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					HOUSE                      CALL                    PREMIUM
Smirnoff Vodka             Kettle One Vodka        Grey Goose Vodka
Beefeater Gin              Beefeater Gin           Bombay Sapphire Gin
Bacardi Rum                Bacardi Rum             Bacardi Rum
Captain Morgan Rum         Captain Morgan Rum      Myers Rum
Jose Cuervo Tequila        Jose Cuervo Tequila     Wild Turkey Bourbon
Seagrams 7 Whiskey         Dewers Scoth            Crown Royal Whiskey
Southern Comfort Bourbon   Jim Beam Bourbon        Johnny Walker Black Scotch
J & B Scotch               Canadian Club Whiskey   Patron Silver Tequila
Kahula Liquor              Peach Schnapps          Courvoiser
Peach Schnapps             Kahula Liquor           Chambord
Chardonnay                 Baileys Irish Crème     Contreau
White Zinfandel            Amaretto di Saronno     Grand Marnier
Cabernet                   Specialty Wines         Amaretto di Saronno
Bud                        Domestic Beer           Kahula Liquor
Bud Light                  Imported Beer           Baileys Irish Crème
Miller Lite                Champagne               Peach Schanpps
Champagne                  Soda                    Specialty Wines
Soda                                               Domestic Beer
                                                   Imported Beer

2 Hours $13.00 pp          2 Hours $15.00 pp       2 Hours $19.00 pp
4 Hours $20.00 pp          4 Hours $24.00 pp       4 Hours $32.00 pp
Draft Beer and House Wine Package
            2 Hours $9.00 - 4 Hours $16.00 pp

                        Soft Bar
Unlimited Assorted soft drinks, Kiddie Cocktails, fruit juices,
Sparkling Cider and Sparkling Grape Juice

                        $6.00 pp

            Hosted Bar or Cash Bar
       ( Prices below include service charge and state sales tax)

Domestic Bottles                                    $4.00
Imported Bottles                                    $5.00
House                                               $6.00
Call                                                $7.00
Premium                                             $8.00
Super Premium ( 2 Liquors)                          $9.00
Frozen Drinks                                       $8.00
House Wines                                         $6.00
Juice                                               $3.00
Soda                                                $2.50
Champagne                                           $3.00
Signature Drink Stations
 All Cocktail Stations will serve 100 drinks and are served in designer glasses
                                (Attendant Required)

                            “Must Have” Martinis

                  Full Martini Station with all the trimmings!
         Impress your guests with several Martini favorites including:
            Sour Apple, Classic Gin Tini, Cosmo, Chocolate, and Dirty
                               Margarita Magic

                             Full Margarita Station
       Impress your guests with several margarita favorites including:
           Classic, Texas, Blue, Cranberry and Strawberry

                                 $600.00 ++
                            Rum Runner Delight
               Full Rum-Runner Station with Fresh Fruit Garnish
                 Your Guest will be “running” back to the bar!

                     Create your own Signature Drink!!

       Customize and design your very own cocktail for your party.
                           (Up to two liquors)
                       Alcoholic Beverage Service
In Compliance with current regulations, Seven Springs Country Club is held responsible to
the standard set forth by the Florida Alcoholic Beverage Commission for the sale and
administration of ALL alcoholic beverages. Therefore, it is policy that Seven Springs supply
ALL alcoholic beverages. Any alcoholic beverage brought in by any person in our event
will be immediately disposed of and could lead to the bar being closed for the duration of the
event. All guests consuming alcoholic beverages must be 21 years of age, if the guest does
not look of age we will ask for identification. We reserve the right to refuse alcoholic beverage
service to any guest.

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