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									Teacher Learning Plan 1
                                                                  Course Introduction
Lesson Objectives

     1. Students will understand the course schedule, content, and evaluation methods.
     2. Students will know how to use their individual portfolios to complete learning plans,
        take notes, and record their learning progress.

     3. Students will know how to label and use a floppy disk correctly.

     4. Students will be able to locate the A Drive, insert and eject their floppy disk.

Linked CASAS Ability

     1. Understand concepts and materials related to job performance and training 4.4
     2. Effectively utilize common workplace technology and systems 4.5

Required Materials

        Computer lab, student portfolios, white board, overhead projector, transparencies of:
          1. Skills covered in course
          2. Evaluation Criteria
          3. Class Assignment and Test Record
          4. The Learning Objectives Achievement Record
          5. Student Learning Plan 1
        Floppy disks and labels also needed.

Evaluation Method

        Class discussion and student assessment from Student Learning Plan 1.


        Students complete the Evaluation Section in Student Learning Plan 1 in their
Teacher Learning Plan 1                                                       Objectives Checklist

                Task checklist                                  Notes to instructor

Getting Acquainted                                     Note:
                                                       Photocopy the Student Interview Form
                                                       provided in Teacher’s Learning Plan 1.
___ Class introduction and getting acquainted.
                                                       Have each student interview two other
                                                       students in the class. Ask some of them to
                                           (25 min.)   report something about a new classmate they
                                                       met. Don’t exceed 25 minutes of class time
                                                       for this activity.

Explain Class Goals
___ Explain the primary goals of the course:             You’ll need to make a transparency of the
                                                        Class Goals Sheet to show these points on
      Learning basic computer operation skills         the overhead projector. This sheet is at the
                                                        end of this lesson.
      Learning basic Internet browsing skills

      Learning how to take online tests

      Learning basic keyboarding skills
      Learning basic word processing skills
      Improving work-related English skills in
       reading, writing and listening

      Improving academic-related English in
       reading, writing, and listening
                                       (15 min)

Teacher Learning Plan 1                                                 Objectives Checklist

Distribute Student Portfolios
___ Distribute student portfolios and give an     Make overhead transparencies to demonstrate
    overview of the various sections in the       how to fill out the
                                                    Student Learning Plan
           (1) Student Learning Plan Section,       Learning Objectives Achievement Record
           (2) Learning Objectives Achievement      Class Assignments and Test Records
               Record                                sheet
           (3) Class Assignments and Test
                                                  These forms are at the back of this lesson.
                                       (20 min)

Teacher Learning Plan 1                                                       Objectives Checklist

                Task Checklist                                  Notes to Instructor

Class Schedule and Student Evaluation
                                                      *Make a transparency of this information
___ Discuss important time and schedule               located at the back of this lesson.
    information and the ways students will be
    evaluated during the course.

       Evaluation will be assessed using a
       CASAS pretest and posttest, class quizzes,
       student class work and a final exam.

       Grading Breakdown:
       Post test CASAS result         25%
       Class exercises                25%
       Quizzes                        25%
       Final Exam                     25%

                                          (15 min)
Using Floppy Disks

___ Distribute floppy disks and labels to the        Target Vocabulary: label, floppy, disk,
    students. Teach the following:                   tab, magnetic, formatted, insert, A: Drive,
                                                     eject, virus.
      Vocabulary used to describe and use a
       floppy disk.

      How to place the label on the floppy disk.
       (Have students write their names and class
       information on the label.)

      Discuss the care and use of a floppy disk.
       (Briefly discuss the danger of viruses)

      Collect the floppy disks for storage.

                                          (25 min)

Teacher Learning Plan 1                                                    Objectives Checklist

                   Checklist                                   Teacher’s Notes

Record keeping
___ Students fill out the Student Learning Plan 1   Make a transparency of Student Learning
    and are encouraged to ask questions and         Plan 1 a go over its sections on the overhead
    give feedback on the lesson.                    with the students.

                                                    The following skills were taught or reviewed
                                         (20 min)   in this lesson:

                                                    Computer Operations – Floppy disk use

-- End of Learning Plan 1--


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