Reality Check Maintenance Log by azw20493


									Initiation Date         Issue            Date service   Date service
                                           started        finished

   9/21/2009 Schedule oil &               10/9/2009      10/9/2009
             transmission fluid
             change, air breather
             very dirty, screw on tiop
             of air breather vibrated
             off twice


   8/20/2009 Battery on Bank 1 not        8/20/2009      8/20/2009
             holding charge

   8/18/2009                              8/18/2009
   8/12/2009                              8/12/2009



   7/17/2009                              7/20/2009      7/31/2009

   7/15/2009                              7/24/2009 7/24/2009


   7/17/2009 Brass connector to thru-     7/17/2009      7/17/2009
             hull and sink/shower T


                                                              5/17/2009   5/19/2009
Engine   Oil Service   11/10/2008 1. Wet exhaust hose         12/2/2008   12/2/2008
                                  leaking near thru hull,
                                  cracked near the bilge
                                  vented loop, access
                                  thru back lazerette
                                  2. Back ladder mount
                                  epoxy loose from
                                  transom on starboard

                        9/25/2008 1. Exhaust hose repair      10/7/2008
                                  2. Check other exhaust
                                  parts for deterioration
                                  3. Sea strainer needs
                                  4 Advise on engine
                                  5. Impeller
                                  6 Air filter
                                  7 Packing gland

                                  A couple of the corners     8/23/2008
                                  of plastic icebox lid
                                  broken off
                        9/22/2008 Nissan outboard starter     9/22/2008   1/12/2009
                                  spring broken; Leaks oil
                                  when in tilt up position;
                                  maintenance service

                        8/19/2008                             8/19/2008
                        8/16/2008 After bottom paint & hull   8/26/2008
                                  wax, noticed the outside
                                  of the bilge thru hull
                                  connector was broken
                                                               8/4/2008    8/7/2008



                                          8/5/2008    8/14/2008

           Furling line frayed in the     8/4/2008





                                         6/27/2008    6/28/2008

          Small fracture on port         10/8/2006
          upper lifeline fitting near
9/16/2006 Yamaha generator               9/16/2006    9/17/2006
          doesn't start
 9/10/2006 Engine running hot at    9/29/2006    9/30/2006
           2200 RPM


                                    7/21/2006    7/22/2006

                                     5/9/2006    5/10/2006

                                     5/3/2006    5/15/2006



11/17/2005 Float switch not working 11/23/2005

11/4/2005 Schedule oil service         11/9/2005 11/10/2005
          and check voltmeter
          and temp gauges in


10/4/2004 Black sludge in bilge;      10/13/2004
          Oil tube from valve
          cover has a bit of oil
          under it; Water pump
          cover is green;
          Antifreeze in reservoir
          on top of engine seems
          low; Water in bilge after
          sailing even tho have
          vented loop; Packing
          gland dripping lots;
          Pedestal instruments
          and running lights not


7/27/2004 Smelled fuel, noticed        8/10/2004   8/12/2004
          pink fluid in bilge. Fuel
          tank very slow leak. Got
          absorb pads in
          Catalina, called Gary -
          can fill up and make
          back to San Diego, he'll
          order the new tank


7/27/2004 Jib furl cover coming off    7/29/2004

7/26/2004 Yamaha generator             7/27/2004   7/27/2004
          won't start
7/25/2004 Engine running hot at
          2200 RPM

 6/1/2004 New main halyard             6/18/2004
          doesn't seem to fit, also
          schedule oil change
          Gear shift lever really
                                        4/12/2004    4/22/2004

4/15/2004 Halyard broke when            4/22/2004
          pulling boat over for hull



 7/8/2002 Mascerator not working,       7/19/2002
          and schedule engine



8/28/1998 Need new batteries             9/3/1998


                                        7/27/1998     9/1/1998

5/27/1997                             5/27/1997

 8/4/1996 Shower sump pump not
7/26/1996 Engine instruments lost
          power. Strange smell at
                                      5/18/1996   5/24/1996

