Network is the hub

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					Network is the hub

        Frances Bell, ISI
Different meanings of network

   Project partners, future network members,
    students, ??
   Connected nodes
    –   Nodes are
            tutors organising collaborations
            Students engaging in collaboration
    –   Connections are communication links between
            E.g. email, face to face conversations
Pre-project pilot

   Informal collaboration
   When driven forward by
    needs of one partner
    –   Hub and spoke model                        Hub and spoke –
                                                   what or who is the hub?
    –   Seen as resource-
   Network model
                                   Network model
    –   Promotes self-organising
Once project starts – NOW!

   Goal is to create network for staff from which are
    organised activities for students
    –   And do research on this!
   Network springs from network of partners
    –   Communication links already established
    –   Some opportunities for meeting face to face
   Network should have new members (to greatly
    outnumber partners)
    –   Where network provides communication links
        and meeting places
After project is complete

   We have promised to run network for six
   Must be sustainable with minimal
What does this mean?

   Need to identify and support activities that
    can make this happen
    –   Online and offline
   Create a “place” where this can happen
   We should put ourselves in position of
    potential network members and try to meet
    their needs
    –   Stepping outside our current
     Activities-                from tutor perspective
Tutor activities                         Support for these
                                            SEO for web site Almere, leafleting conferences and
   Finding CAB network and                  colleagues, list servers ALL
    understanding what it is                Examples on web site, partner specialisms / contacts,
   Learning about possible                  resources 1 Salford content design, All supply content
    collaborations                          ?? Tutor home page on network contact details , maybe focal
                                             point is CA page, EZ to coordinate this with input from all
   Getting a presence to meet others       Database approach search, categorised lists – choice?
                                             Categories include subject area, types of activity, language–
   Finding out about other network          also free from search
    members                                 Tutor Discussion board, email, chat, etc.
   Negotiating and exploring possible
    collaboration                           Very important for visibility, management and research
                                             purposes – not so important long term for research but for
   Register a future collaboration          visibility
                                            Good evaluation done for student collaboration tools do it in
   Doing the collaborative activity        Tutor and student questionnaires, focus groups, interviews –
                                             experiments have their own arrangements
                                            Sharing and publishing research and practice findings
   Supplying research data (during

   Reading research findings
The network is the hub

                          Tutor finding CAB network
                         and understanding what it is
                            Student direct contact


       Interaction                 CAB                  Learning
  Tutor “Presence”, register      Network                       About
         collaboration                                  possible collaborations
      Negotiation of CA                                   Student “how to”
   Research data collection    Dissemination                Staff “how to”
                               Research Findings
                               Papers and reports
What we need to decide