Radiant Heaters for ceiling mounting

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  Radiant Heaters
for ceiling mounting
  Radiant Cassettes

Standard models of radiant heaters
                      ECOSUN Ranges

 Radiant panels are manufactured in two basic designs:
 1)     High-temperature panels ECOSUN S
    - are equipped with flat radiation surface which guarantees radiation from up to 180°
        angle ( so called hemispheric radiation ). Temperature at the surface of radiating
        segment is approx. 350°C. This high temperature enables relatively high density of
        radiant flow. That is why these panels are designed for suspending in high places 5-
        8 m.Plane surface emitter is designed to provide environment heating

2)    Low-temperature panels ECOSUN
 - have also flat radiating area. Contrary to high-level panels is the surface of radiating
area max. 110°C. Density of radiant flow is lower. Recommended height of panels
placement is 2,5-3,8 m.
           Radiant Cassettes                      Applications
  The radiant cassette is designed to provide environment heatingronment heating
  The radiant cassette is used for total, or additional heating in thermal insulated
   buildings :
     Multiple-purpose buildings
     buildings which are not continuously occupied
   with ceiling heights from 2,5 to 8,0 meters
 Applications:
 * public offices and administrative offices, company seats, schools
 * cultural facilities, show-rooms
 * medical arrangements
 * commercial and sales centres
 * manufacturing halls and warehousessuch as shops, industrial premises,
   gymnasiums, exhibition halls, etc.
Plane surface emitter


  Hemispheric radiation
    (Radiant cassette)
              Radiant Cassette

Environment comfort heating by ECOSUN


                                        Convection discomfort heating system


        Radiant Cassettes                   Advantages
 the surface of the radiant panel radiates a flow whose spectrum lies mostly
  in the band of wavelengths greater than 5 micrometers, and is thus
  absorbed to a large degree by the human body: people are thus heated in a
  manner similar to objects.
 when the radiant flow heats objects up to a level of 20-22°C, heat comfort
  can be achieved even with air temperatures of 18-19°C, and this leads to
  energy savings of at least 18-24%.
 radiant panels make temperature distribution in a room vastly more
  vertically balanced – only a -1 to -2 degree difference between the floor and
  the ceiling (for convection heating, meanwhile, the difference is given as
  1°C per mere 30-50 cm of height).
 there is less flow (whirling) of air in the heated space, so dust particles also
  whirl less, thus reducing the risk for a number of illnesses—asthma,
  mucous membrane infection, etc.
 a higher wall temperature means a lower possibility for surface
  condensation; room humidity is not lowered.
       Radiant Cassettes                  Advantages

 glass is not ―transparent‖ (we might say ―transthermant‖) when it comes to
  radiation with wavelengths over 3 and thus the radiant flow is not lost
  through windowpanes.
 the panels do not need any maintenance
 sounder environment with higher air moisture does not lead to mucosa
  membrane drainage and respiratory diseases
 has positive effect on people affected with arthral diseases
 full possibility for machines, furniture etc. placements
 long service life
 no emission, thrifty way of dealing with life environment
 high thermal comfort
 Infrared radiant heating is most suitable for wall dehumidification in room
  (for example caused by flood)
Cassettes solve the problem of cold
spots and isolated work areas.

              Cassettes do not dry out
             the air ensuring a pleasant
                working environment
Isolated work areas in factories,
work stations, warehouses etc.
                                        Hospitals, Xray tables
                                        neo-natal units, burn
                                        units, receptions,
                                        waiting rooms etc.

Ecosun High Temperature Cassettes
resolve problem of deicing planes in cold hangar
areas at the John Lennon Airport, Liverpool.
Radiant Cassettes Theory
ECOSUN radiant heat cassettes
work in a similar way to the
radiant heating action of the sun
gently warming the surfaces of
objects and people in the room.
This is a gentle, natural
comfortable heating system that
offers may advantages over
conventional convection heating
                      2.5 m






20 º 22 º 24 º 26 º
Basis of radiant heat
         •   each object with certain temperature has
             some inner heat energy.
         •   Heat energy is changing into
             electromagnetic oscillation which extends
             through space. If there is no heat supplied
             to the object, it cools down.
         •   When electromagnetic oscillation hits other
             object, it is absorbed by its surface and
             changes into heat energy. If the heat is not
             taken away from the object, it heats up.
         •   Electromagnetic oscillation is not bound to
             outer environment ( medium) it can
             proceed even in absolute vacuum
         •   Most famous heat transmission via
             radiation is natural sun radiation heating
             the Earth

       • Transfer of heat energy
          from one body to another
          through the space which
          separates them .
         (Heating of Air is only
       • Using electromagnetic
          waves as transfer vector

            Convected heat

                              Ceiling level                    Convected
                                              Ideal              heat

                                              16º 19º 23º
                                              18º 20º 22º
                                              19º 20º 21º

                                              20º 20º 20º

                                              21º 21º 19º

                                              22º 22º 18º
16º   18º   20º   22º   24º
                               Floor level
Radiant Cassettes
     Radiant Cassettes ECOSUN S

 Proportion of energy radiated 70% !
 Average surface temperatures up to 350°C
 1, 2 or 3 heating units
 Unitary power 900, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600 W
 Very high installation ( for whole area heating 5 to 8 m,
  for zone heating 3,5 to 4,5 m).
 Covering IPX4
   ECOSUN S Radiant Cassettes

Thermal reflecting panel (rock wool insulation) covered with
sheet metal varnished body

                           Heating element (aluminium segment
                          with pressed-in heating rods)
                          High emissivity surfacing underside
                          „SILICATING“ Technology
Radiant Cassettes ECOSUN

         Average surface temperatures
          90 -110°C
         Covering IP20, IP44, IP54,
         Unitary power 100W - 700W
         high installation (2,7 to 3,8 m).
      ECOSUN Radiant Cassettes
Thermal reflecting panel (rock wool insulation) covered with
sheet steel metal body

                                  Heating element (a heating foil or a
                                  heating cable)

                                    THERMOQUARTZ TradeMark layer -the
                                   highest possible absorption of heat (of heat
                                   radiation) from the heating board
                           THERMOCRYSTAL TradeMark layer-the highest
                           possible efficiency of heat energy radiation
Radiant Cassettes
     How to design output, numbers and
       location of radiant cassettes?