3/12/1996 Aqua-lift muffler leaking   3/12/1996
          water apparently from
          either the hose or
          clamp. Called Gary to
          schedule muffler check,
          oven check, change

9/14/1995 Battery charger not         9/14/1995   9/15/1995
7/23/1995 Engine wouldn't start
          under "1" or "all", only
8/30/1994 Engine running hot at        9/9/1994
          2100 RPM


 4/10/1994 Battery charger failing
           again on Bank 1,
           switched bank 1 and 2
           to keep house batteries
                                     8/19/1993   8/23/1993

  7/3/1993 Engine heated up on        7/3/1993
           way to get fuel. Water
           temp gauge had not
           been connected
                                     6/29/1993    7/1/1993

                                      6/7/1993   6/10/1993


10/12/1992 New battery installed on 10/21/1992
           4/28 gassing off and
           boiling.Switched house
           and engine charger
           bank connections, and
           then the engine battery
           boiling and gassing off.
           Called NewMar - is OK
           to disconnect a bank.
           Left house on Bank 2
           and disconnected
           Bank1. Bank 2 didn't
           register. Possible bad
           diode between bank 1
           and 2.

                                   7/25/1992    7/28/1992

 7/15/1992 House #1 battery        7/15/1992
           bubbling and hot
 6/28/1992 Bilge pump float not    6/29/1992


11/16/1991 Starter failed, had to  12/19/1991
           sail in to slip
 6/28/1991 Lost battery power for    7/8/1991
           approx 1 minute, same
           thing the prior week -
           both times connected to
           shore power, occurred
           at moment water was
           turned on in head

  6/9/1991 Noticed high-pitched    6/18/1991
           mechanical hum when
           RPM's high on engine




Transmission   Packing Gland
Description                                                       Performed by   Cost        Invoice #   Engine

Oil service:2 fuel filters, oil filter, oil zorb under engine,   Horizon          $148.61        4748
Fluid Film around engine as needed as a rust remover,            Marine
preventer, cleaned air filter $74.95
Racor fuel filter R24t $29.49
Fuel filter 298854 $12.24
Oil filter #4459
.875 gallons Delo 400 multiweight $13.96
oil disposal $1.00
3 Oil zorb $4.17
zinc not changed, like new

15' 5/16" proof coil anchor chain & 2 3/8" shackles for          Self              $51.07
big anchor
Shackles: $3.38, chain $40.20
Replaced the one battery on bank 1 with same type -              Self             $169.91
West Marine Sea Gel 73ah #437467 8G24M
Retail: $259, port supply $169.91
PVC ball valve in front of macerator                             Self
C-level towing bridle for dinghy                              $62.29     901135
$53.99, $8.30 shipping                                           m
Replaced hoses, changed head sink T to a 3-way Y-                Self              $74.87
3/4 Sea-Lect Y-Valve - $47.99
7 ' of hot water hose for shower - $10.43
7' of hot water hose for waste tank vent - $10.43
2 Ronstan slide with track stop 316 stainless (for bimini        West Marine       $68.80
straps) RC73202
6 1/2 foot bimini with sunscreen in back                         Memo's          $1,600.00                 1103
Heat exchanger upgrade from 2" to 3"                             Horizon          $735.76        4644      1102
Labor 150.00                                                     Marine
Heat exchanger $439.07 -Cupro Nickel (CuNI copper
nickel alloy)
Hose $33.00
Fix leak in old hose connecting heat exchanger
Labor 45.00
Hose & clamps: 25.18
Replace head sink thru-hull, move shower drain to        Horizon                  $102.08        4599      1101
former head inlet thru-hull, connect head to sink drain  Marine
via T connector; replace sink and head hoses;
Marelon ball valve: $35.09, nylon hose to thread adapter
90o $3.60
3" Vinyl dinghy letters (set) CF 8786 UR                 speedysigns.              $22.67      80593
5/16 x 6' vinyl coated anchor chain 34.99 & 5/16 shackle              $46.97 W20928
2.99                                                                                      98
Scruff and Sikkens on all exterior teak                     Self
Replaced exhaust hose. Test ran engine for 15 minutes,      Horizon            $248.62    4314
no other exhaust leaks. If you had the "soot" issue you     Marine
would see it port side behind the engine near the white
exhaust wrap. Bilges will get dirty over time and turn
black. (Salt water). Good to flush it out once in a while
with a hose. Also, these older Universals have blow by
which over time gets the bilge dirtier. Muffler doesn't
leak. The spots that looked like water marks were
actually the sealant that was tackier than the
surrounding areas which attracted dirt. Painted over
Changed oil zorb under the engine, no oil on it but there   Horizon            $337.80    4235
was a little antifreeze.                                    Marine
Bilge was very dirty. Cleaned out.
Changed the impeller and gasket on the salt water
Removed all old packing from the boat and installed
new packing.
Removed bad section of the exhaust hose and got new
hose and installed.
Changed out two clamps on the P tube. Had to cut them
off as they would not come off.
Labor=4 hours
Icebox lid replacements                                     CatalinaDirect      $48.38

