Plan of Operation

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					        Plan of Operation


      Bryan City Schools
Local Professional Development

                                       Committee Members

                           High School - Claudia Miller (06)
                           Middle School - Kathi Bauer (07)
                          Elementary - Stephanie Gruge (08)
                             Elementary – Lisa Walker (07)
                                  Principal - Rich Tavierne
                              Administrator – Diana Savage
                                              Revision Date: 09/28/2005

               Bryan City Schools
   Local Professional Development Committee
Plan of Operation


The Local Professional Development Committee supports the mission of Bryan City Schools as it strives to
guarantee that young people achieve academic excellence, be well-rounded, be competent in creative and critical
thinking, be resourceful, responsible, productive citizens and to inspire them, as well as the adults in the Bryan
community to become life-long learners through the use of effective teaching methods, innovative staff, superior
curriculum, modern equipment and facilities and by the uniting of family, school and community resources.


The Local Professional Development Committee is responsible for reviewing Individual Professional Development
Plans submitted by educators of the Bryan City Schools consistently using established operating procedures and

The Local Professional Development Committee is responsible for determining whether course work or equivalent
professional development activities related to teaching and/or the area of licensure meet the requirements of the
Standards set by the Ohio Department of Education for renewal of certificates or licenses.

Criteria for Individual Professional Development Plan

The Individual Professional Development Plan will identify an educator’s goals for learning and will not be tied to
an employee’s evaluation.

The Local Professional Development Committee will review and evaluate the Individual professional Development
Plan of each educator seeking certificate renewal or licensure in the district.

The Individual Professional Development Plan must follow the Bryan City Schools’ Mission Statement and relate to
the educator’s teaching and/or area of licensure.

The Individual Professional Development Plan must meet the needs of the district, the school, the educator and the
students. The needs of the district are given in the strategic plan’s operational strategies:

      In partnership with families and our community…

      1.   We will identify, model, and reinforce the character attributes we desire to instill in all students.
      2.   We will improve communication to instill trust and build support within the schools and throughout our
           community for achieving our mission and objectives.
      3.   We will develop and implement plans to counteract the negative influences on students from increasing
           external social pressure to engage in risky behaviors.
      4.   We will assist each student in establishing personal goals consistent with individual abilities, interests,
           and aspirations as well as providing challenge and support in achieving those goals.
      5.   We will develop and implement a long term plan for financial stability in order to continue exemplary
           educational programs.
      6.   We will develop and implement plans to ensure students meet or exceed state standards of academic
      7.   We will create community support and internal capacity to implement one-to-one wireless laptop
           technology for grades 5-12.

The Individual Professional Development Plan must include professional development goals for learning, plans to
integrate new knowledge into the educator’s job assignment and a list of professional development activities which
would accomplish these goals.

Individual Professional Development Plans will be reviewed and evaluated at LPDC meetings. Copies of approved
IPDP’s will be returned to the educator. Committee members will aid educators’ whose plans are not approved so
that such plans may be amended and, thereby, approved.

Membership of the Committee

The Bryan City Schools Local Professional Development Committee shall consist of six members.

There shall be four teacher members of LPDC, said teachers being bargaining unit members (BEA).

There shall be one principal member and one other administrative appointee of the Superintendent.

As Amended Substitute House Bill 770 provides: Whenever an administrator’s Individual Professional
Development Plan is being voted upon, the local professional development committee shall, at the request of one of
its administrative members, consist of two administrative members and one teacher voting on the plan. The teacher
member shall not be on the staff of the administrator whose IPDP is being voted upon. This provides administrators
with the option of a peer review.

Selection of Teacher Members and Terms of Office

The four teacher members shall be elected for three year terms with alternate election. Election shall be as follows:
one teacher representative from each academic building.

Vacancies shall be filled through appointment by the Executive Committee of the Bryan Education Association.

Criteria for Course Work and Equivalent Activities
The decisions of the Local Professional Development Committee regarding professional development activities
(college coursework, workshops, institutes, conferences, and other equivalent activities) are based on and aligned
with the educator’s Individual Professional Development Plan, the strategic plan strategies and the mission statement
of the Bryan City Schools. LPDC standards are based on Ohio Department of Education guidelines.

Bryan City Schools Inservices are approved upon completion of inservice form with no limit on the number of
contact hours per renewal cycle.

College coursework is approved for certificate renewal upon submission of transcript or grade card verification.
Preapproval by committee member is required for licensure. College coursework needs to relate to the educator’s
individual professional development plan (IPDP). There is no limit on the number of credit hours per renewal cycle.

Workshops, institutes, and conferences require preapproval by committee member and verification
documentation. These activities need to relate to the educator’s individual professional development plan (IPDP).
There is no limit on the number of contact hours per renewal cycle.

