Raw Food Detox Plan by xscape


									                                     Raw Food Detox Plan

Listen to your body. This plan is not a solution to health problems. You are responsible for yourself and
in no way is this plan to be continued if you experience serious problems. Again, listen to your body.

The following information was compiled from my classes at the Optimum Health Institute
(www.optimumhealth.org). It is intended that this plan be followed for 3 months or until your health
opportunities (health problems) no longer exist. Ideally you are detoxed when your tongue scraps clean
and is pink and you have a bowel movement (healthy stools) following your meals after digestion. The
plan includes not only eliminating certain foods from your diet but also changing the chemicals you
apply to the body (shampoo, soap, deodorant, lotions, toothpaste, etc). It is also important that you
reduce the stress in your life with the help of deep breathing, exercise, meditation and lymphatic
stimulating exercise. I will break this information down to a step by step plan. Obviously it is not easy to
exercise and detox the first week or even the second week so just relax and do what you are able. Some
people elect to only do this plan one week at a time which works well for many.

Caution: If you have diabetes or other pancreas health opportunities please replace watermelon and
sugar vegetables (beets, carrots, jicama) with other vegetables and greens. See hypo juice in the
recipe section.


The food plan is truly simple. There isn’t much excitement to the food however, that is not the intent of
the plan. The objective is to eliminate the chemicals and toxins from the body (your temple) and create
a body that is able to heal itself and repair as necessary. If you are constantly eating your body is always
digesting and you never get a chance to heal your health opportunities.

    1. Only eat 3 meals each day. Eating between meals creates constant digestion and your body
       never gets a break.
    2. Do 1 enema daily (32 oz +) and 2 wheatgrass implants following the enema with 10-15 minutes
       of rest between the implants. The implants consist of 4 oz. of wheatgrass each. Attempt to hold
       20 minutes (this may not be possible for some time). Wheatgrass can be very messy so buy
       some changing pads from the pharmacy. If you have questions on the most effective way with
       the least amount of mess call me and I will explain.
    3. Drink purified water. To calculate the requirement for your size, take your body weight, cut that
       weight in half and drink that many oz. of water each day (ie, 200 lbs. = 100 oz/day).
    4. Drink rejuvelac daily. Ideally, drink 32 oz/day while detoxing. You can replace 32 ounces of your
       daily intake of water with rejuvelac (ie, 100 oz/day – 32 oz/day = 68 oz of water/day). If you can
       eat raw sauerkraut you will give yourself even more beneficial bacteria for the colon. Recipes at
       the end of this document.
    5. Drink 4 oz. of wheatgrass each day. If you aren’t able to handle that much start small (1 oz) and
       work your way up. It is important that you drink it on an empty stomach and not combined with
       any other juice. Wheatgrass takes 60-90 minutes to digest so plan accordingly. Use raw ginger
       for nausea. Cinnamon can also help with the aroma if it bothers you (sniff before drinking).
                                 Raw Food Detox Plan

6. Juice 2-3 days/week the first and second week and once per week the following weeks. On
    juicing days take it easy, don’t exert yourself too much and try to do it on a day where you don’t
    have to think much. If you can only juice 1 day per week then that is all you can do. The intent of
    the longer juicing the first few weeks is to give your body a jump start on the detox. Remember
    to chew your juice to stimulate enzymatic juices in the mouth for digestion.
7. When only juicing one day per week eat watermelon for breakfast 4 days/week (juice the rind),
    strawberries or oranges 2 days/week and vegetable juice 1 day/week. When juicing 2-3 days per
    week eat watermelon for breakfast on the non-juicing days and vegetable juice for breakfast on
    juicing days.
8. Daily, eat 6 servings* of above ground vegetables. Examples of these vegetables are celery,
    zucchini, spinach, peas, cauliflower, basil, broccoli, string beans, cilantro, peppers (not green),
    cucumbers, corn, squash, parsley, cabbage, kale, collards, chard, arugula, butter leaf, romaine,
    endive, red leaf. *1 serving = ½ cup
9. Daily, eat 2 servings* of below ground vegetables (if pancreas challenge don’t eat carrots, beets,
    jicama). Examples of these vegetables are beets, rutabagas, turnips, daikon-radishes, carrots,
    radishes, parsnips, jicama. *1 serving = ½ cup
10. Daily, eat 2 handfuls of greens (one at lunch and one at dinner). Examples of greens are
    sunflower greens and buckwheat greens. Both of these are grown in dirt and take about a week
    to sprout. There are some local resources to buy these.
11. Daily, eat 4 servings of sprouts. These can be grown in jars in the kitchen. Serving size varies. The
    following are a list of sprouts and their serving size. Alfalfa (handful), fenugreek (1-2 tblsp),
    lentils (2-3 tblsp), mung beans (2-3 tblsp), broccoli sprouts (2-3 tblsp), quinoa sprouts (2-3 tblsp).
    When sprouting in jars, soak seeds overnight then cover top of jar with screen and drain at a 45
    deg angle (dish rack works well). Be sure to water daily and drain again. With our dry climate it
    may require watering 1 extra time during the day. The sprouts are ready to eat when the tails
    are 2-3 times longer than the seed.
12. Daily, eat one handful of seeds (soaked or soaked and dehydrated). Examples of these seeds are
    sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin. Chia and flax seeds are very glutinous when soaked but very
    beneficial to the digestion (you don’t need as many, only 2-3 tblsp/day).
13. Daily, eat 3 tablespoons of seed cheese except on juice days. This takes a few days to make and
    not necessary the first week or two. I will include recipes later in this document. You can
    substitute soaked seeks if seed cheese is not available.
14. When dehydrating foods keep the temperature between 105 and 115.
15. BUY ORGANIC! Choose food that is fresh and close to nature. If organic isn’t available then buy
    from the farmer’s market and lastly conventional. The minerals are much higher in organic when
    compared to conventional (calcium 63% higher, Zinc 60%, Iodine 73%, Iron 59%, Magnesium
    138%, Potassium 125%, Selenium 390%, Chromium 78%).
                                   Raw Food Detox Plan


Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs                 Vinegar *               Flesh Foods
Artificial Sweeteners                   Oils*                   Caffeine (coffee, chocolate, tea, soda)
Microwaved foods and water              Sweetners*              Dairy (yogurt, butter, cheese, milk)
Pasteurized Juices                      Salt & Black Pepper     Flour Products (all types)
Carbonated drinks                       Mayonnaise products     White Foods (white rice, pasta, potato)
Fish and Seafood                        Poultry & Eggs          Soy (soy milk, miso, tofu, veggie burger)
Poor food combining                     Butter/margarine        Cashews and peanuts

*Vinegar: Kills enzymes
*Oils: all oils but okay to eat avocados
*Sweeteners: sugar, maple, molasses, honey, agave, etc.

Proper food combining restores digestion and absorption of nutrients, and reduces the possibility of
excess toxins being formed during digestion. The following is a copy of the food combining chart and
digestion time as outlined by Optimum Health Institute.

    Wheatgrass                                  Foods        Starchy Veg              Acid Fruits
     Rejuvelac               Dense/Oily                           &
      Water                   Proteins                          Dense
                                             Low Starch
                                          Green Vegetables
     Melons                                                                           Sweet Fruits

                            Only combine where the circles touch directly.

Dense/Oily Proteins: Avocado, pumpkin, seeds, cereals, flax, seeds, beans, nuts, unhulled sesame seeds.

Dense Starches and Starchy Vegetables: Artichokes, carrots, sweet potato, hubbarb squash, winter
squash, beans, jicama, potatoes, banana squash, yams.

Low Starch and Green Vegetables and Sprouts: Asparagus, bell pepper, broccoli, summer squash, swiss
chard, green beans, tomatillos, turnip greens, collards, watercress, raw corn, cucumber, endive,
                                     Raw Food Detox Plan

escarole, garlic, tomatoes, kale, chicory, chives, onions, zucchini, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, cabbage,
celery, chard, leeks, turnips, lettuce, parsley.

Melons: Cantaloupe, casaba, Crenshaw, honeydew, persian melon, watermelon.

Acid Fruits: Grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, pomegranate, sour grapes, cranberries, sour
peach and plum, sour apple, sour cherries, strawberries.

Sub-Acid Fruits: Sweet cherries, sweet apple, sweet berries, apricot papaya, pear, mango, sweet peach
sweet plums.

Sweet Fruits: All dehydrated fruit, banana, dates, figs, persimmon, prunes, sweet grapes.

Fermented Foods: Fermented foods provide B-vitamins and intestinal flora, helping to fortify the
digestive track and fight harmful bacteria.