Took outboard to Pacwest Marine 619-222-0475                Pacwest            $194.70    15043
9/22/2008.                                                  Marine &
Installed used recoil assembly (upgrade from old            Industrial, Inc
assembly due to parts no longer available); changed oil
in lower unit; replaced plug; changed fuel filter; R&R
carb - clean; test run
Groco "HF Master" head repair kit $99.99                    Self                $99.99
Replaced bilge hose thru hull                               Horizon             $66.47    4153

Replaced head faucet                                        Self                 $56.84
Bottom Paint                                                Shelter Island    $1,440.00

Buff / Wax hull                                             Shelter Island     $360.00

New propeller                                               Shelter Island     $675.40

Install new prop                                            Viking Marine       $60.00
Removed lifeline to rig shop. Picked up and installed it      Horizon      $142.61   4109
Port lower lifeline                                           Marine

Replaced furling line:                                        Self         $118.33
Endura 1/4" x 80' $102.40
Whipping ends $7.98
(Note: 1/4" is a little small to pull, next replacement use
5/16". 80' was the original furling line length, don't need
that much)
Fuel line and fitting for outboard fuel tank                  Self          $31.98
Fire extinguisher recharge                                    Anita Fire   $162.42
Annual maintenance: 2 dry chem 2.5lb $24.00                   Hose Co
6 year maint:
3 Halon $45.00
3 6092A valves $23.85
3 OR27 Neck Seals $5.85
2 pounds of halon 1211 $57.00
Note: 1 dry chem and 3 halon due for hydro test in 13
Fuel tank for outboard                                        Self          $23.39
Replaced jib halyard 3/8 x 105' StaSetX CCgrn $89.25          Self         $313.00
Jib halyard 3/8 x 115' StaSetx ,$97.75
Vang line 7/16 x 40' StaSet SCGrn $42.00
Main sheet 7/16 x 80' StaSet SCBl $84.00

Changed oil & oil filter. Changed both fuel filters. Bled Horizon          $137.93   4059
engine. Changed engine zinc. Checked transmission         Marine
fluid. Checked battery but ASM. Left oil zorb under
engine. Sprayed Fluid film around engine room as
ndded as a rust remover, preventer. Tightened the belt.

