Byte Scramble by xfz11675


									TUG NOTES
           Upcoming TUG                                                                                             Byte Scramble                                                 V5R1 Headaches
           Events                                                                                             I was surfing the web, and                                          I don’t know whether anyone
                                                                                                              found something I didn’t                                            would be interested or not
⌦ Nov. 21, 2001 – MoM                                                                            know. I thought this would make an inter-                            in our recent “adventures” with a V5R1
  5:00 Nancy Roper, iSeries Storage                                                              esting puzzle for the magazine. Can you                              upgrade. We knew it was killing Office
  7:00 Mira Schnier, iSeries Printing                                                            match the following terms with their                                 Vision and the integrated fax adapter (I
⌦ January 23, 2002 – MoM                                                                         correct definitions? Eveyone knows the                               had to switch to the integrated analog
⌦ March 20, 2002 – MoM                                                                           first five, but how about after that?                                modem – much better – I get up to 8
⌦ May 14-15, 2002 – TEC                                                                          [Answers next issue.] – Glenn Gundermann                             lines) but we did not know it would wipe
⌦ May 22, 2002 – MoM                                                                                                                                                  out the AS/400 firewall (hardware not
⌦ June 7, 2002 – TUG Golf Tourney                                                                    Zettabyte                   __     (1 byte)                      supported) and the Wireless Connections
                                                                                                     Petabyte                    __     (103 bytes)                   Services (my whole RF network). What
           COiN Meeting                                                                              Terabyte                    __     (106 bytes)                   a week we had last week! My nerves still
           The next COiN members                                                                     Megabyte                    __     (109 bytes)                   have not gone back to normal! Poor Jeff
           meeting is on Monday,                                                                     Yottabyte                   __     (1012 bytes)                  – he did a 24 hour day and a 22 hour day.
           November 5th, starting with                                                               Byte                        __     (1015 bytes)                  I’m lucky to have such conscientious
networking at 5:00PM, speaker at                                                                     Gigabyte                    __     (1018 bytes)                  team members. I managed one of the
6:00PM. The speaker is David                                                                         Kilobyte                    __     (1021 bytes)                  long days but skipped the second while
McDougal, from Vision Max. His topic                                                                 Exabyte                     __     (1024 bytes)                  they were reconfiguring the first firewall
will be Websphere and he will also                                                                                                                                    we could find and download on the
                                                                                                 Check out these sites for more info:
present a mock up of COiN’s webpage.                                                   
                                                                                                                                                                      internet. With the RF’s though talk about
For more information, e-mail coin                                                                h t t p : / / w w w. s d s c . e d u / G a t h e r S c a t t e r /   pressure – we couldn’t receive inventory                                                                                 gsq394/gsq3_f1.html                                                  off the end of the production line nor
                                                                                                                                                                      could we ship!
Thanks, Eveline Gaede
                                                                                                                    Special Thanks                                    Beverly R. Russell
                                                                                                              A special thanks to Coca-                               E.D. Smith & Sons, Limited
                                                                                                              Cola Bottling for sponsoring
                                                                                                              the dessert table, and Astech                                       Committee: ☺
                                                                                                 Solutions Inc. for providing the Projec-                                        A group of individuals who
                                                                                                 tor, at the September MoM. Thanks also                                          can do nothing individually,
                                                                                                 for the door prizes supplied by Coca-                                           that have a meeting to decide
                                   source -

                                                                                                 Cola Bottling and Midrange Publishing.                               nothing can be done together.
  Future Conferences
                                                                                                     Index of Advertisers
  SPRING 2002:                                                                                       SPONSOR                                               PAGE           WEBSITE
  April 14-18, 2002 Nashville                                                                        @ble-One Systems                                      35   
                                                                                                     Astech Solutions                                      29   
  FALL 2002:                                                                                         EMTEC DataStoreMedia                                  31   
  October 13-17, 2002 Denver                                                                         GOLD PAGE                                             33
                                                                                                     Help Systems                                          36   
  SPRING 2003:                                                                                       IBM Canada                                             2   
  March 9-13, 2003 Indianapolis                                                                      Intesys                                               20,22
                                                                                                     Mid-Range Computer Group                              7,11,19,23
  FALL 2003:                                                                                         PowerTech Group                                       13   
  September 7-11, 2003 Orlando                                                                       Precision Logic                                        9   
                                                                                                     Radius (Cognicase)                                    27   
  SPRING 2004:                                                                                       Sherban/Fobert Systems                                15   
  May 2-6, 2003 San Antonio                                                                          Syntax                                                 5   
                                                                                                     TUG Advertising                                       17   
  FALL 2004:                                                                                         TUG Membership                                        25   
  October 17-21, 2004 Toronto                                                                        TUG Technical Education                               30   

34                                                                                                               Toronto Users Group for Midrange Systems – November 2001

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