Proper food combining is essential to a raw food cleansing program for two main reasons. First, different
foods digest differently, staying in the stomach for varying lengths of times:

Water                                             0-10 minutes
Juice                                             15-30 minutes
Rejuvelac                                         10-15 minutes
Fruit                                             30-60 minutes
Melons                                            30-60 minutes
Sprouts                                           1 hour
Wheatgrass Juice                                  60-90 minutes
Most Vegetables                                   1-2 hours
Grains and Beans (not on detox plan)              1-2 hours
Dense Vegetable Protein                           2-3 hours
Cooked meat and Fish (not on detox plan)          3-4 hours +
Shellfish (not on detox plan)                     4-8 hours +

When you consume dense protein with melon or fruit, the protein which takes longer to digest, keeps
the fruit in the stomach longer, causing it to ferment.

The second reason to combine foods properly involves the varying digestive environments required to
break foods down. Some foods, specifically dense, oily proteins, require and acidic digestive
environment, whereas other foods, particularly starches and acid fruits, are more easily broken down in
an alkaline digestive environment. To combine foods that require incompatible digestive environments
may contribute to indigestion and inefficient digestion. The point is, of course, to get maximum energy
from your foods, not to take excess energy to digest them.

The alone rules: Liquids alone, Fruits alone, Melons alone.
Do not combine: protein with starches, acid with sweet fruits.

Remember if you soak your nuts, seeds, grains and beans they become predigested and are classified as
a sprout for the purpose of food combining.
                                    Raw Food Detox Plan

Sweet fruits during the detox program slows the detox progress.


Rejuvelac Recipe

Ingredients and equipment required:
¾ cup soft spring wheat, rye or quinoa (quinoa is mild in aroma and taste)
Nylon or fabric screen (painters bag from Lowes will work)
1 gallon of purified water
1 gallon glass jar
Large spoon

    1. Rinse and soak ¾ c. dry grain overnight (8-12 hours) in purified water in jar.
    2. Drain water from grain. Tilt jar upside down at 45 degree angle.
    3. Sprout grain 12-24-36 hours (until tail is same size of grain). Amount of time to sprout is
       dependent on climate. Rinse 2-3 times throughout that time (don’t allow to dry out).
    4. Pour into gallon jar. Fill with purified water. Stir and cover with screen. Secure with rubber band.
    5. Ferment for 24-36-48 hours at 68-80 degrees. (The top of the refrigerator is perfect.)
    6. Strain and reserve liquid off grain and sediment. You can start a new batch with the left over
       grain. Possibly a third batch. Compost after finished with seeds.
    7. Store rejuvelac in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to a week. Allow to breath
       occasionally to avoid mold. It could last as long as 3-4 weeks.
    8. Drink at room temperature.

Sauerkraut Recipe

Ingredients and equipment required:
1-2 heads of cabbage
1 gallon glass container
Large dinner plate and towel
Large sharp knife

1 tblsp seaweed (nori, dulse, kelp)
1 tblsp caraway or dill
2 or 3 cloves garlic
Shredded carrots, beets, onion, celery, or bok choy

    1.   Wash cabbage.
    2.   Remove and save outer leaves to cover sauerkraut during fermentation.
    3.   Using the blank attachment, put one cabbage and core of 2nd cabbage through juicer.
    4.   Chop the second cabbage fine.
    5.   Optional: season with optional ingredients.
    6.   Cover with outer cabbage leaves.
                                      Raw Food Detox Plan

    7. Press dinner plate on top of mixture. Weigh down with stone or jar full of water to help create
        its own juice.
    8. Cover with towel.
    9. Ferment at 68-80 degrees for 2 days.
    10. Uncover and scrape off top layer of gray, oxidized cabbage.
    11. Pour liquid off and reserve to drink or use for salad dressings. Let the sauerkraut ferment in
        refrigerator for 2 more days.
    12. Store in tightly covered glass jar in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Seed Cheese Recipe

Ingredients and equipment required:
2 cups hulled raw sunflower seeds
1 cup unhulled sesame seeds
3 ½ cups of rejuvelac
Nut Milk Bag
Large bowl and towel

    1.    Soak sunflower seeds and sesame seeds separately overnight in purified water.
    2.    In the morning rinse sunflower seeds in very warm water to remove the skins.
    3.    Rinse sesame seeds.
    4.    Blend seeds and rejuvelac in blender for 3 minutes.
    5.    Pour mixture into a glass bowl and cover with towel or cloth.
    6.    Secure cloth with rubber bands so cloth doesn’t droop into mixture.
    7.    Place in a warm location with good circulation and let stand for 6-8 hours.
    8.    Remove cloth and scrape off the discard top oxidized layer.
    9.    Spoon the middle “almost cheese” layer into the seed bag.
    10.   Hang in the refrigerator overnight with a bowl under to catch liquid.
    11.   In the morning you will have seed cheese. Discard the liquid. Store without much air.