Dinghy cover                                            Boater's            $99.99
Scruff and Sikkens on exterior teak                     Self
Dinghy - Silver Marine 300 AD (Nordik 284838) $699.99 Costco               $752.49
+ tax
Scruff and Sikkens on exterior teak                     Self
Polyurethane interior                                   Self
Replaced port upper lifeline. (George Jarvie)           San Diego           $73.31
Was leaking gas from air filter. Petcock valve (gasket) Catalina           $166.81
tiny tear. Part overnight air from east cost. John made Yamaha
new air filter from a Yamaha filter. Runs good now.
Looked into engine running hot. Dealer did not have a       Horizon      $166.02   3134   1044
thermostat in stock, so didn't bring one. Found two clogs Marine
in the saltwater line, cleaned out. Boiled out one hose
barb also. Ran acidic cleaner thru salt water system.
Changed impeller and gasket on the salt water pump.
Test ran and full throttle in gear, in the slip and had 185
degrees. Try the boat out and tell me if you want to still
change the thermostat.
Changed the oil and oil filter
Checked the zinc - OK
Changed the transmission fluid
Sprayed Fluid film behind the engine, left an oil zorb
under engine
Checked batteries but they are sealed
Installed new topping lift line - Dacron 1/4"               Horizon       $41.62   3111
Fixed stripper on winch (no charge)                         Horizon       $73.99   3016
Checked wiring at mast base to make sure elec is going Marine
up the mast and connections are good. They were.
Checked behind the panel and all connections are good
there. Went up mast and sanded the connections on the
light and replaced both bulbs in the unit because deck
light did not work either. Took apart the back light and
sanded the contacts in there also.
Deck light still inop. Was not able to make it work w/o
replacing unit.
The depth gauge are lights soldered onto the main
board of the unit, that is replaceable only by the factory
shop ( or electronic shop in the shop maybe.

Inspected engine. Changed the zinc. Changed the            Horizon       $175.76   2894
impeller on the SW pump. Test ran engine and found         Marine
that the raw water pump has a seal leaking, so removed
pump and will rebuild in shop.
Rebuilt water pump in shop with everything other than a
new shaft. Acid flushed it, reinstalled on boat and test
Sand and polyurethane all sole boards; Sand and finish     Self
ladder with floor grade poly
Took apart 4 winches totally. Cleaned parts in petroleum   Horizon       $151.68   2842
based cleaner. Inspected. Re-assembled with winch          Marine
grease and oil as needed. Set pricing is $75 for first
pair, then $35 each thereafter, single speeds $5 less,
big winches or 3 speeds $10 more.
We only replaced two pawl springs. Winches needed
service but are in decent shape. Re rebed the winch on
the port cabin top.
Fix 3 cushions                                             Santana       $285.00
Diagnosed bad float switch. Removed old float switch       Horizon        $71.69   2697
and reinstalled new one.                                   Marine
Tracked down problem with guages. Replaced a wire,            Horizon       $74.72   2678
replaced ignition switch and tightened up the ground.         Marine

Changed oil and oil filter. Changed both fuel filters. Bled   Horizon      $128.05   2674
engine. Changed engine zinc. Checked transmission             Marine
fluid. Left an oil zorb under the engine. Sprayed Fluid
Film around the engine room as needed as a rust
remover, preventer.
Added .5 quart transmission fluid
Semco Teak Sealer & paintbrushes for interior               Self            $63.16
Hatch umbrella                                              Sailboatowne    $53.95
Winch covers                                                Self            $60.30
West Marine dehumidifier                                    Self            $57.10
Looked into the hose that leaks oil. Put a newhose on it Horizon           $298.87   2175
and rerouted it back to the air intake of the engine.       Marine
Should be much cleaner now.
Took a wire wheel on a drill and got all the green of the
fresh water pump. Coated it with Fluid Film corrosion
preventer. Also sprayed it on the coupler of the engines
and the motor mounts.
Water in the bilge - took apart the antisiphon valve and it
was clean and working well. Adjusted the packing gland
which was dripping every 2 seconds when the boat was
in gear. Could not break the nuts free. Soaked them for
a couple of hours and then got 18" long pipe wrenches
to finally break them free. Then backed the lock nut off
and lubed the threads so next time will be easy.
Aft running light needed a new bulb and cleaned the
contacts. Forward running light fell apart as taking it
apart. The screw stripped, replaced the assembly with a
new one. Then added a piece of wire in the anchor
locker which is where the problem was.
Instruments - Checked panel and there was electricity        Horizon                 2175
leaving there. Removed the instruments, no electricity       Marine
there. Took the compass cover off but the threads on
the assembly are frozen shut. I would have to cut them
all off and dremel and rethread etc. Did not want that.
Dropped the panel from the ceiling of the aft stateroom.
Then used pliers to work the connection under the
compass up a little to where I could see it. Decided the
yellow wire was not getting electricity. Tracked it down
and found that under the floor at the bottom of the stairs
was the problem (inaccesable). So I threaded a new
wire piece and butt connected it all together and it
Also found many connections only on as twisted wire, so
I put butt connectors on those. Also found that the depth
sounder transducer under the sink had rotted out
connection (can't believe it worked?) Replaced those
Went up mast and checked out the halyward that was           Horizon        $48.00   2093
too tight. Freed up the binding pulley at the top of the     Marine
mast and swapped the routing past the frozen organizer.
Much better now.
Removed a lot of fuel from tank and then removed old         Horizon       $529.85   2072
tank from boat. Had to remove the heater and grind out       Marine
some wood and fiberglass to get the tank out. Installed
a new tank in boat and hooked up and put fuel back in
that tank. Bled engine and test ran for 15 minutes.
Labor= 5 hours

