor and that                      mander’s Award for Civilian
                                    ferent departments that she
goes a long way when you’re                         Service, Commander’s Coin
                                    gained a thorough, practical
tasked with some rather ‘ana-                       for Excellence; cash awards for
                                    grounding in how things
lytical’ projects with short                        Exceptional Performance in
                                    worked, becoming a fount of
fuses.                                              1993, ‘94, ‘95, ‘96, ‘97, ’98,
                                    institutional knowledge.
    “In a nutshell, Pam was                         ‘99 and 2000, a certificate of
                                        “I’ve always tried to excel,”
easy to work with and extreme-                      appreciation from the Secre-
                                    she says, adding that she’s
ly helpful no matter what the                       tary of the Army for improving
                                    “never met a challenge I could-
task,” in Johnson’s estimation.     n’t handle.”    force management in 1995;
                                                    another Fort Dix Civilian of
                                                    the Quarter award for profi-
                                                    ciency in her professional and
                                                    technical category in 1994; and
                                                    another certificate of achieve-
                                                    ment from the Secretary of the                                                                                                      courtesy photos
                                                    Army for Excellence in Man-                   BASEBALL FANS -- Pam and her husband, Roger Browning, take in a
                                                    power planning in 1991.                       Phillies game during 2008, the year the Phils went all the way to a world’s
                                                        Pam jumped up to the G-                   championship.
                                                    S 11 range in 1989, working
                                                                                                  lyzing DOD’s BRAC (Base           Dix’s commander when he met         ment. But she did list here
                                                    mostly with manpower and
                                                                                                  realignments And Closures)        with a congressional represen-      granddaughters ages; Vision at
                                                    equipment analysis for instala-
                                                                                                  Lead recommendations for          tative. Indeed, Pam was one of      9 years, Ariel at eight months
                                                    tion TDA changes in DRM’s
                                                                                                  joint basing. After conducting    PAIO’s primary analysts in          and Kaitlyn at four years. So
                                                    Management and Manpower
                                                                                                  research analysis of BRAC         reviewing Fort Dix’s FY05           one assumes she intends to
                                                    Division until 1998 when she
                                                                                                  data for both the Army and Air    BRAC Action Plans.                  spend some time with them.
                                                    began conducting more sur-
                                                                                                  Force, Pam applied DOD                In February 2005, Pam              And, of course, there will
                                                    veys and manpower studies.
                                                                                                  BRAC Military Value Assess-       became the Lead Manage-             probably be time for any vol-
                                                        In 1998 Pam went to work
                                                                                                  ment (MVA) criteria and dis-      ment and Program Analyst            untary activities she feels like
                                                    as a management and program
                                                                                                  covered the BRAC data to be       for PAIO on Fort Dix. All of        undertaking. Maybe she’ll
                                     courtesy photo analyst for the Plans, Analysis               faulty and misleading.            those years of job-hopping and      finally teach after all these
MOVING UP -- Pamela sits at her desk in the         and Integration Office (PAIO),
                                                                                                     Fort     Dix’s    analytical   classes paid off.                   years.
Management and ManpowerDivision of the Direc- stepping into a GS-12 slot that                     dynamo proceeded to set the           Knowledge is power.                What the hell, it’ll be still
                                                              heavy responsibilities.
torate of Resource Management, circa 1990, when entailed was tasked with ana-
                                                                                                  record straight by preparing          Pam hasn’t explicitly stated    another world to conquer. And
she worked as a management analyst there.                                                         documents for use by Fort         what she intends to do in retire-   she’s just the one to pull it off.

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