1. Calculate heating loss of a specific area Q(W)
2. Select heating mode in accordance with the character of
   a future object operation
   Systematic heating mode with good level of heating
heat passage coefficient to (U):
walls < 0.5 W/m2K, floors at terrain < 0.5 W/m2K,
ceilings < 0.35 W/m2K.
   Higher values to (U) increase operating costs and
   decrease heating comfort !
     How to design output, numbers and
       location of radiant cassettes?

3. Total input of all heaters set up to 20% higher than
   calculated heating loss because of higher heating system
                  P= 1,2 * Q [W]
   to check the input size for area unit, whereas applies
S ......... floor surface of an area [W]
      How to design output, numbers and
        location of radiant cassettes?
4. Set minimal number of heating units n for creation of
   homogenous radiant field n> S/H2
H .......... expected installation height [m]
   The more heating units enable heating comfort but
   increases acquisition costs!!!

5. Calculate average input of one heating unit and from
   output line of appropriate type select closest face-value
Specify number of heaters according to total input:
Pn = P/a » Pjm
n = P/Pjm
     How to design output, numbers and
       location of radiant cassettes?
6. Propose scheme of even location of individual panels. It is
   necessary to respect frame distances and even distances
   of panels according to scheme figure:

          Minimum distance
          to wall 100 cm

                               H = mounting height
     How to design output, numbers and
       location of radiant cassettes?
7. Determine installed height according to frame
   recommendation in table or through the use of

 Usually mounting height :
    300 W   2,7 to 3,2 m
    600 W   3,0 to 3,8 m
    700 W   3,0 to 3,8 m

    900 W – 1200W 4,5 to 6,5 m
    1800 W – 2400W 5,0 to 7,0 m
    3000 W – 3600W 6,0 to 8,0 m
    Minimum mounting height

• Vertical asymmetry of radiated < 12°C.
• If this temperature difference is :
   – between 8 and 12°C, the environment is qualified as
     slightly uncomfortable,
   – less than 8°C, the environment is considered to
     be comfortable.
    How to design output, numbers and
      location of radiant cassettes?

In case of systematic heating mode with lower level
   of heating comfort is possible to provide „zone
   heating“ by radiant cassettes.

ZONE HEATING is a mean of heating when only
  exposed, relatively small areas ( case of little
  heated halls ) are heated with radiant heat.
                Application of zone heating

•   heat passage coefficient of an object cover k (U) > 2W / m2K

•  Interrupted heating mode in objects heated for short-term stay of people (mainly
   churches, concert halls in historical objects etc. with high ceilings, social halls)
These large area objects are very expensive to heat in interrupted mode with
   conventional heating devices such as storage heaters, convectors and various
   types of "radiants". These high operation costs are caused by the fact that it is
   necessary to heat very huge air content from low temperatures up to demanded
   temperature (comfort). And this all in relatively short time period. Because radiation
   heats the air only secondarily from radiated objects, comfort environment can be
   reached in such areas much faster. Therefore radiant heating is for interrupted
   mode of heating much more effective.
Low temperature radiant cassettes ECOSUN
• Supply cords, 1 m long, lead out of the panels. The panels can be installed directly
   on ceilings using a fastening frame.
• They can also be installed in coffer ceilings (in grids) or by hanging on ropes or
 The figure below show how the panel should be installed
High temperature radiant cassettes ECOSUN S
• These panels can be installed directly on ceilings using the attachment frame (which is part
    of their installation kits)
• or by hanging them on ropes or chains.
   The panels are connected during installation to a terminal box placed on the side of each
    panel. These terminal boxes each have two outlets to enable the interconnection of cables
    inside them.
 CAUTION: The SURROUNDING TEMPERATURE (temperature of surrounding air) near an
    ECOSUN radiant panel may not exceed 30°C.
                El. supply

• The radiant heaters from 300 W to 1200 W are
  supplied in 230V
• 1800 W and 2400 W are supplied in 230/400V 2N
• 3000 W and 3600W are supplied in 230/400V 3N
        Regulation by room

 One thermostat only to control all
  radiant heaters in the same room
 There must be a suitable control system
  such as :
   A moduling electronic ambient thermostat
   A control system device limiting their
    operation according to the exterior
    temperature and modulating interior
      The 5 conditions for a
      quality radiant heating

 The installed power of heating is equal to the thermals
  losses of walls and air change by the premises
  increased by 20 %.
 In thermal insulated buildings
 The heaters power in accordance with the mounting
 Radiant heaters must be installed horizontally
 A homogeneous layout of radiant heater
  Effective ECOSUN S radiant cassettes
          applications in practice

Prague Castle Gallery
                                          Market hall

                        Production hall
Effective ECOSUN radiant cassettes
       applications in practice


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