Canvas: Roller furler cover, mainsail cover, pedestal        San Diego     $586.20
cover                                                        Canvas Co.
Reattach and fix jib canvas                                  Zim's          $75.00
Yamaha generator - cleaned carb & adjust                     Catalina       $24.00

Small battery for electric motor (dinghy)                   Boat U.S.       $71.43
JVC CD KD-G300 CD Receiver player                           Circuit City   $170.19
Speakers                                                    Circuit City    $34.89
Fire extinguishers                                          Barnes Fire     $35.00
Changed oil and oil filter. Changed both fuel filters. Bled Horizon        $123.95
engine. Changed engine zinc.                                Marine
Wrong size halyard - changed out old halyard to a new
one using 3/8" extra low stretch.
Complete wax job of all smoot gelcoat surfaces. Buffed Horizon              $549.00   1888
entire hull with high speed buffer and a polishing     Marine
compound since the hull was in such rough shape. Then
went back and put a second coat of pure was (Collinite
insulator wax) with teflon on top. Rust removed, wiped
down stainless and cleaned and scrubbed lifelines.
Power washed the upper surfaces with a gas powered
power washer. Before waxing we acid washed the hull
to bring back the white.

XLS yacht braid line for main halyard. Went up mast        Horizon          $124.80   1888
and reinstalled the halyard, no charge for labor.          Marine

Bottom paint                                               Shelter Island

Fixed leaking window (port window above galley)             Horizon         $126.41
Changed the oil and oil filter. Left an oil zorb under      Horizon          $67.18   1463
ungine. Changed the engine zinc. Checked over engine, Marine
looks pretty good. We sprayed a little corrosion
preventer around the pump and the mounts. Packing
gland is properly adjusted also.
oil & oil filter, zinc, checked packing gland OK; corrosion
preventer around pumps and mounts.preventer around
pumps and mounts.
 oil & 2 filters, oil zorb under engine (Gary email special Horizon         $407.00
$60)                                                        Marine
Acid wash heat exchanger
Seawater pump was totally calcified
impeller replaced
Calcium buildup in hoses cleaned, metal cover filed
down to get good seal;
Coolant drained & replaced
Macerator replaced - Jabsco 18590-0000
Changed pencil zinc 3/8"                                    Self
New heat exchanger.                                         Horizon         $371.75
$70 labor, $301.75 part. Coolant added                      Marine
oil & 2 filters, oil zorb under engine $105.00              Horizon         $105.00
Install 3 gel cell Batteries ($139.99 each) West Marine Horizon             $487.52
Sea-Gel 73ah                                                Marine
SeaGel Battery Group 24, 73 Ah, 12V, 410 CCA, 575
MCA #437467 8G24M
Oil service-                                                Horizon
Acid wash heat exchanger                                    Marine
Yamaha generator maintenance                                Fun Bike         $48.00
New curtains made from sunbrella                            Wiebe           $405.21
Fire extinguishers - Halon hydrotest & 6 year              Barnes Fire
maintenance, others recharged                              Service
Replaced galley faucet - Chicago 5G 317CP faucet           Self
Replaced head                                              Self
Oil change service                                         Horizon
Replaced packing                                           Marine
Wiring harness upgrade - Eurostyle terminal strip
Install voltmeter
Charging wire direct to battery
Replaced shower sump pump                                  Self                     892

