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									          University of West Florida Board of Trustees
                      Strategic Plan Update
                         March 20, 2007

The UWF Strategic Planning Facilitation Team was charged by the
University Planning Council (UPC) to facilitate the development and
implementation of the new five-year strategic plan. The Team includes:
Raid Amin, Barry Brighton, Chris Cavanaugh, Jim Hurd, Barbara Lyman,
Jerry Norris, and Bill Silhan. The UWF Strategic Plan Facilitation Team
has been working on the development of a new UWF Strategic Plan for
2007-2012. The entire campus (faculty, staff, students, alumni, and many
Friends of UWF) has been involved in the development process via
listening sessions, retreats, and online surveys.

Phase One of the process included more than sixteen focus sessions
and listening sessions (on the Pensacola and Emerald Coast
Campuses), three online university-wide surveys, and revisions of the
strategic plan components.

(1) The listening sessions included various methodologies to encourage
strategic thinking and planning in numerous large and small sessions
with specific groups and with open participation, facilitated by various
members of the Facilitation Team to gain wide participation and

(2) The three online surveys were mailed to faculty, staff, and students,
as well as alumni and many friends of the University – more than twenty-
seven thousand individuals. The first survey requested identification of
five specific strategic issues that UWF should consider during the next
five years. That survey generated more than three thousand responses.
The Facilitation Team, with the assistance of the Cabinet and the
University Planning Council, sorted those responses into primary
categories and identified sixty recurring issues. The second survey
requested ranking the relative importance of the sixty strategic issues.
The third survey requested identification of the five most important of
thirty issues that resulted from the second survey.

(3) The Facilitation Team and the University Planning Council engaged in
discussions about current strategic planning terminology, and updated
the components of the strategic plan to include the Vision, Mission,
Values, and Strategic Initiatives at the University level, supported by
Action Plans at the division, college, and department/unit levels. The
Action Plans will be supported by assignment of responsibility, timelines
for completion, and assessments/accountability measures and reporting.
All of the strategic planning ingredients support the improvement of

planning and operations for the next activity cycles, and are intended to
improve institutional effectiveness – moving toward excellence.

Phase Two of the process (now underway) includes review of the results
of the third survey by a “writing team” and the development of a set of
draft strategic issues, review of the draft issues by an “editorial board,”
campus-wide discussion of the draft, finalization of the proposed
strategic plan with affirmation by the Board of Trustees in June, and
implementation during the 2007-2008 academic year.

(1) A “writing team” will be developed and will include the Presidents (or
designees) of the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student
Governments Association, and the UPC Facilitation Team. Their job is to
take the results of the data collected thus far and develop a set of
strategic initiatives to be included in the new strategic plan.

(2) An “editorial board” will review the proposed set of strategic
initiatives and make recommendations to the writing team, assisting in
the finalization of the list of strategic issues. The editorial board will
include the Cabinet, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government
Association, and Alumni.

(3) Marketing of the proposed document will encourage campus-wide
review and discussion and acceptance of the strategic issues for
inclusion in the new strategic plan.

(4) The proposed UWF Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 will be presented to
the UWF Board of Trustees in June for final review and affirmation.

The implementation and application of the UWF Strategic Plan for 2007-
2012 will provide exciting directions for UWF to achieve its vision of
becoming the best regional comprehensive institution in America. The
new strategic plan will be a fitting and appropriate basis for UWF’s
celebration of its first forty years, and will define UWF’s challenges and
opportunities for years forty-one through forty-five and beyond.

The Facilitation Team sincerely appreciates the strong support of
President Cavanaugh and his Cabinet, and the enthusiastic participation
of members of the Board of Trustees, the UWF faculty, staff, students,
alumni, and many UWF friends who contributed to this very important
strategic planning process. We look forward to presenting the final UWF
Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 to the Board of Trustees at their June, 2007,

Please refer to the timeline chart below, and go to for further information.

Timeline for Developing and Implementing the UWF Strategic Plan 2007-2012


                 Listening Sessions     Survey 1         Survey 2
                  & Retreats                                                  Survey 3
  PLANNING            Summer,
 CHARGE &            and Fall 2006     10-11-2006         12-11-2006         2-26-2007

                  University                            Update to        Strategic Plan     Transparent
                     Strategic             Campus        Trustees         Implementation.    Planning,
                       Initiatives         Discussion      March, 2007       Divisions’       Budgeting, and
                                           Sessions                           Action/           Assessment
PLAN                  Writing Team         1st Draft        BOT             Assessment/        2007-2008
  DRAFTING,          Editorial Board                     Affirmation        Budget Plans         Thru
  FINALIZING,        March 2007          April 2007      June 2007          Fall 2007         2011-2012


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