Seed cheese is valuable as a fermented food, it is full of enzymes, B vitamins, and amino acids. It is pre-
digested protein, so it is easily assimilated into the system. It contains lactic acid, which fights harmful
bacteria. It is a natural acidophilus.


Ingredients and equipment required:
Juicer (can use Blendtec or Vitamix and squeeze through nut milk bag or painter’s bag from Lowe’s)
Cucumber (5 oz)
Zucchini (2 oz)
Celery (3 oz)
Cabbage (1 oz)
Carrot (1 oz)
                                    Raw Food Detox Plan

VEGETABLE JUICE – *Hypo Juice (12 ounces)

Ingredients and equipment required:
Juicer (can use Blendtec or Vitamix and squeeze through nut milk bag or painter’s bag from Lowe’s)
Cucumber (6 oz)
Zucchini (2 oz)
Celery (3 oz)
Cabbage (1 oz)
*Hypo Juice is use if you have diabetes or other pancreatic health opportunities.


Eliminate products containing sodium laurel sulphate (SLS). This is a product in most soaps and
toothpaste. The following are suggestions to help eliminate unnecessary chemicals from your routine.
These products can be found at Vitamin Cottage, Sunflower and Whole Foods Market.

Toothpaste: Weleda, The Natural Dentist (Healthy Teeth and Gums Toothpaste)
Deodorant: Use mineral crystal (as you detox you won’t experience any body odor)
Body/Hand Soap: Dr. Bronner’s bar soap or liquid (dry brush before shower to help remove toxins and to
stimulate blood flow; 10 minutes = 30 minutes of lymphatic cleansing)
Shampoo: Non-SLS, Vegan shampoo, conditioner, gel and holding spray
Face Mask: Mashed Avocado, ground sesame or sunflower seeds, water. Cucumbers for eyes
Lotion: Use sesame oil, jojoba oil or hazelnut oil (grapeseed oil is put through a chemical process to
Shower Water: Install shower water filter to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals
Feminine products: NaturaCare Tampons


Stress reduction will offer your body the optimum opportunity to heal itself. The added toxins of stress
create more work on the body and the body is unable to focus on the goal of reducing toxins. Instead its
adding more. Reducing stress can be accomplished in several ways. The following are a few ideas.;

Breath deep: Most of us only use the top half of our lungs. Using the full lung takes practice but once
you do you will feel the energy.

Positive Affirmations: Offer yourself positive self-talk to boost your energy. Your mind doesn’t know the
difference between fantasy or reality.
                                     Raw Food Detox Plan

Meditate: If you meditate 20 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes 2 other times in the day you will feel
refreshed and focused. If you have health opportunities it is suggested that you meditate 20 minutes 3
times per day.
Positive Thoughts and Positive People: This is not always easy but if you do it you will find your stress is
removed. As negatives arise, let them go. Tune out the negative people, walk away from them if
possible. Simply tell them that you only deal with positive emotions during the detox. Say to yourself
“Cancel, cancel” as negatives arise and let them go.

Scheduling: Scheduling your time monthly, weekly then daily will reduce your stress tremendously.
Schedule time for fun daily also (reading, meeting friends for a walk, laughing). Get involved in a club or
an activity group you would enjoy. See www.meetup.com for you area. Give yourself 2 hours in the
morning, if possible, to do your enema and implants, meditate, dry brush, self massage, etc.

Exercise: When walking for exercise walk gentle and slow the first week or two on the detox. If you can
get a rebounder (small trampoline) you will get some great movement of the lymph system, moving out
the toxins. Lymphatic exercises can also be used. Of course, massage is an excellent way to stimulate the
lymph system. Ideally during detox you should try to get 2-3/week. Find a massage school nearby or just
hop around trying the various massage clinics, using their discount they offer for first time users.


“The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD
“Water – The Ultimate Cure” by Steven Meyerowitz
“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey
“The Spouting Book” and “The Wheatgrass Book” by Ann Wigmore
“Sprouts, The Miracle Food” and “Wheatgrass” by Steven Meyerowitz
“The Breathing Box” by Gay Hendricks (this is a box with cards and breathing exercises)

www.store.rawreform.com I have bought books, shower filter and some seeds from them.
www.sproutpeople.com I haven’t bought from them but supposedly a great supplier.
www.wheatgrasskits.com I haven’t bought from them but they have a great starter kit that includes the
book, seeds, trays, minerals and compost.
www.optimumhealth.org They have a store but no online catalog. Their prices are great due to not-for-
profit status. You can buy organic seeds and seed bags at a great price and the seeds sprout!

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