Tighten cable on engine instruments                        Self                     892

Exterior teak                                              Yuki Rocco     $240.00
Labor and materials for interior addition - TV pull out,   Bob Lacy       $150.00
nav table pull out, back berth extension;
Wax boat                                                   John Moran     $280.00
Aqua lift muffler repair (was leaking)                     Horizon
CNG Seaward oven repair                                    Marine

Battery charger - replaced the 2 SCR's (main               NewMar          $74.00   857
component) and the isolation bridge
Oil change, filters                                        Jim's Marine   $153.69   857

Heat exchanger to shop to repair / test. Appears heat  Admiralty          $346.00   822
exchanger was plugged causing overheat problem.        Marine
Adjusted stuffing box to drip one drip /10 seconds
Note: the thermostat installed in May was same type as
before, not earlier "kicking in" type

Sea strainer installed                                     Admiralty
Oil change service and Preventative Maintenance            Admiralty      $426.40   785
Replaced thermostat                                        Marine
Impeller replaced
Valves adjusted
Repair and spot welded air cleaner assembly
Reseal side cover under injection pump oil leak
Check hose clamps, replace one
Painted engine
Labor $325
More work on the charger by NewMar                       NewMar

Battery charger - replaced diode again                   NewMar
Autohelm - replaced non functioning control with used    Power &       $214.12   8712
one                                                      Wind Marine
Troubleshoot defective control, bad connections on       Electronics
processor IC
Thermostat replaced with other type (not a new           Admiralty                      734
thermostat). Heat exchanger cleaned out one end - was    Marine
a little gunky.

3 batteries replaced w/Gel Cell marine batteries         Bruce Witt    $494.28
($138/ea)                                                BHW Marine
Vented loop for bilge $46.50 installed
40 gal. bladder water tank w/fittings $237.00
SS deck fill fitting $32.40
Hose, plumbing connections, supplies $53.65
Remove existing batteries, deliver to recycle, install
parts $350 labor.
Seaward S/S hot water heater $267.80                     Bruce Witt    $633.65
Jabsco water pressure pump (fresh water system)          BHW Marine
Plumbing fittins $6.75
Coolant $7.50
Labor 262.50

Oil change service, pencil zinc OK                       Admiralty
Alignment good - tightened engine mount                  Marine
Adjusted RPM's
Battery charger repaired                                 NewMar         $98.93   1682

Cold machine refrigerator fuse replaced                  Fleming        $49.00
Nissan outboard: Rebuild pull start, disassemble carb,       West Marine    $80.19
clean components, change gear oil, plug & zinc,
retorque cyl head, lube & test
parts: 12.69
labor 67.50
Replaced house #1 battery                                    Self

Replace Rule-a-matic float switch                            Admiralty
Change oil and filter, repair heat exchanger, replace        Craig Parks   $143.80
pencil zinc
House #1 far forward battery replaced - trojan 85 amp        Craig Parks    $79.20
24tm deep cycle
Replaced starter, changed ignition switch which was          Craig Parks   $500.00
sticking, wire to switch replaced
Jack rewired some parts of the electrical panel:             Admiralty
Refrigerator & macerator wires replaced w/higher gauge       Marine
Larger gauge to battery cable.
Filter (suppressor) on alternator for Loran/engine

Mike: Hum is probably not a problem- possibly           Admiralty
resonance. Should be more concerned about the           Marine
"gravelly" sound in cutlass bearing. Keep watch on it.
Transmission fluid changed. ATF
Engine alignment checked. Good
Pencil zinc replaced.
Engine grounds checked - OK
Heat exchanger tubes checked - not bad, no clogged
Engine charging of batteries checked - OK
(Note: AMP meter topside registers positive with engine
Need sea water filter on intake
Oil change service

