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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
             Influenza Pandemic
             Avian Influenza
             World Health Organizations (WHO Pandemic Phases)

Operations Plans
      Organization Structure to Operationalize Plan*
             Preparedness Phase
             Response/Emergency Phase
             Recovery Phase

Surveillance Plan
       Syndromic Surveillance Plan in the ER , Outpt. and Inpt. Settings
       Criteria for Identifying Pandemic Influenza
       Thresholds for Activating Pandemic Influenza Surveillance Plans
       Personnel Responsible For Surveillance
       Protocol for Standard Surveillance
       Mechanism for Monitoring Changes in Employee and/or Student
       Plan to Collect Updated Patient Information
       Liaison Officer Reporting to NM DOH
       System for Monitoring Nosocomial Transmission

Communication Plan
    Responsibility for External Communication
    Key Points of Contact Outside UNM/UNMH
    Person to Report Updates to NM DOH
    Clinical Spokesperson
    Media Spokesperson
    Plan to Update Key Facility Personnel, Employees and Students
    List of Media Contacts
    Protocol for Communicating With Media and Public
    Templates for Communication to the Public
    Press and Public Inquiries
    Communication with Other Hospitals
    Use of PALS Disaster Plan in the Event of Equipment Failure
    Distribution of HAN Information

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Education and Training Plan
      Education Materials for Pandemic Influenza

      Education on UNM/UNMH Pandemic Influenza Plan

      Procedure to Identify Personnel Who Completed P. Flu and All Hazards
      Local and Long- Distance Pandemic Influenza Education for
      Plan to Educate All UNMH/UNM Personnel
      Just-In-Time Education Procedure For: Surge Personnel and Non-Clinical
      Staff Education Topics Necessary for a Pandemic
      Cross Training Program for Outpt. Providers to Provide Inpt. Care
      Education for Support Personnel: Social Workers, Psychologists,
      Signage for Employee Education

      Patients, Family Members and Visitors
      List of In House Translators
      Plan to Distribute Information for All Who Enter the Hospital
      Signage Developed (Cough Etiquette, Influenza Transmission …)
      Patient Education Materials

Triage and Admission Plan
       Location for Triage at UNMH
       Triage Protocol
       Location for Patients with Respiratory Symptoms
       Signage to Direct Patients
       System for Phone Triage
       Criteria for Medical Evaluation
       System for Tracking Admission and Discharge of Patients
       Clinical Protocol for Pandemic Influenza Screening
       Clinical Protocol for Post-Influenza Community Acquired Pneumonia
       Method to Track Patient Admission and Discharge of Pandemic Influenza

Security Plan
       Enforcement of Limited Access
       Security Plans for:
              Physical Plant

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              Staff Members
              Other Limited Supplies
       Security of Emergency Department and Triage Site
       Security of Alternative Care Sites
       Contacts for Off-Site Assistance
       Authority for Legal Lock Down

Occupational Health
     System for Rapidly Delivering Vaccine or Antiviral
     Prioritization of Healthcare Personnel to Receive Vaccine/Antiviral
     System for Detecting Symptomatic Personnel before Reporting to Duty
     Testing Plan for Early Detection of Symptomatic Staff during Non-
     Pandemic Influenza Season
     Policies and Procedures for Workers with Respiratory Syndromes or
     Signage for Employee Assessment Points

Human Resources
     Criteria to Declare a Staffing Crisis
     Emergency Staffing Plan
     List of Essential Personnel and Nonessential Personnel
     Procedure for Rapid Credentialing
     Alternative Staffing Plan
     Time-off Policies during a Clinical Crisis
     Protection of Personnel at High Risk for Complications of Influenza
     Mental Health and Faith Based Resources for Personnel
     Strategies for Supporting Personnel with Home Obligations during a
     Pandemic (child, elder and/or pet)
     Policy to Address Refusal to Work

Pharmacy Plan
     Antiviral and Vaccine Use Plan
     Plan to Keep Critical Medications Safe
             A. During Transport
             B. At The Pharmacy
     Distribution Plan for Vaccine and Antiviral

Surge Plan
      Responsibility for Assessing Day to Day Clinical Staffing Needs

       Process to Expand Bed Capacity (includes estimated bed capacity)
       Procedure for Expediting Discharge
       Plan for Home Healthcare Follow-up for Discharged Patients
       Transfer of Patients to Other Hospitals
       Tracking of Bed Availability throughout the City

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       Policy for “Altered Standards of Care in Mass Casualty Events”
       Surge Capacity Medical Record
       Threshold for Initiating External Surge Capacity Sites
       Policy to Address Special Needs of Pediatric and Elderly Patients
       Expectant Patients and Acute Care Hospice Patients
       Expansion of Morgue Capacity

       Continuation of Essential Medical Services
       Plan to Maintain Essential Medical Services for Chronic Medical Pts.
       Plan for Uninterrupted Medical Supplies

Alternative Care Sites
      Sites for External Surge
      Equipment and Staffing Needs
      Plan for External Triage Sites

Durable and Consumable Supplies
      Plan to address Supplies Shortages
      Critical Supply List
      Threshold to Notify Hospital Leadership Re: Utilization of Stockpile
      Tracking System to Detect Rapid Consumption of Critical Supplies
      Three Month Supply List
      Security of Essential Supplies

Ancillary Services
       Facilities Maintenance Plan
       Food Service Plan
       Housekeeping Plan
       Waste Management Plan
       Lab Services
               Influenza Testing
               Procedure for Unusual Isolates
               Surge Laboratory Plan
               Responsibility for Diagnostic Modalities
       Policy for Allocation of Limited Supplies

Evaluation and Preparedness Maintenance

                                            * Included in All Hazards Plan

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