ICR 2007-08 Action Plan (form)

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					Agencyt Name                             INTERNAL CONTROL ACTION PLAN
Form No-123 (Rev.mm/yy)

               Do not send paper copy. E-mail response via Outlook by mm/dd/yy to
            Insert ICO name, Internal Control Officer - e-mail address@agency.state.ny.us

Bureau:              (Division, Bureau; City – for multiple locations if applicable)

Function:            (Function code as shown       (Brief title as shown on Survey form)
                     on Survey form)
Deficiencies         (e.g., Excessive error rates, computer system security gaps, inadequate information
Identified:          flow, separation of duties or conflict of interest)

Impact:              (e.g., Potential liability, affect on youth, lost assets, adverse publicity, inadequate
What Action Will     (e.g., Develop/revise policy or procedures, training, technical assistance,
Be Taken?            bulletin,etc.)

Who Will Do It?      (Name and Title)

When Will This       (Schedule with benchmarks or deadline - specific date)
Be Done?

Additional           (Technical assistance, computer support, temporary staff, enabling legislation, etc.)
Prepared By:         (Name)                              (Title)                              (Date)

Approved By:         (Name)                              (Title)                              (Date)

FOLLOW UP/ PROGRESS REPORT                    To be completed at a later date.
                                              (ICO will notify you of deadline for this section of Plan)

Plan Results:             Problem            Additional action                   Situation no longer
                          resolved           required (see comments)             applicable

Comments:            (Describe additional action if necessary, or other problems uncovered)

Submitted By:        (Name)                              (Title)                              (Date)