Bilge pump wiring fixed.                                     Admiralty
Hose raised in stern to reduce intake when under power       Marine
Change oil and filter, 2 fuel filters, pencil zinc in heat   Admiralty                      635
exchanger 5/16"                                              Marine
Replace salt water pump (was leaking slightly). Needed
to drill holes slightly larger
Adjust valves
Noted corrosion on heat exchanger seal - some oil
leaking at seal under salt water pump; Gear shift cable
needs lubrication, very hard to shift
Replaced starter ($226.80                                    The Yacht     $389.41   1164
radiator cap $2.92                                           Maintenance
New batteries installed                                Self   391
Changed oil & filter                                          258
Stephen picked up the boat - 13 hours from San Diego
to Newport
Engine   Oil Change Fuel Filters   Zinc   Salt Water   SW Impeller     Heat      Thermostat   Valves   Transmissio
                        (2)                 Pump                     Exchanger                              n

  X          X           X

X   X   X
X   X   X   X
X   X   X   X   X

X       X   X
X   X   X   X   X

X   X   X   X
X   X       X

X   X   X       X   X   X   X


X   X   X   X

X   X                   X
X   X   X   X


X   X   X   X


X   X   X   X   X       X   X
X           X   X

X   X   X
X   X   X   X           X


X   X   X   X               X

X   X   X   X   X   X

Packing   Bilge   Exhaust   Fuel System   Rigging   Hull & Deck   Winches   Haul Out   Hull Wax
 Gland            System


    X   X   X

X   X   X











X   X

        X       X






Electrical   Batteries   Plumbing   Sails   Interior   Exterior   Generator   Outboard   Dinghy







                            X                                                              X




















        X   X




X   X


    X   X







                             (Revise for Catalina 36) Catalina 42 Maintenance Schedule
                                                                            Compiled by Norm Perron 11/18/02 (items with * indicate changes since version 01)
Performed Recommended Maintenance Item
date/hours Interval

           Each sail date    Check engine oil level, coolant level, visual inspection for any fluids in the well; with engine operating check oil pressure,
                              coolant temperature and alternator voltage
           About every 25    Engine water strainer--Clean and remove debris
            hrs or each      Shaft Packing Gland--Depending on type installed, it should be visually inspected for excessive leaks
            time in engine     The standard gland should drip one drop every minute at rest and once every 15 seconds while in gear
             room            V belt--Inspect for hairline cracks, if find any, replace immediately. Buy a spare
                             Exhaust Riser--Look for corrosion,hairline cracks or water. Remove/inspect, probably replace, they last about 5 yrs
           75-100 hrs        Change oil & filter
           100 hrs           Water Pump Impeller--Inspect, especially if temperature gauge rises
           150 hrs           Transmission Oil--Replace, most 4JH2E use same oil as engine
           300 hrs           Fuel Filters--Replace both, this is a great time to practice bleeding the fuel in case it needs to be done out at sea
           300 hrs           Valve Adjustment--Be sure engine is cool
           300 hrs           Water Pump Impeller--Replace, keep best looking one as a spare
           Every 2 years     Engine Coolant--Yanmar recommends Texaco Dexcool (orange, don't use green coolant, in Yanmar)