Other equivalent activities require preapproval by committee member and verification documentation. However,
those activities facilitated by Bryan City Schools do not require preapproval, only verification. These activities need
to relate to the educator’s individual professional development plan (IPDP). The total limit for these activities is 130
contact hours (13 CEU’s) per renewal cycle. These activities may include:
          Committee work
                    Curriculum development
                    Student focused committee meetings (IBA, IBMFE, SAT)
                    BCS Strategic Planning Committee
                    Professional committees                              Up to 90 hrs = 9 CEU’s
          Grant Writing
                    planning and preparation                             Up to 20 hours = 2 CEU’s
          Publication in a professional journal                          Up to 20 hours = 2 CEU’s
          Observation of experts or models at work                       Up to 20 hours = 2 CEU’s
          National Board Certification                                             Up to 130 hours=13 CEU’s
          Cooperating Teacher for a Student Teacher
            or Practicum Teacher                                         Up to 50 hours = 5 CEU’s
          Professional Presentation/Project Development
                    first time on a topic                                          Up to 20 hours = 2 CEU’s
Additional information/data required as proof of completion as determined by the LPDC.
These activities may include:
          Self-directed education development
                    research, educational travel, professional reading   Up to 20 hours = 2 CEU’s
          College coursework taken for no credit                         Up to 50 hours = 5 CEU’s
                    colleague or youth                                             Up to 30 hours = 3 CEU’s
          Supplemental contract workshop/clinic                          Up to 10 hours = 1 CEU

Operational Procedures

         Meetings - The LPDC shall meet a minimum of four times per year. Additional meetings may be held when
called by the chair or a majority of the members. Meetings shall be held at the administrative offices or other school
building as determined by the chair.

         Duties of Committee Members:

         The committee chair shall -
                be elected by the majority;
                schedule and conduct LPDC meetings;
                represent the committee as needed;
                complete the ODE verification form for the educator who is renewing a
                   certificate or license;
                notify the Superintendent’s office of meeting dates to comply with the
                   Sunshine Law.

         The committee secretary shall -
                record minutes of LPDC meetings including a list of educators’ whose IPDP’s
                   have been approved;
                send copies of the minutes to the Superintendent, building principals, LPDC
                   members, Board of Education members and the BEA president;
                maintain a supply of necessary LPDC forms and distribute as needed.

         The committee clerk/recorder shall -
                process, as outlined in the Document Progression section, the LPDC forms
                   submitted by the district’s educators;
                submit educator’s professional development data to State’s Department of
                   Education data base;
                maintain all LPDC files in the designated central office filing cabinet.

All committee members will ensure that proper notification of educators regarding committee decisions is handled at
their respective buildings and/or grade levels. Committee members will assist educators with their Individual
Professional Development Plan.

Document Progression

Individual Professional Development Plans, must be submitted to the LPDC prior to the beginning of each
certification/licensure cycle.

An approved IPDP must be filed with the LPDC or no professional development credit will be granted for the

A preapproval form, for each professional development activity except Bryan City Schools inservice, shall be
submitted to a LPDC committee member as soon as possible prior to the commencement of the activity.

A verification form, together with any documentation required, shall be submitted to the LPDC at the completion of
the professional development activity.

The Renewal Verification form shall be completed by the LPDC for an educator ready to renew a certificate or
convert to or renew a license. The LPDC shall file a copy and send the completed form to the educator. The
educator sends his/her application and check to the Superintendent’s office to be forwarded to the Ohio Department
of Education.

All forms for activities during the current school year must be submitted to the LPDC by the last teacher
workday each year unless special arrangements have been made with the committee. Forms submitted after
this date will not be approved and CEU credit will not be given.

LPDC files will be purged by returning all valid documents in the cycle to individual LPDC members at the
completion of their certificate/licensure cycle or upon an employee leaving the Bryan City School system.

The Local Professional Development Committee Plan of Operation and all forms generated by the committee may be
evaluated, redesigned and/or revised as necessary. All changes require a majority vote of the committee members.

Appeal Process

The appeal process allows an educator to appeal the decision of the Local Professional Development Committee.

A request for reconsideration must be submitted in writing to the committee chair. The educator must state his/her
reasons for the appeal for reconsideration.

This request for reconsideration shall be submitted within ten business days from the date of the LPDC’s initial
decision. During the summer months, all notification will be done by mail.

The educator will be given the opportunity to meet with the LPDC in person to discuss the IPDP and to discuss
his/her case. An attempt will be made to provide this opportunity during a regularly scheduled LPDC meeting;
however, a special meeting may be called. The LPDC shall notify the educator in writing as to meeting time and

The educator will be notified of the LPDC’s reconsideration decision within five business days of this meeting.

Third party review

If, after the reconsideration process has taken place, the LPDC and the educator are still unable to come to
agreement, a third party shall review the decision.

The educator may request a third party review within five business day of the reconsideration decision.

Within 15 business days of this request, the LPDC shall schedule a meeting attended by the educator, a reviewer
representative from the Regional Professional Development Committee, and an LPDC representative appointed by
the chair.

The reviewer will either uphold or overturn the LPDC decision.

Notification of the reviewer’s decision will be sent to the educator and the LPDC members within five business days
of this meeting.