           Quarterly         Flooded Batteries--Check water, add distilled and fill to split "rings", clean battery posts
                             Gel/Agm Batteries--Make sure battery post are clean and tight
           Quarterly         Toilets--Pour about 10 ounces of vinegar in toilet & pump 1/2 of it out (let it sit as long as possible)
           Quarterly         Pumps--Run all pumps-especially macerators & sump pumps, be sure to "open" the discharge valves
           Quarterly         Sea Cocks--Work each one (move handle open/colsed a few times)
           Semi-annually     Bilge--Cleaned and dried & bilge pump run to make sure works, the manual pump should be hand pumped as well
           Semi-annually     Rudder Bearing--Inspect for leaks and/or cracks every time you are in the lazarette or every 6 mos depend on use
           Semi-annually     Mast--Check base for corrosion and standing water
           Semi-annually     Windlass--Spray T-9 (or equivalent) on below deck portion of windlass
           Semi-annually     Electronics--Check for firmware updates, especially Garmin GPS
           Semi-annually     Propane--Check for leaks, after use, turn off solenoid, close valve, should retain pressure for at least 1 hour
           Semi-annually     Batteries--Equilize to shake deposits off the cells
           Semi-annually     Hose clamps--Inspect hoses for abrasion and check clamps for wear and make sure they are tight
           Semi-annually     Check mast deck boot for leaks*
           Annually          Pedestal--Oil (use engine oil) wires & chain, be sure less than 1/2" deflection per exposed foot, grease needle bearings
           Annually          Portlight and Deck Hatch Gaskets--Apply silicone grease to all gaskets
           Annually          Fresh Water Tanks--Sterilize (with chlorine), flush, sweeten (with baking soda) and flush
           Annually          Fire Extinguishers--Be sure all guages are in middle, take off bracket, shake vigorously, break up caking (dry chem)
           Annually          USCG Courtesy Marine Exam--They go through most safety items, be sure to check any CO2 tanks inside life
                              jackets, dates on flares and replace expired ones
           Annually          Anti-siphon Valves--Take off top fitting, blow into hole on top, be sure air can get through
           Every 3 years     Windlass--Change gear oil

           Each sail date    Running rigging--Visually inspect for chafe and fraying, rinse hardware & deck/hull with fresh water
           Each use          Rinse/soak anchor rode with fresh water*
          Bi-monthly        Sea Cocks--Check to insure they are clear and free from marine growth
          Bi-monthly        Zincs--Check zincs for wear, replace any more than 75% consumed
          Quarterly         Stainless and Lifelines--Clean and wax
          Semi-annually     Mast--Check for corrosion around all dissimilar metals, inspect each fastener/cotter pin to be sure not coming out
                              At that time, clean the shrouds (Seapower & rag seem to work quite well) and mast, for anodized spars, use Alumaguard
          Semi-annually     Standing rigging and turnbuckles--Look for meat hooks and cracks, if any, replace, or replace after 12 or so years
          Semi-annually     Blocks & running hardware--Lubricate with McLube or Dry PTFE spray
          Semi-annually     Furling Gear/Bearings--Fresh water rinsed getting to the bearings, (find the string "furler" on the C42 discuss forum)
          Semi-annually     Windlass--Grease cones
          Semi-annually     Dodger and canvas--Lubricate zippers and snaps
          Semi-annually     Lubricate mast track*
          Annually          Dutchman--inspect lines for wear, replace if badly thinned, adjust for no slack with neutral boom and tight topping lift*
          Annually          Running Rigging--Wash them in a machine w/cool water, fabric softner and extra rinse. Air dry.
                              Inspect for chafe or fraying, if possible (no splice), reverse the ends
          Annually          Hull & deck smooth surfaces--Waxed, after 5 years it should be compounded
          Annually          Winches--Clean with kerosene, re-grease, be sure to use light oil on pawls
          Annually          Canvas Snap Fittings, Lifeline Fittings & Deck Hardware--Apply corrosion block, especially anodized hardware
          Annually          Check shroud tension and balance--tighten if necessary, also check forestay & backstay, lube all turnbuckles*
          Annually          Inspect anchor rode for wear, loose shackle pin, may need to re-splice line to chain*
          Annually          Inspect shore power connection for corrosion/overheating*
          Bi-annually       SS screws that go into aluminum backing plates--Re-bed with an anti-seizing compound
                              Those that are tough to get to (those that attach sheet stoppers), work them by unscrewing them part way & re-tension
          Bi-annually       Sails--Have washed and inspected by your sailmaker
          Bi-annually       Bottom painting--Or Tri-annually if you're lucky

          Sea Cocks         Lubricate from the outside w/Lanocote stuffed in a drinking straw, take the hose off & do the same from the top
          Props             Lubricate and check bearings on folding and feathering props
          Zincs             Replace as needed
          Cutlass Bearing   Check for tightness by giving it a good shake. If it rattles, replace bearing
          Rudder            Should be less than 3/4" deflection at base of rudder
          Keel              Look for cracks or signs of looseness, may need to torque keel bolts*
          Align engine      About a week after each launch

          When needed

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